The 2010 Spike Guys’ Choice Awards Are Handed Out


Altho Sandra Bullock’s surprise appearance at the 2010 Spike Guys’ Choice Awards last night was a pretty big deal, there were other celebs in the hiz to strut their stuff on the red carpet and/or collect award trophies of their own. Here are a few photos from the red carpet arrivals at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA last night for the Spike Guys’ Choice Awards:

As you might expect, Sandra did not walk down the red carpet so that her appearance on stage to collect the Troops Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year could be kept a closely guarded secret (and I don’t expect she’ll appear on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards tonight either, mainly so she can avoid answering any uncomfortable questions that might be asked of her) but as you can see, there were other celebs spotted on the red carpet. After the jump, check out some pics from the Guys’ Choice stage and find out who some of the night’s big winners were …

Other guests at the Spike TV Guys Choice awards included Scarlett Johansson, 25, who looked great with long blonde locks and a cute yellow mini dress. While Jessica Biel, 28, whose new movie the A-Team was released in the U.S. this week wore an unusual black top with a black skirt covered with white sequins. Sports Illustrated cover girl Brooklyn Decker, 23, stole the show, making a grand entrance in her silky floor-length gown which had a slash up to her thigh. As the event is run by a male-orientated TV channel, it’s not surprise that all three ladies picked up awards for their ‘hotness’. Charlize Theron also showed off her enviable figure in a short black, off-the-shoulder number. She picked up the Decade of Hotness award from Ben Affleck. Accepting the award, she told the audience: ‘My skirt is shorter than the cocktail waitresses’. Ben and I did a film together, but I wasn’t hot back then, so I want to apologise to Ben. ‘Ten years of hotness? More like nine, 2003 was a fat year, but it got me an Oscar. This award is like my Oscar…but much less important.’ Rapper Kidd Rock, who also performed on the night, presented Decker with her award, saying: ‘I don’t know exactly how hot Hell is, but I expect to someday. I’ll get back to you on that.’ Andy Roddick’s model wife joked: ‘I’m a model so we don’t get too many awards.’ And it was up to Pulp Fiction actor Samuel L. Jackson to introduce Scarlett Johansson for her Jean Claude Gawd Dam! award. The stunning actress said: ‘This is pretty exciting for me. I would like to first and foremost the fans…and Jean Claude for lending his name.’ Meanwhile it was Jessica Biel who took the award for the Holy Grail of Hot – with whom she was in competition with Avatar actress Zoe Saldana. Coincidentally the award was presented to her by her co-stars in the A-Team remake. Jessica told the audience: ‘I want to thank my hottest of hot cast mates. Zoe, I can’t believe I’m in the same category as you, you are the hottest of hot. And guys, I think about you too when I…entertain myself’ … Other winners at the event included Ozzy Osbourne for his book I Am Ozzy (from which Ben Kingsley read an extract), gangster movie Goodfellas was inducted into the Guy Movie Hall Of Fame by actor James Gandolfini and The Hangover won Guy Movie Of The Year with director Todd Phillips promising a Hangover 2 next year.

LOL!! The Spike Guys’ Choice Awards are so silly … but fun. I’m not even sure how many HOT awards are handed out to the ladies annually but my guess is that all the awards would go out to sexy chicks if the Guys were really given the opportunity to do so. I suppose congratulations are in order for all the lucky winners of these amazing golden antler award trophies. YOU’ve earned your horns, so enjoy them winners!! The 2010 Spike Guys’ Choice Awards will air on Spike TV on June 20.

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  • Kendra

    What did Keifer Sutherland win?? It really doesn’t matter cuz his speech looks like it’s going to be AWESOME!! Hahaha! I love that guy!

  • Jo

    is it me or is adrien getting younger by the days