The 2010 MTV Movie Awards Are Handed Out


Last night, at the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal City here in SoCal, the 2010 MTV Movie Awards were handed out to … well, mostly to any and everyone remotely involved with The Twilight Saga: New Moon. We already know last night was a big night for Sandra Bullock who showed up at the MTV Movie Awards to collect this year’s Generation Award but, the affair was fun for the many celebs who made their way onto the red carpet last night … here are a few pics from the arrivals last night:

As you can see, Lindsay Lohan found another fabulous way to keep her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet underwraps … see, and you thought genie pants were totally useless. Seth Green showed off his new wife, Katy Perry showed off her new blue wig (think Marge Simpson at age 22) and Kristen Stewart showed off a sassy new dress! See, fun for all!! After the jump, check out some photos from the show itself and find out what went down on the stage of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards last night

It was no surprise that Sandra Bullock stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday in Universal City, Calif. It was the brief, awkward kiss with Scarlett Johansson that was unexpected … Bullock’s presence at the event capped off a comeback weekend for the actress, who made a surprise appearance to accept the Troops Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards on Saturday. It marked her first public appearance since the end of her marriage to Jesse James and the news that she had adopted a baby boy. “No matter what you might have seen or heard or read lately, I love what I do, and I’m not going anywhere,” the best-actress Oscar winner told the MTV crowd … Looking sharp and sleek in a black sequined minidress with a plunging back (“Honey, don’t ever wear that dress backwards,” White advised), Bullock capped off her speech with the kiss and a plea for viewers to say a prayer for the people affected by the oil spill in the Gulf. Twilight: New Moon was a big award winner. The best kiss award went to stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Sending fans into a frenzy, Stewart said, “I guess we’re supposed to kiss each other … we don’t want to let you down. But we’ll give it a shot.” The co-stars and real-life are-they-or-aren’t-they couple tried to pretend to awkwardly attempt to kiss, but the result was, well, awkward. Pattinson finally planted a quick one on Stewart before she shrieked and they darted offstage. Twi-hard fans also voted the duo best male and female performers and best movie for Twilight: New Moon. “Twilight is really awesome, and I agree,” said Stewart, who seemed at a loss for words upon accepting her Golden Popcorn statue. The night’s performances included a surprise from Jennifer Lopez — with a hip-hop dance number alongside Tom Cruise, who reprised his hot-tempered movie executive persona Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder. As the unlikely duo took over the stage to Ludacris’ Get Back, Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes cheered her husband on from the audience. Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry performed California Gurls in a beachy postcard-picture set. Christina Aguilera donned a shimmery cape and a scandalously placed flashing heart in her electric performance. Amanda Seyfried won best scared-as-(expletive) performance for her role in Jennifer’s Body, while Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince star Tom Felton won best villain. The Hangover stars Zach Galifianakis took home best comedic performance and Ken Jeong won best WTF moment. Get Him to the Greek stars Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and Sean “Diddy” Combs presented the award for best breakout star to Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick. “Every time you open your mouths, I get less cool,” said Combs of his co-stars, who expressed their admiration for male stars in the audience. “I’ve got Bieber fever!” exclaimed Brand. Kendrick kept her acceptance speech short: “I am not cool enough to win an MTV Movie Award, so I’m not going to mess it up by talking more than I should.” Also in attendance: Lindsay Lohan, whose sparkly jumpsuit cleverly concealed her alcohol-monitoring anklet.

MTV really knows how to throw a party and when it comes to their Movie Awards, fans rule. The fact that Twilight keeps winning everything should come as no surprise to anyone. I am glad to see that other folks took home awards for non-Twilight-related projects but, yeah, expect the Twilight films to clean up for years to come. Whether or not your faves won last night, you have to admit … the show was fun to watch. Click HERE to see a full list of 2010 MTV Movie Award winners. What were YOUR fave moments of the show last night?

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  • lhaworth

    definitely the tom cruise as les grossman dance with j lo! he can seriously dance!

  • Janelle

    j lo should… just.. stop


    – I loved the show!
    – Christina Aguilera’s performance was good, but I was a tad bit disappointed she lip synched her beginning medley. She still looked awesome, though. : )
    – I found Mark Wahlberg to be extremely rude to Tom Felton! When he said, “Enjoy this while you can ’cause it won’t happen again” or something like that, I was like wow, you prick! Tom was trying to thank his mom, and those two idiots wouldn’t shut their mouths. SOOOOOOOO rude.
    – Kristen Stewart’s facial expressions…My God.
    – Speaking of, you can totally tell Rob and Kristen are an item! They are very much going out.
    – I’m sad Robert won over Taylor. It was Taylor’s movie, and Rob was ony in it for like, 10-15 minutes, you know? Lame chips!
    – I love Betty White.
    – Sandra handled her business like a pro! You can tell she felt quite awkward, but who could blame her? Class.
    – Lindsay Lohan looked good in the pictures.
    – They were just some awkward moments though. Like between Jessica Alba and Robert Pattinson, Jessica Alba between Vanessa Hudgens. And that guy Rain’s speech. Hmpfffft
    – I LOVED Tom Cruise’s performance! He was so funny and he held his own with JLO!
    – All in all, best awards show in a long time (For MTV)!

