Gary Coleman Hospitalized, Reportedly On Life Support


Sad news to pass along today, y’all … actor Gary Coleman, who starred in the 80’s sitcom Diff’rent Strokes but very likely is more well known these days for all of his sad legal woes, suffered a fall this week in his Utah home that injured him so severely that he had to be immediately hospitalized. As doctors monitored his condition, Coleman began to slip in and out of consciousness … and then things go worse. According to reports this morning, Gary Coleman has been admitted to the intensive care unit and is on life support!

Gary Coleman desperately needs your “thoughts and prayers.” The former Diff’rent Strokes star, hospitalized after a fall earlier this week, is now on life support with a brain hemorrhage, according to his manager. Coleman, 42, suffered the injury in his Utah home on Wednesday and was taken to a local hospital for treatment, manager John Alcantar said in a statement Friday. Coleman was then transferred to the ICU at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for further tests and treatment. And there, things took a bad turn. “As of mid-morning on May 27, Mr. Coleman was conscious and lucid,” said Alcantar. “By early afternoon, Mr. Coleman was slipping in and out of consciousness and his condition worsened. “We are saddened to announce that since mid-afternoon, Mountain Time, on May 27, 2010, Mr. Coleman has been unconscious and on life support.” In a sad coda to his statement, Alcantar says that despite Coleman’s recent history of health problems and personal issues, “he always has had fond memories of being an entertainer and appreciates his fans for all their support over the years. “At this critical moment, we can only ask for your thoughts and prayers for Gary to make a speedy and full recovery.”

This is just heartbreaking news. Gary Coleman’s life has been rife with tragedy after tragedy in recent years and this fall just seems the cruelest tragedy of all. Thru all of his legal woes, I’ve felt so much sympathy for the actor who brought so much laughter and entertainment in his youth. It seems like the guy just cannot catch a break … at least not up until now :( After the jump, check out video from ABC News that shows just how serious Coleman’s condition is right now …

This is all just so sad … let’s send all of our thoughts and healing prayers to Gary Coleman right now in the hopes that he can overcome this injury and fight his way back to health. Ugh … just so sad :(

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  • ohs

    It’s not really tragic when he was a wife abuser and known coke head…

    • @ohs — I wouldn’t believe everything you read. I have a very hard time believing that Coleman “abused” a wife who is twice his size, on the contrary, I think the opposite is true.

  • krissy

    Poor guy!

  • jellybelly

    Totally agree with you on that one I just can’t really see her being “abused” by him. Especially with all his health problems she could easily outrun him. Maybe verbally but if she didn’t like it she could have left. To me I feel sorry for him. He seems like a bitter angry man and you can only hope that when you go, you go with a light a heart instead of a heavy one. I hope he doesn’t die, but it really isn’t looking to good. But hopefully if he does he finds some peace. This man did not deserve to have some many things go wrong in his life.