‘Four’ Play


I don’t know about you but I enjoyed myself a fantastic Memorial Day yesterday here in SoCal. Despite the fact that I was missing David (who spent the weekend in San Francisco, CA with his brother Aram), I managed to enjoy a great day nonetheless. My friends Emma and Josh invited me to chill with them in Manhattan Beach and we enjoyed a great day together:

As you can see, part of our fun included a few rousing games of Connect Four. Unfortch, Connect Four really isn’t my forte … I ended up having to clean house in Uno. There were a few brown piña coladas (don’t ask) and a trip to Poncho’s for a delish Mexican meal so all in all, it was a superfun day.

David comes home from SF tonight and I’m really looking forward to having him home. Hope your short week ahead is a great one!

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  • Val 2.0

    I know you said not to ask, but… brown?
    Was that an ooh or ewe kind of thing?

    • @Val 2.0 — It was an “ew” kind of thing. Josh thinks he is a good bartender, his drinks prove otherwise.

  • Amy

    I love to play games. It is my winter fun when friends and family get together. One of our favorites is apples to apples. It has been awhile since I played connect four. The brown pina coladas sound kinda gross, like a pina colonic.

  • Val 2.0

    Gross! I’m hoping it was just a brown rum issue. Big nono.

    I’m no mixologist, but I highly recommend limoncello and cranberry juice. It’s a light and refreshing drink perfect for Summer.

    • @Val 2.0 — Yes, he insisted that real pina coladas use dark rum … then he poured the whole bottle of rum into the blender with a splash of mix. LOL!!

  • Val 2.0

    Never ever let him go near a bar again!