Scary ‘Splice’


After David and I celebrated his cousin Scott’s wedding to his beautiful new wife Danielle yesterday, we managed to get back to our hotel early enough for us to venture out to see a late movie showing. Because we were in the mood for a cheesy horror film, we decided to go see Splice:

Lawd … what a terrible but fun movie. Firstly, absolutely NOTHING that happens in this film is at all believable … which is a refreshing change of pace, I think. To many of these schlocky films try to make the ridiculous that you see on screen seem plausible … and when they are not, they come off as just plain crap. This film makes no bones about the world of fantasy it portrays. And this movie has got it all … relationship issues, mothering issues, the worst science imaginable and THE most uncomfortable sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Yeah, the movie is not the best thing ever … but it was fun. Well, it was fun for us … mebbe we were still drunk from the wedding reception, mebbe we were just too tired to know any better but we had fun seeing Splice.

And so … our time on the East coast is over … David and I will be rushing to the airport soon and will be hopefully winging our way home soon thereafter (it’s raining pretty hard right now so, fingers crossed). See y’all on the West side!!

  • Kendra

    Ahh man..My son really wanted to see this..I’m not so sure I should let him if there are sex scenes..Are the scenes really graphic?


    My friend said that the monster looked like Britney Spears. I wanted to high five his face, but resisted the urge not to. : )

  • emily

    kendra, How old is your son? The scenes r kind of intense and or weird/gross/inapporiate. I went with my Mom and I was pretty uncomfortable watching some parts together (I am 23).
    p.s. there is definitly some shots of Adrian Brodys ass crack. lol

  • Kendra

    @emily – My son is 14..I think I’ll have him wait on this one..Thanks for the info!

    • @Kendra — Oh yeah, Splice is really rated R. Deffo not for kids.

  • Brittny Doll

    yeah they realllly need to wait till they are 18+ the scenes of sex are pretty disturbed…