Hot Dude Of The Week: Jae Garcia


It is time, once again, for us to feast our eyes on this week’s Hot Dude of the Week. As you should be well aware, we get to check out a nice piece of manflesh each and every Sunday just because it’s fun. This week’s Hot Dude was photographed by Adam Kozik and he shows us that less is more … especially when the “less” refers to clothing. Say hello to Jae Garcia:

I like this photo of Jae here because he isn’t too overly muscly. His unkempt hair looks natural and his rosy-cheeked disposition is not at all off-putting. I like that he looks like a nice, normal guy. With his little floral speedo ready to go, Jae looks like he’s in the mood to take a dip … wouldn’t you like to join him? Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: Adam Kozik; Source]

  • Joe


  • shannon

    I usually scroll past these pictures as pictures of overly-muscly men just don’t do it for me to be honest..but i stopped at this one specifically for the fact that he wasn’t. Thank you for posting pictures of some “normal” men on here too. While they might not be as much of an eye candy for some, I like seeing more of the norm.