Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Her SCRAM Bracelet


After going to great lengths to keep her new court-ordered SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet hidden from view by wearing baggy bell bottom jeans, beige suede knee-high boots AND tan leather knee-high boots (which she wore to the beach), Lindsay Lohan is finally ready to show off the new accessory she is legally obliged to wear. Lindsay posed for photographer friend Tyler Shields in a series of photos in her home where she appears to be casually showing off her SCRAM bracelet; photos that have been sold to photo agencies allegedly so the proceeds from their sale can be donated to an “undisclosed alcohol education program”. Here is one of the photos that has been made available of L. Lo and her new SCRAM bracelet:

Lindsay Lohan seems to be looking a little more comfortable with her alcohol monitoring bracelet as she poses for top celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. The troubled Mean Girls actress reclines on a white sofa in rolled up jeans which clearly show the court imposed SCRAM ankle tag. She is pictured writing in an A4 notepad with her laptop by her side showing the Top Shop website. A table in front is crammed full of empty cans of soft drinks including her favourite new tipple, energy drink Red Bull. A Parliament cigarette butt has been stubbed out in a can of Pepsi showing she is keeping some of her vices. The shots taken on Friday will appear in Shields’ new book ‘The Dirty Side of Glamour.’ LiLo said she agreed to the photo shoot in a bid to halt the frenzy surrounding the tag. In a statement the actress, said:‘To alleviate the chase to get the first shot of the scram bracelet, it was a good decision to supply one to the public.’ Proceeds from the sale of the photos are being donated to an undisclosed alcohol education charity. Shields tells People magazine, said: ‘Lindsay is amazing to work with, we have done it a few times and each time it gets better!’

While I find this notion that proceeds from the sale of these photos will be donated to an “undisclosed alcohol education program”, I think it’s a good move on Lindsay’s part IF this donation will actually be made. I knew she wouldn’t keep the bracelet hidden from view for long … the last time she was court-ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet back in 2007, she happily showed it off at every chance possible (remember THESE photos and THIS photo?). You can check out two other photos of Lindsay modeling her SCRAM bracelet HERE and HERE. I wonder how long until we see this new accessory out in the wild when L. Lo finally decides to wear a dress, a skirt or shorts?

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Nicola

    I’m sure Britney might lend her those Ugg boots if she wants to wear a dress :P

  • BriK

    She is totally spray tanning around the SCRAM Bracelet! Looks at those lines! Awesome.

  • Laure75

    Do you need a professional photographer to take such an ugly picture? BTW, nice pigsty LiLo.
    Look at her, so intense, writing probably very deep and profound thoughts in her journal… or writing a moving song about her woes… aaahhh, artists !!!

  • nicole

    i actually love the two pics that you didnt post. she looks good in them.

  • steffa

    i dont think that shes trying to HIDE it, i just think shes trying to… not make it fugly lol

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    HELLO…it couldn’t have hurt to clean up a bit! I guess she is still going for the hoarding image…

  • PixiesBassline

    It would suck to have to wear that BIG ol’ thing!
    Damn, does it really have to be SO big?
    Looks like it weighs 2 pounds.

  • Chivonne

    You know the bracelet is more like an anklet. Also, it’s a bit large. You’d think with technology the way it is it would be smaller and more compact. I mean HELLO MacBook Air and paper thin TV’s.

    • @Chivonne — To be honest, I’m glad it’s big, bulky and ugly. Wearing the bracelet/anklet is a punishment, one should be embarrassed to wear one.