Watch: ‘Hung’ Season 2 Trailer


The amazing HBO series Hung returns with all new episodes on June 27 and right now we get our first look at the first trailer for the upcoming second season … behold:

HBO has kicked off the promotion of “Hung” by releasing one interesting video. Instead of merely including new footage, the featurette called “Hard at Work” shows Ray in a train of bookings, pleasing one woman after another. Sounds incorporating in the actions done, form a melody. “Hung” will be back June 27 with the episode “Just the Tip”. If one remembers, the end of the first season sees Tanya succumbing to Ray’s proposal to include Lenore in the escort business. Ray, Tanya and Lenore’s new partnership starts inauspiciously when Ray “holds back” during a tryst with a pregnant client. Joining the cast in the new season is Merrin Dungey whom people recognize mostly on “Alias”. She will play Liz, a potential new love interest for Ray and one of his clients. She is a super successful corporate woman willing to pay Ray for a night of pleasure.

A couple of weeks ago we got to see Hung star Thomas Jane on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Men’s Fitness magazine and it was then that I was reminded about how much I love Jane in Hung. With all the True Blood promo that has been flooding our universe in the past few months, I had totally forgotten about Hung … but this new trailer has got me even more excited than ever for the show’s return. After the jump, check out this fun new trailer for Hung Season 2 in full …

Woot!! Thomas Jane is so hawt (doesn’t he just make you want to go WOOF?) … and he is so good in this show! While I am very excited for the return of True Blood on June 13, I am just as excited for the return of Hung on June 27. It looks like it’s going to be a very satisfying Summer courtesy of HBO :)



    I love it! I hope the quality and production is better this season than the last…the only complaint I have about the show is the kids! Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started with the kids. And yes, Thomas Jane is very good-looking. : ) Also, is it still a half an hour, or are they doing it for an hour this time?

  • Claire

    yes! I love this show, and I am thrilled that something watchable will be on television this summer! I hope his neighbor is still in the picture…

  • LIsa

    THANK YOU TRENT for introducing me to this series. Because of this entry, I decided to give season one of Hung a try and I could not get enough of it! Awesome show… now I’m dying to watch Season Two!