Joe Manganiello Is Ready To Bear His Bod For Season 3 Of ‘True Blood’


We are just 5 days away from the third season premiere of True Blood on HBO and today, courtesy of Popwrap, we get to know a little better the actor who will bring the werewolf character Alcide to life on the show. Feast your eyes on this amazingly hawt photo of actor Joe Manganiello and read about how he got his body in to sick shape to faithfully portray Alcide on the show:

Today marks the day we can finally say, there is less than one week until the premiere of “True Blood” season three! It’s an event that’s long in the making and one I plan to celebrate by bringing you exclusive cast interviews throughout the week, so stayed tuned for that. But for now, I’ll give you a taste of my interview with new castmember Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide. The actor went all Taylor Lautner for the role, seriously bulking up in order to convincingly bring his character to life … as you can plainly see in the brand new still above “Vampires can get away with having very slight builds and the audience will still believe that they’re super powerful,” Joe tells PopWrap. “Werewolves are animals and in my mind they should be very muscular. Not an extra ounce of fat on them. Really ripped. I wanted people to look at Alcide and think, ‘wow, he’s a super strong animal.'” Another difference between playing claws vs. fangs? “It was important for me to get a tan,” Joe says. “Because, well, I can and it would offset my character in relation to the vampires.” Joe was also determined to make his incarnation of Alcide live up to the version author Charlaine Harris had created in “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” series. “Charlaine went into a lot of detail in the books about Alcide being giant. About having arms that look like boulders, like Sookie could do pull-ups on them,” Joe says. Luckily the actor had a good head start. “My mom is half Austrian and comes from a long line of giant athletes. I remember my mom doing double bicep flexes and her arms were just ripped. She had like Madonna arms. She would flex and say, “that’s where you get it kid.” So I have my mother to thank.” As do we all Joe. “True Blood” kicks off its third season Sunday June 13 at 9pm on HBO

HMMMM … I’ve got me a problem, y’all. I have been very clear about how much I love the pasty white and lithe vampires on True Blood but now that they had to go and throw a tanned and beefy werewolf into the mix, I might have to switch my alleigence. To be honest, I never thought anyone would be able to take my eye off of hottie Alexander Skarsgård … but then comes along this Joe Manganiello fellow and I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m stymied, y’all. It looks like I’ll just have to share my lust love betwixt both Alexander and Joe … which, to be honest, doesn’t sound like a bad place to be ;) Oh and let’s not forget the hotness known as Ryan Kwanten … I dunno … am I just being too fickle? Is it wrong to spread my admiration between so many supernatural men?


  • paige

    Oh Trent, don’t spread yourself too thin. Tell you what, I’ll take care of Alex while you have fun with Joe. No no, its no problem. Then, we can switch! I’m sure your BFF will keep Ryan busy too. So many boys. So little time.

  • Meghan

    Don’t forget Stephen Moyer. He may be a skinny English guy, but he is sexy!!!

  • Tracy

    Alcide is my favorite already. But I do love Eric too….and Jason. God this is too hard!

  • Jade

    Alcide all the way!! Thank you, Trent, for my new desktop background!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    OMG!!! I Can’t wait!!!

  • Jessica

    Oh man, I am too excited for the new season. I think I’ll have to spread my love for Eric around too, whew too much hotness!

  • Katie

    My personal opinion is that the men on the show should be contractually required to wear as little as possible as often as possible!

    • @Katie — HEAR! HEAR!

  • krissy

    Jason/Ryan is my total favorite. Such hotness.

  • Kris

    Like I have no words…I’m so excited for season 3!!! They’re all so hot!!

  • persephone

    omg. i feel the same too trent!

  • Tennille

    Alcide looks so yummy! My only complaint, if you can call it a complaint, is that he should be a little hairier! He is a werewolf after all! And judging by his beard, his hairlessness isn’t natural. Still a major hottie though!!