  • Les Grossman was awesome in Tropic Thunder, mildy amusing in all the promos, and completely overdone and lame in the actual show…..

    This is Tom Cruise we are talking about. Tom Cruise. This is what he now does to promote a movie? Sad.


    Oh, and I forgot about Dr. Carlise’s speech towards the end. That wasn’t funny, and it was very tasteless. Too many F bombs and 4 or 6 went past censors on national TV! My dad and step-mom came home when he made his speech, and my dad was like, “Wow, what an idiot.” It was easily the worst acceptance speech of the night.

  • nicole

    – i give lindsay props…she found a creative way to cover her bracelet and looks pretty good doin it.
    – when i say christinas dress..only two people came too mind of who could pull it off…Christina & Pink.
    – Perry looked like she went through lil Kims closet and wtf was she wearing on stage..wasnt flatting her at all.
    – The guy hosting…did pretty good.
    – Love Christina peformance
    – Mark Whalberg killed me..i know he came off rude.. but i think thats how it was all set up. and Tom didnt seem to mind. he got a good laugh out of it.
    – in the end i agree with CHASE – probably one of the best MTV awards in awhile.

  • siena x

    Not to be mean…
    Vanessa Hudgens has… ahem… padded out a bit…

  • nicole

    ooh and Jayden Smith…when he was presenting…oh man..that kid is adorable!
    “look at me…i have like 8 girlfriends” haha.

  • Monique

    Jesus, Lindsay has the worst case of Coke Bloat i’ve seen in a a while.

  • nicole

    @CHASE – i agree about Alba…when she was talking..i was just like..’ummmmm’

  • krissy

    I have only seen parts of the show. I thought that Christina’s performance was really fun, very energetic and crisp. I thought that Katy Perry’s performance was boring and shrill (but I don’t like the song, so that could be part of it).

  • LIsa

    Only looked at pictures and a few clips…. gotta admit K.Stew and R.Patz looked good… together and on their own. Loving how they look.

    Tom Cruise…. too funny. A bit cheesy and overdone, but hey! It’s the MTV Movie Awards and meant to entertain a specific audience and they did!

  • Dani

    The best moment of the night for me was Ken Jeong’s acceptance speech. It was nice to see some raw emotion in an otherwise boring and predictable show. That man is hilarious, and he is obviously a very caring husband and father. Loved it!

  • Megan

    – Taylor Should have won over Robert
    – Kristen and Rob are totally dating
    – I loved the guy who plays Carlise’s speech. I think they purposefully let some F bombs slip because nothing scandalous had happened during the show.
    – I loved Tom cruise as Les Grossman
    – I love Katy Perry’s new song
    – I’m mad Sandra didn’t win one award she was nominated for, but i loved her tribute. Betty White was hilarious!

  • Kendra

    – I thought Katy Perry looked hot in that dress! The hair? Meh..But she’s so cute she pulled it off..
    – Aziz was awesome..
    – Lindsey looked like a wreck when they showed her in the audience..
    – Speaking of audience, what was with that brother/sister kiss that Zac Efron and his woman did? It was really strange..Just kiss like a real couple!!
    – I felt kind of bad for Tom Felton..I think he rolled with it ok but the interruptions just got annoying to me as a viewer..
    – I know I shouldn’t be surprised or anything, but the fact that Twilight took home so many awards over way more deserving movies/actors bugged me! I guess I just don’t see how anyone can like those horrible movies and Twilight fans in general bug the crap out of me..

  • Kendra

    @Dani – How cute was Ken Jeong?? At first I thought he was faking it but then he was talking about the breast cancer and I was like..AWWWW!!!

  • jen

    Rob and Kristen melted my heart, they were so cute, you can tell Rob adores her, the way he looks at her is so sweet. I love how awkward she is, she is real.

    Christina Aguilera is trying too hard, the vagina heart thing was ridiculous.

    Aziz kicked ass! Love him!

  • Dani

    @Kendra – He was so cute!! It was a very emotional but sweet moment :)

  • Tim

    Christina Rock!!Katy Vocals C- Dancing D- she looked like she was counting 123-123..Why do some people say Christina trying to hard and Gaga covered in Fake Blood get praised??Its Hard to believe Christina singles are flopping and Miley selling.

