Hugh Jackman Loves Sea Men, Too!


Yesterday we saw photos of sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton fraternizing with some sea men on the streets of NYC in celebration of Fleet Week and today we get to see photos of hottie Aussie actor Hugh Jackman doing the same. Hugh and his son Oscar Maximillian were out and about in NYC today scootin’ on their scooters when they paused to pose for photos with some brave military men … behold:

It’s just so cool to see celebs intermingling with our US military’s servicemen all over NYC … I mean, who doesn’t love sea men? I’ve always had my suspicions about Hugh and his love of sea men and this photo just proves the point … he really does love sea men! Okay, yeah, the sea men joke is kinda getting old but … ’tis true … I love sea men, too!

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • nicole

    i love that hes goin around on his little scooter thingy lol.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    For some reason I always forget how hot he is…I don’t know why either. Then, I see him and say out loud…HOT DAMN HE IS ONE HOT MOFO!!! He is hotter than Becks…I know!

  • Mistral

    Isn’t an old joke but a sick joke.
    It’s only one photo dedicated to two fans, not make a science fiction novel…

  • LIsa


    How come my best friend, who lives in NYC, never sees him wandering the streets with his kids?

  • Roadwork

    wow when he stands next to “regular” people you do realize what a got damn specimen (not semen) of a man he is!

  • nattie

    Those men in uniform are Marines.. NOT sea men. The Navy & Marine Corps are different military branches.

  • Beck

    Yep I’m with Nattie… They are Marines, new Marines from the look of it! Semper Fi!!!

  • Suri

    Right to @nattie and @Beck – they’re no sea men. They’re Marines! Better edit your post, since ‘theyre marines not sea men’ comments are just gna keep on coming!!

  • vivian

    I’m proud to say the man to his right is my husband Lcpl Gonzalez.