The Cast Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Leave Miami Beach


In early April we learned that the cast of Jersey Shore had made their way to Miami Beach, FL to film the second season of their hit MTV reality TV show there and in the weeks that followed there was drama, boozing and scads of guido-certified GTLing. Today, we learn that the cast have finished their time in Miami as they were spotted moving out of their temporary home with packed bags in hand:

I suspect that the cast will now make their way to the actual Jersey Shore to wrap production of their show. I understand the Jersey Shore house will be passed over to a new cast of guidos and guidettes for season 3. Even tho the Jersey cast was only in town for a few weeks, I’m guessing the fine Floridians who live in Miami Beach are happy to see them go … but, you know, that’s just a hunch ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    You are so right,Trent you should be given a slushy kiss.They were the dumps.The worse was Fnooky.She is lower than a slug.The guys are incredibly disgusting.In tv they look one way in person except for Vinni that looks like a couchpotato the other look byucky.The most horrid muscles I’ve ever seen.I think the abs are painted for the tv effect.Your very so right.But now we get the real cr*p in Urban Week starting Thursday.The cr*p of the cr*p.

  • Shelly

    Now that they’re gone, Miami can begin sterilizing the whole city.

  • Manda

    Is that Christina in the last two pics? Ugh….looks like she stayed the whole season this time.

  • jo

    they are finally gone… yay!!!!!!! but unfortunately, oscar is right, thats why i am leaving Miami for Memorial Weekend, just like 90% of Miami does…. so it’s not quite over just yet :)(

  • wtf is angelina doing on there? ugh…