  • Ana

    Looove the sandy moment love her, such a class act. Xtina was amazing love her performance, she looked fantastic also!

  • Kat

    I totally agree about the Zac and Vannessa kiss. It was the most awkward They acted as if they hated the thought of kssing one another and then it was the weirdiest kiss ever. I Get that they may not be into PDA that much, but I mean come on, they could have made it look more real.

  • ny

    omfg the BEST and only good thing that came out of the mtv’s was the deathly hallows clip/teaser trailer/preview!! :DDD and tlight should not have won so many damn awards. >:(

  • Carol

    Kristen Stewart almost fell when she got up to accept the award for best kiss…

  • Chivonne

    Am I missing something here? I thought the show was terrible. So much swearing and awkwardness. Most of the winners swore every five seconds and said really rude things. The guy from twilight at the end was stupid. Marky Mark was even worse! If that was a practiced routine I thought it was rude and completely unacceptable. Maybe I’m getting to old for this stuff.

  • Tracy

    NO CHIVONNE – – You did not miss a thing. I’m on the same page with you. The show was terrible and completely hijacked by the twihards or whatever they are called. Kristen won best female performance over Sandra are you kidding me??? Anybody, should have won but not Kristen. The kiss skit between Rob and Kristen was awkward, embarrassing, and painful to watch. The best part of the show was Les Grossman. Love Katy Perry’s new song. I was very disappointed in Peter acceptance speech. I turned the TV off…..I did notice that it seem Kristen and Rob did not interact with the other cast members,,,at least before I turned it off anyway.

  • Gaby

    YEa the kiss between Rob and Kirsten was awkward!!! So fucking middle SCHOOL

  • pws

    Ken Jeong’s acceptance speech was also the highlight of the night for me — it was surprisingly sweet, emotional and refreshing in the middle of everyone else’s race to outswear each other. It’s always nice to see the human side of comedians/celebrities and realize not everyone is a dbag :).

  • LIsa

    @Tracy- The show was meant for MTV viewers, meaning people who went on the website and voted. That is why Twilight came out on top, as annoying as it may seem. This isn’t the Golden Globes or anything so people shouldn’t be upset over Sandra Bullock not winning Best Actress. MTV Movie/Music Awards are for what’s “in” with the teens/early 20s. Don’t take it seriously. I just sat back and enjoyed the ridiculousness of it all and smile at what is “trendy” now.

  • LIsa

    Also, to add to my comments this morning, I finally saw the ending acceptance speech by Peter Facinelli, whom I love as an actor…. but really? I understand he was trying to be hip and cool for this younger co-stars, but no need to drop the f-bomb one after another. After the third f**k, it was silly and immature. Not cool. But love him in Nurse Jackie anyways. Also with the Marky Mark and WIll Ferrell thing during Tom Felton (HP Villain) speech. What was supposed to be funny took a turn into rudeness.

  • Kendra

    Seriously..What WAS with all the swearing?? Has it ever been that bad? I kind of forgot about it until I read other people’s comments..

  • Joan

    Call me thickheaded, but I’m still not sold on Rob and Kristen being a couple. They are an item alright, just wouldn’t call it a romantic one.

  • @manda

    -I’m no prude or anything, but the swearing got out of control. What’s the point if it’s going to be bleeped? Isn’t it usually pre-taped anyway?
    – I thought Marky Mark interrupting the potter guys speech was fine since it was a boring speech anyway LOL
    -Loved Sandra’s bit. Anything with her, Bradley Cooper and Betty White is like gold to me!
    -Am I the only one who cannot stand Katy Perry’s voice? She purposely sings off-key and it drives me nuts. I cannot stand her songs.
    -The Tom Cruise bit in the beginning was fine, but you know what they say about “too much of a good thing.” Yeah, well, the J.Lo stuff was too much. It is nice to see that Tom has a sense of humor though.
    -I dunno, I’m still not sold on the Kristen/Robert thing. They just seem like good friends to me (maybe with benefits?

  • Nicola

    What a lame awards show. MTV isn’t exactly the creme de la creme is it?
    Seriously…whoever thinks anyone from twilight deserves any sort of best actor award is a total moron. Ever wondered why you don’t hear a peep about twilight at the oscars, or any kind if recognised award show?
    It’s popularity based. Apparently rob p was barely even in new moon. It’s just silly :/

  • Ria

    kristin stewart looked so hot, and i love that she barely veils her disdain for the ‘twilight’ series

  • No one else thought Lindsay Lohan looked like Tara Reid in that picture up there? Yiiikes.