There’s Something About Marry


I MUST send out personal congratulations to cousin Scott Hauslaib and his beautiful new bride Danielle who got themselves hitched in Pittsfield, MA yesterday is a very sweet ceremony with family and friends. As I mentioned previously, David and I made our way back East to attend his cousin Scott’s wedding and I’m very happy to say that the day went off without a hitch … and every had an amazing day!

The nuptials were held outside but per the couple’s instructions, it was a short but very sweet ceremony. The celebration carried on inside the country club where we got our eating, drinking and dancing on. After the jump, check out a few more photos from yesterday’s fun … you’ll never guess who ended up catching the garter …

OMG … the garter. Both David and I were forced to compete with the other bachelors to try and catch the garter (after the bachelorettes went after the bouquet). I somehow ended up in front and it landed right at my feet … LOL! I even hesitated before I snatched it up. I know catching the bouquet traditionally (and superstitiously) means the bachelorette will be the next to get married … but I wasn’t sure if the same tradition rings true for the dude who gets the garter. In any event, this bad boy is going to be hung on the rearview mirror of my car :)

I had an amazing day with the Hauslaib family … I’m so glad we flew out for the shindig!! But, alas, our time on the East coast is already over … we fly home to LA this afternoon. Please do me a favor, y’all … send some happy congratulatory vibes to Scott and Danielle today!! Woot!!

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  • Winona

    Congrats on catching the garter – you’re rockin’ it! :-)

  • Brianna

    Reason #7292 why I adore you….even though we haven’t met and I reside in Indiana… rockin’ the sneaks with your shirt and tie. LOVE. IT.

  • Kendra

    You and David were looking HOT at that wedding!! Congrats on catching the garter..Maybe that just means you’ll be dressing up as a lady soon?

  • Janelle

    LOL So awesome. What DOES the guy do w/the garter? Maybe go to a strip club and put it on the dancer or something? Or start a collection? Congratulations to the happy couple :)

  • debho

    Well, my sweet nephew happily jumped for the garter at my daughter’s recent wedding. He’s 19 and gay, but hasn’t yet come out to anyone (except my daughter and I). He was so happy and then went on to wow us with the Cha Cha Slide. Love him. lol

  • Leslie

    Congrats Scott and Danielle! There’s nothing like getting married outside – it’s the best :) Here’s to a lifetime of happiness together!

    Trent – I love the pic of you w/the garter!


    You and your outfit look cute, Trent! : )

  • mopotts

    Is that a Pabst Blue Ribbon in front of you? Nice.

    Congrats on catching the garter! You’re not gonna hang it from your rearview mirror, are you?

  • Alex

    Oh Trent, don’t take this badly but while I usually agree with you on most things, I do have to call your attention on a couple of things:

    1) Your outfit looks very cool… NOT for the wedding though! You looked like a rebellious teenage kid not wanting to wear a suit like the rest of the grown-ups haha, which looks bad if you ARE a grown-up lol.

    2) I agree with “mopotts”, you’re not actually gonna hang the garter from your rearview mirror, right? RIGHT?!?!


  • Chelle

    Congrats to Scott and Danielle! There’s nothing quite like a short and sweet ceremony to kick off a long and sweet marriage. :) All the best to you both!

    And you’re rockin’ the garter, Trent. Both you and David looked great!

  • SuziLee

    Ummm @Alex –
    1) who died and made you the fashion police?!?!
    2) who died and made you rear view mirror police?!?!
    Rock on with your sneaks and your garter Trent and enjoy no matter what you do with it!!!!