Watch: The First 13 Minutes Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2


Just a few weeks ago we learned that production on the second season of Jersey Shore wrapped in Miami Beach, FL and today we get to see the first 13 minutes of the upcoming second season of the show. Yes, believe it or not, the folks at MTV have managed to piece together the first footage to be seen from Jersey Shore season 2 which was filmed in Miami Beach … check it out right here:

The biggest shock for me from watching this footage was hearing Nicole Snooki Polizzi pontificate on political matters like taxes on tanning. I mean … yeah. Didn’t get enough GTL goodness from the first season of Jersey Shore? Well, worry not … as you can see from this footage, there’s gonna be a whole lotta the same stuff we saw last season in the upcoming new season. Jersey Shore season 2 premieres on July 29, who’s excited … and don’t lie!


  • @manda

    I’m in the mood for some mindless entertainment so I will probably be watching.

  • nicole

    ill be watching…sometimes…you just need stupid entertainment..and thankfully MTV is always there for that.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am so excited! I can’t stand Angelina thou…I wish she wasn’t on!

  • Yvonne

    I’m not even gonna lie….I’m so excited about the new season!! Jersey Shore is a guilty pleasure of mine. I always heard people talking about it but actually watching it myself….whew. Yes, it is mindless entertainment and I love it.

  • Kendra

    I hate to say that I’m excited for this as well..And I hate to say that we have to wait way too long for the new season!!

  • lisaasil

    13 minutes is just not enough! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janelle

    I wasn’t too interested in this season but after watching this… HILARIOUS! I loved Snooki’s political insights as well but I think my favorite line from her was: Obviously, he F@#%s his sister for a living!” I was dying!

  • Vanessa

    I died laughing when she moved the seat forward. I wish I could find a clip of just that part. Or can someone tell me where I could find that???

  • SuziLee

    Can not wait for this!! And @Mr G. – I think that Angelina must pack her trashbags and adios because she’s not in the Enrique Iglesias video etc

  • roxster

    @ SuziLee: Good point!!! I didn’t even realize. sounds like there’ll be drama with her and the boys based on her version of events and theirs. I cannot freaking wait. This is going ot be amazing!

  • @manda

    @SuziLee – Yeah but there were pictures of Angelina saying goodbye to The Sitch on the last day of shooting. I need to have my head examined for knowing this… LOL

  • jesssi

    I live in miami and i went to visit the gelato shop they worked at….it was really weird/sad….people couldn’t interact with them at all…they were like sitting in a corner quiet….it was angelina, sammi and ronnie. i dont know if they do some hardcore editing, but it just didn’t seem as “fun” as they make it look on tv.