Chace Crawford Does ‘Los Angeles Confidential’ Magazine


Last Friday Chace Crawford got busted in Texas for misdemeanor marijuana possession but today we get to see him on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Los Angeles Confidential magazine. In his coverstory interview, Chace talks about how much of a departure it was for him to play a marijuana drug dealer in his upcoming new film Twelve and then ends the interview by disclosing his plan to drive out to Texas (his home State) in order to clear his head … which is, apparently, when he went home and got busted for pot possession. Oh, the irony. Here is Chace’s Los Angeles Confidential coverphoto and some excerpts from his interview:

LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL: You lived here when you went to Pepperdine University. Now you’re based in New York for Gossip Girl; do you like coming back to LA?
CHACE CRAWFORD: I love being in LA. New York and LA are polar opposites. I’m a Dallas boy, so for the weather, LA is where it’s at. I think the New York winters may end up driving me back out to the West Coast. What makes Hollywood Hollywood is the weather. The sun kind of hits you different out here, so every time I come here it’s rejuvenating.

LAC: In your film Twelve, out this July, you play a young drug dealer. Why was this a role you wanted to take on?
CC: It’s a complete departure for me. The character grew up with the privilege and the money, but his father is running the family’s bankrupt business, and his mom was stricken with cancer and battled that and died. So he’s almost forced to sell marijuana, and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He’s in over his head. It’s good for me because it’s a heroic figure, but it’s a pretty tragic, dark, melodramatic movie.

LAC: Turning to Gossip Girl, you and Serena finally really got together this season. When you and Blake saw the script, did you have a sense of, Yay, finally?
CC: I think it was almost more like, On to the next one. They’ve given her 15 game-player boyfriends, and they’ve given me everyone in the cast. It’s funny because in a certain sense our characters are very similar, and it kind of just makes sense. I was also pumped because Blake and I are good friends, and it’s just fun; we have a blast working together.

LAC: You live in a world where you are constantly in the public eye and dealing with the paparazzi. How do you handle it?
CC: In the minefield of cell-phone cameras, iPhone cameras and TMZ, it’s all so instantaneous now. It’s not worth trying to walk on eggshells and cut corners, so you either live a certain lifestyle or you don’t and hang out with certain people or you don’t. I’m single in New York, and [my castmates and I] are all in our mid-twenties, so it’s not feasible to say we’re not going to go out and have fun. It’s just how you do it and how you conduct yourself. It annoys me because you start to develop a certain kind of paranoia, and it’s a subconscious thing. I hate that. You sort of have to work through it and deal with it because it’s inevitable. And most of the time the stuff that’s said is 80 to 90 percent false.

LAC: What’s next for you?
CC: I’m kind of playing it by ear. I think I might drive the car out to Texas this weekend. Just sort of hit the road and clear the head. And relax.

Man … this interview would be so much less interesting if Chace hadn’t gotten arrested for drug possession. Maybe it’s just me but you can read all sorts of things into the answers he gives in this interview … things that pan out in his arrest last Friday. But, for a celeb like Chace, misdemeanor marijuana possession ain’t no thang … he’ll be just fine. And speaking of fine, check out some photos from Chace’s LA Confidential photoshoot, after the jump …

Aww … he’s so purdy. Arrest record or not, at least Chace can still take heart in the fact that he’s still got his good looks ;) At least that’s something. If you are so inclined, you can read the full text of Chace Crawford’s interview with Los Angeles Confidential magazine HERE. I wonder if his run-in with the law has quelled his desire for the smokey smoke?