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Sheryl adopts again, the Lohans are proud, My Little Pony meat
  1. Sajib

    Ugh! Miley Cyrus looks like my grandmother up there. She’s awful. (And yes, my grandmother does wear feather festooned leotards…)

  2. roxster

    I get that Miley is trying to distance herself from hannah montana and the disney image she created, but shes still a little young for it. She is 17. At 17 Britney was doing baby one more time in a mid riff and oops in her red catsuit and people were raising eyebrows over that Plus, the timing is bad. Miley should have waited until her final hannah episode aired (I think its soon?) and then give it a few more months and then break the disney image….but not with something like this.

  3. Alicia

    Girl on Girl kiss – the go-to move when you want to show how “mature” you are

  4. Heather

    Miley Cyrus tries way too hard. The whole kissing girls and writhing on stripper poles isn’t shocking anymore, It’s really played out un-original.

  5. Josh

    That’s Hawkeye, Trent. But its cool thats an easy mistake to make.

  6. krissy

    I agree with Heather, the girl-on-girl kiss move is played out and unoriginal…, but America has shown time and again that that is what they will pay to see. For young girls, the goal is just to out-slut each other…but that is what our consumption has told them is profitable and desireable (ex: Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Britney, Girls Gone Wild, etc.). American culutre has set its own standards…Miley is just responding to that direction.

  7. nicole

    when i watched the miley video last night…i swear she never actually kissed the girl…and that it came across at the part of the song “you can never change me”..so i kinda get it i guess…i dunno im not use to defending miley lol…it be different if she went all out and made out with her, i dunno i kissed a girl at 17 so i cant judge

  8. @manda

    Ummm…I’m confused on why Gary Coleman’s “wife” compared what his condition would have been if she hadn’t pulled the plug, to Muhammad Ali. Ali is alive and doing fairly well with his disease….that seems a lot better to me than being dead.

  9. debho

    @@manda, I’m a bit confused too. Muhammad Ali has Parkinson’s Disease, but is still alive and well…certainly not brain dead. I’m sure his family is offended by her remarks.
    Celesbian? really? Many mothers are already steering their little girls away from Miley now I”m sure. Or they will be if she keeps up those antics. There are way more Disney girls to choose from and little girls are fickle.
    My LIttle Pony meat. *broot* Just the thought makes me want to hurl.

  10. Djoyful

    She did NOT just compare the late Gary Coleman’s state of health to Muhammad Ali now, did she? Wow. Really?

  11. beyondblonde

    Angelina Jolie is only 35?! wow I thought she was at least 43. Am I the only one that thinks she looks older than 35?

  12. krissy

    I agree, BeyondBlonde.

  13. nicole

    @beyondblonde – you are sooo not alone.

  14. N

    Angelina looks so old because of how skinny she is. Seriously – look at all the larger actresses out there (Kirstie Alley comes to mind), they look great.

    I can’t wait until 50 Cent is back to normal. He was so hot before.

  15. CHASE

    Miley Cyrus still has a little girls body! Miley’s body looks like a 14-year-old’s body and plus her face is still young looking. At east Britney had a woman’s body when she was Miley’s age.

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