Watch: ‘A Drop Of True Blood: Bill’


The latest installment of the mini-series A Drop of True Blood has made its way to the Internets as we continue to countdown the days until True Blood returns with its third season on HBO on Sunday June 13. This new minisode features main vampire Bill doing a bit of ring shopping for his beloved ladylove Sookie Stackhouse … behold:

I presume the action that takes place in this minisode occurred before Bill was kidnapped in the season finale of True Blood last Summer. Of the minisodes released thus far from the A Drop of True Blood mini-series, this has to be the funniest of the bunch. I mean, when you feature a vampire with a very nervous divorcee named Bushy-Smallwood, well, the hilarity is sure to follow. What do you think of this new A Drop of True Blood minisode? It’s brills, yeah?


  • nicole

    haha i like it. so far the only one i havent liked is the one with sam.

  • Katie

    LOVE it. This actress was in a show called Jericho that I was a huge fun of which made the clip even better :)

  • Jenna

    Well it obviously took place before he got kidnapped because he gave her the ring at the restaurant before someone took him..

  • Stephen

    She was great on Six Feet Under as the religious freak run over by car when she was chasing floating sex dolls thinking they were all Jesus. And she’s great in Sordid Lives.