‘Sex And The City 2’ Premieres In Tokyo, Japan


Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall were all on hand over the weekend to appear at the Tokyo, Japan premiere of their new film Sex and the City 2 (which beat Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at the box office here in the US) … and the ladies were lookin’ completely fabulous at the event. Here are a few photos from this weekends SaTC soiree in Japan:

Despite a few negative reviews of the film, I think fans of the series (and, more importantly, of the characters) have been loving the film … and now it’s the Japanese fans’ turn to enjoy Sex and the City 2. I’m not entirely certain but I think this may be one of the last stops on the SaTC ladies’ world tour to promote the film. Last January there was a report going around that plans to film a third SaTC movie might go into production very soon after the release of SaTC 2. Because the lovely ladies aren’t getting any younger, it makes sense that they would want to get to work on a third (and final?) film. But, considering how rough the reviews have been, I understand they might put the kibosh on plans for a third movie altogether. I, personally, would LOVE to see another movie … so long as they work a bit on the story. Let the ladies stay in NYC and do what they do best … that’s what needs to happen if another movie is made. What do y’all think … should the powers that be move forward with another Sex and the City movie or should they put the entire franchise to bed and end it right now?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Susan

    If they will do a good story with a good plot and focus more on the main characters and the supporting characters that we all love, then I would love a 3rd movie. Jennifer Hudson ruined the first movie for me, and I felt like they spent too much time in the middle east and not enough time developing the characters in the 2nd one.

  • JeniLee

    NOOOO no more movies!

    I loved the series so much and the first movie was just okay and the second was just plain AWFUL! It was SO BORING!

  • Please, no more movies unless they can do it right.

    Loved the series – liked the first movie. Saw SatC2 yesterday and was bored to tears and offended. Tripe. They went for the cheapest laughs and it just wasn’t funny. Great location, great clothes (except that red number on Samantha – what the fuck?). Singing “I Am Woman”? Really?

    I laughed a handful of times – groaned more.

    To the execs, writer, producer, director, talent, et al……….when you have to reach that far – it is over.

    Re-group and have a re-think. Please, if you are gonna do this again, do it right.

  • krissy

    According to the trade papers, Prince of Persia beat out Sex and the City (37.8 million to 37.1). SATC came in at #3. It depends on if you are looking at 3 or 4 day weekend.

  • @manda

    Wow, Cynthia is look AMAZING lately. It might be the longer hair??

  • Lana

    If they are going to do a third one, it needs to be a FINAL one and they need to have a proper goodbye. The second one was not so good, but I still enjoyed it because I am a die hard SATC fan so I was just happy to see the ladies.


    I would love to see a third one! I’m just tired of “Oh, I got the coolest invite to some country, and we’re all gonna go away…” I mean, it just isn’t realistic, ya know? For them, yes, but still. I think they need to reconnect with the viewers and put more realistic scenarios back into the franchise… However, I don’t know where the movie can go. I don’t want another Big and Carrie fiasco, Samantha should just stay single and promiscuous, and the other two should just stay the way they are, you know? Hmmmmm… Unless Carrie and Big have a baby, but that would be kind of awkward.

  • Sara

    MAKE ANOTHER ONE! I too am a die hard fan and I think there’s more to tell in the story. In fact, just kick start the whole series again and I’d watch it. =P

  • Jessica

    I LOVE the series, but the movies just have not done it for me. I tolerated the first one just b/c I love the characters and I thought there was more of a plot, but the second one was just plain awful. The bad puns and cheap jokes- burqa jokes, really? The series finale was so perfect and I think the movies really took away from that. Sad.

  • Blanca

    i LOVE the series. always have, always will. However, like everyone said, the first movie was ok but this third one was HORRIBLE. absolutely atrocious. they’re nothing but caricatures of themselves. so shallow and boring. god it was HORRIBLE!!!!!

  • Blanca

    I meant second one…not third.

  • maggie

    I don’t think they should make a third movie…what else are they going to write about?! I LOVED the first movie but after seeing the second, I wasn’t impressed and I don’t want the third one to be worse…

  • Anna

    I think the movies can never be like the series unless they have them all divorce. The series was about single woman and their love lives. Now 3 of them are married so the movies will never be like the series.

    I liked the first movie ok though, haven’t seen the new one yet.

  • Hayley

    I loved the first film as so much happened – Carrie and Big wedding – Steve Cheating on Miranda – Charlotte getting pregnant – Samantha breaking up with Smith and then having her 50th.
    The second film was funny (samantha mainly) but nothing really happened. I was expecting Smith to be in the film more, and thought he and Samantha was going to get married from some pics i saw when they were making the movie?
    Didnt like the way it ended with the girls not being together, and what happened to Aiden? Surely he and Carrie would have met up again to say forget the kiss take care etc…
    Big should have chucked her out. She treats all the men in her life like cr@p!


  • Misswow

    Please do not make another movie!!!!!!! I am a serious fan of the series loved loved loved it and went and stood outside of the premier in London for the 1st movie I was so excited! Loved it and couldnt wait for the second only to be seriously annoyed!!!!

    the 2nd movie was everything nonfans thought about the series i.e. it is just a silly movie about clothes and shoes. Totally agree with Blanca who stated “they’re nothing but caricatures of themselves.” Although I loved the fashion I’m actually livid it was the central theme. SATC used to be about a great story with women who dressed great and the movie was about coutre that’s it…..

    And…..the 1st 20mins of the gay jokes was a bit much, ok it was a gay wedding get over it…it was like 15 jokes when 3 would have been fine.

  • THey need to let this franchise go!!

  • joe

    they just killed the 5th lady of this film which is NYC… they focused too much on UAE… they just killed the City in Sex And The City…

  • Janelle

    I’ve bitched to my boyfriend about S&TC2 and the awful dresses SJP has worn, but I MUST gush how gorgeous hers and Kristen’s dresses are here! SJP’s is perfect for her skin tone and Kristen always looks pops out when the dress is a bright hue like this and the pink one she wore at another premiere. Simply stuning!

  • Cara

    I agree with most of you that this movie was not as good as the first one and sort of got off track, but to be honest I would pretty much watch anything that they put out. If they want to chronicle them until they’re old and in nursing homes, I would still watch! Heck, the Golden Girls did it… and that was some good television! It’s not even about the fashion to me, it’s about friendship and love and life and these women coming together to support eachother through it all. Looking at all of these issues through each woman’s unique filter is what makes the show/movies great.

  • Blanca

    @misswow, yes EXACTLY. they turned into everything people ASSUMED the show was. now i can’t argue with people, mainly men, who say the show is shallow. The 2nd movie gave them a point. :(