Britney Spears & Jason Trawick Take The Boys To Santa Monica Pier

For your Amusement

Here are a few fun photos of Britney Spears and her beau Jason Trawick enjoying a fun afternoon with her children Sean Preston and Jayden James on Santa Monica Pier here in SoCal yesterday:

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Santa Monica Pier has a fun little amusement park section called Pacific Park which has a roller coaster, a carousel, little bumper cars and a huge Ferris Wheel. It’s a really fun place for kids of all ages … I’m sure Britwick and the boys had a fantastic time. Her little ones like they were really enjoying themselves. It’s nice to see Britney and her new family having so much fun together … I just love them as a family unit :D

[Photo credit: X17]

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  1. Janelle

    Her demeanor makes me sad in these pictures. I hope she’s getting help she deserves.

  2. Ama

    Awe, she didn’t get on the ride with her sons? Well, at least they did spend some time together. Though Britney looks kind of uninterested in it all, I’m sure they had a fun time together :)

  3. Kati

    There are no words for how gorgeous her sons are. Little Jayden left me speechless there… and that picture of Sean smiling is so precious.

  4. Tim

    THE HAIR!!!Her real hair is only about 3 inches long..What’s taking it so long to grow out?With so little hair it gives it the Dog the Bounty Hunter look..and from the side it look like she has a toupee..Britney has to much money to look this cheap…Why can’t she just leave the extension out while she between Cds?

  5. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    AHHHHH I was just there two days ago!! BOOOOO, I did see Marcia Cross at a starbucks by my friends house:)!!!

  6. nicole

    well atleast the boys look like they had fun………..

  7. Jstar

    Britney does not look happy in any pf the pics I saw….

  8. CHASE

    You guys have to realize that Britney wants to have fun with her sons, but can’t because of the paparazzi. Britney is easily the most #1 sought after celebrity when it comes to the paparazzi. It’s safe to say that hassle her more than any other celebrity. They’re yelling at Britney, saying rude things, and following her every move. I’m sure y’all would be annoyed/sad too. : ( Poor Britney.

  9. Heather

    She looks miserable. I’m sorry, she needs to cope with the paparazzi, cause that will never change. She would have to move to another state if she wanted to get away from the intesity of it. I am a big fan and I hope she can come to terms with her situation and make the best of it.

  10. @manda

    I agree @Heather, she needs to just deal with it and focus on having fun with her kids.

  11. nicole

    @CHASE – by now…its too late to use the paps as an excuse…she knows what thier up too. i get they probably go after her more then anyone, but come on…

  12. Tracy

    Her hair makes me want to vomit. And yeah she needs to get over the paps and focus on her beautiful kids. She seems so selfish. Yeah Brit-pawn your kids off on your nanny all the time. Classy.

  13. CHASE

    @Nicole @Heather – Yeah, I do agree that she needs to cope with the paparazzi, but you also have to realize that Britney is still fragile from 2007. I mean, yeah, she should be used to it, but she’s a prisoner in her own life. I will even have the balls to say that she is, in fact, super close to Michael Jackson’s fame…people won’t eave her alone. I’m sure other things are bugging her too.

  14. LIsa

    When I go out and not smile, people usually think I’m angry or sad… maybe I’m just tired or not smiling. Nothing wrong with that.

    I totally see the resemblance between Brit Brit and her boys!

  15. amanda

    poor brit brit she look so un happy the nanny even look bored at least the boys have each other to play and laugh with

  16. maryf

    Her kids are so cute ! Sean P. is wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt !!!! PS : There is actually a couple of pics on other websites where she is smiling ! Just because she’s not smiling all the time doesn’t mean she’s in a bad mood . You have to keep in mind that Britney just wants to spend time with her boys but there are photogs taking her picture and saying things so….

  17. QT

    Tracy you are ignorant. He hair looks fine & she does NOT pawn her kids off on the nanny. Usually people are whining that she holds them to much. There are PLENTY of pics w/ Brit holding & smiling w/ her boys

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