Rihanna Brings Her World Tour To Israel


Rihanna, who is currently touring the globe with her Last Girl on Earth World Tour, has made her way to Israel this weekend to tour the Holy Land, do some charity work, play some shows and enjoy some downtime (not necessarily in that order). Here are a couple photos of a very modestly dressed Ri Ri touring some Holy Sites around Israel and a couple photos of a barely dressed Ri Ri enjoying the pool at her hotel in Tel Aviv:

Rihanna spent yesterday touring around the holy city of Jerusalem in a very modest outfit indeed. But less than 24 hours later, the pop star promptly let her guard down after arriving in Tel Aviv. The Rated R singer was spotted sunning herself by her hotel pool in Israel today in a string bikini. The 22-year-old attracted more than a few admiring glances as she cooled off in the water with fellow hotel guests. Later, she changed into khaki and a sheer top that exposed her midriff as she headed off to do some volunteer work at a local community centre. She is in the city for the next leg of her Last Girl On Earth world tour, and is set to perform on Sunday night. Yesterday Rihanna took a whirlwind tour of Jerusalem, covering up in a demure maxi dress and sarong, with barely a scrap of flesh showing. The singer chose the brightly coloured outfit for a day touring some of most holy sites.

Interestingly enough, while Rihanna was bizzy touring some of the holiest Christian sites on earth, her new music video for her single Te Amo was leaked to the Internets … and, it must be said, Te Amo is one of her raciest music videos ever. After the jump, check it out in full …

You may recall that last month we saw photos from the French set of the Te Amo music video … but those photos did not give us any clue that the video would turn out like this. It’s a totally hot video … even if the song is kinda sucky. What do y’all think of Ri Ri’s latest music video? Hot or not?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Lauri

    I just feel like she tries to hard to push the envelope too much.

  • A

    I’m so excited to see what the religious extremists will say about this one. They hate her enough already! Lol.

  • nicole

    im with Lauri – this whole new rihanna….its too fake. nothing about it seems natural at all.
    – – –
    and im just wondering…how much of her show do you think she had to change? i mean from what i understand Israel is a pretty conservative contury…and her show is anything but conservative.

  • @manda

    Uhhh…hmmm…I like the song, but not her voice with the song. Her voice just doesn’t fit with that kind of music style IMHO

  • nancy

    Too many camera jumps. It’s like she was trying to be all edgy but too scared to commit to it fully so she chickened out by hiding behind choppy camera work.

  • aurelie

    the other girl is Laetitia Casta, french top model in it!
    she is very very famous in france…

    video is sorta blah to me to be honest!

  • Eze

    Is it just me that the setting of this video doesn’t match the song itself? It’s a Caribbean rhythm and she is in the middle of a European castle!

  • Joan

    actually @Eze, it has a spanish rhythm which you can clearly hear with the Spanish guitar. Spain is in Europe and has castles all over :)

    i like the song. it has grown on me. Rihanna has always done this type of so called “pushing the envelope”, except when she first started out.

  • jamie-o

    @eze i agree, odd. with a french model, and ‘te amo’ is spanish…

  • sykosoo

    ugh she’s so gimmicky.

    whoa… when did i switch on my kanye keyboard?

  • alexandra

    te amo is spanish but the story of the music don’t have to be about a spanish girl… Grow up

  • kelly

    HOT. That being said….FAIL.

  • z

    @sykosoo LMAO XD! but yeah this music video doesn’t even reach mediocre =S!