Meet The 2012 Olympic Mascots

Run for your LIVES!

In August of 2008 we got our first look at the official mascots for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games and, as usual, they were a very cute little sight to see. Today we get to meet the official mascots for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and, I’m sorry to say, prepare to be HORRIFIED by the scary creepiness of Wenlock and Mandeville:

Moulded from steel left over from the last girder on the Olympic stadium, London’s 2012 mascots are neither cuddly nor cute but organisers say the gleaming one-eyed metallic forms will strike a chord with children. As the covers were removed by two pupils in front of wide-eyed classmates and LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe at an east London school a mere javelin throw away from what will be the heart of the Games in two years, Wenlock and Mandeville, as they will be known, were introduced to the world. It was the culmination of an 18-month project to come up with an enduring image for the Games and a merchandising gimmick that will keep the cash tills ringing as 2012 target 16 millions pounds in revenue from Games memorabilia. While modern and slightly obscure, LOCOG say the mascots recognise Britain’s Olympic heritage. Wenlock is named after the village of Much Wenlock where Pierre de Coubertin visited in 1890 and where his idea for a modern Olympics was born while Mandeville is aclled after the Stoke Mandeville Hospital where the Paralympic movement began shortly after World War II. Asked to describe exactly what his creations are, designer Grant Hunter of London-based firm Iris, said they were “magical beings” that would become “multi-dimensional” mascots aimed at capturing the imagination of children across the world. A group of invited journalists were given a sneak preview of an animated film based on a story by award-winning children’s author Michael Morpurgo who was commissioned by London 2012. It shows the two steel nuggets being sculpted by the grandfather and then how they spring to life in the hands of two children before morphing into various sporting poses. The film was screened by the BBC’s One Show later on Wednesday — the official launch of the mascots 2012 chiefs hope will rank favourably alongside the likes of Moscow’s Misha, Barcelona’s Cubist-inspired Cobi and Atlanta’s unpopular Izzy. Rather hard to describe, Wenlock and Mandeville both have one large eye, representing a camera lens so they can record what they see, cannot speak, don’t smile and have features borrowed from London’s iconic taxis. “The mascot will help us engage with children which is what I believe passionately in,” London organising committee chairman Sebastian Coe told Reuters as human-sized versions of the eye-catching mascots danced in the school playground. “The message we were getting was that children didn’t want fluffy toys, they didn’t want them to be human but thy did want them rooted in an interesting story. “By linking young people to the values of sport, Wenlock and Mandeville will help inspire kids to strive to be the best they can be” … To appeal to a generation of children brought up with electronic gizmos, Wenlock and Mandeville, look as though they are related to computer game character Sonic the Hedgehog and will even have their own place on Facebook and Twitter.

These hideous creatures have to be, without a doubt, the scariest of all Olympic mascots of all time and — quite possibly — the living physical embodiment of what nightmares are made of. I can’t even believe these monstrosities will be forced upon us when the Summer Olympic Games move to London in 2012. I mean, WTF!? were they thinking? I’m scared, y’all … now that we’ve seen these ghastly one-eyed things, they cannot be unseen or forgotten. I literally have no words … help?

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  1. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Is this for real?? WOW…I am speechless. I thought the games were about bringing people together not making them run and hide in fear. LOL, how many kids do you think will cry because of these creatures???

  2. Harmony

    BUAH HA HA I seen them this morning on the news and all I thought was Giant One Eyed Sperm…

  3. Cait

    I saw this yesterday and was hoping I could unsee it. But it’s just everywhere now. Honestly ? This was what I expected from the Beijing Olympics.Did Ungaro loan out Lohan to the London Olympic Mascot Design Team !? What a fail of Olympic proportions.

  4. aldo

    OMG!!!! when I saw them I knew you immediately had to do a Bitch stole my look from Kodos and Kang from the Simpsons :| they are lying haha they look like they are based on the aliens woot! they’re hideous hehe

  5. Ama

    Haha, I thought of the monsters from ‘monsters inc’ when seeing this. But a very interesting choice for mascots :)

  6. nicole

    am i the only who thought of penises when they saw this?

  7. Janelle

    They look like ill concieved Doctor Who villians

  8. M3

    @Nicole: No, I thought the same thing! Our minds are in the same place. :-)

  9. Tricia

    At first, there are no words. And then I read all your posts and yes, phalluses with giant peeholes crossed with cartoon aliens. And the blue one’s butt is on backwards. It’s truly a haunting image. I feel like all the children in the pictures need to be rescued now.

  10. Tricia

    Sorry to double post, but now the phrase “capturing the imaginations of children across the world” seems like an obvious evil plot. I had to re-read because I so desperately wanted to understand how such a thing happened.

  11. krissy

    Why does the one have a blue crotch? So confused as to how this became the winning design!

  12. Robin

    It looks like the inflatable alien from a Twilight Zone episode called “The Fear”.

  13. velcrodots

    Wow… should have just made it Paddington Bear or something and be done with it.

  14. tvc15

    arent they just trying to tie back to “the London Eye”?
    thats what they’re so very proud of, anyway…
    its out over the water, by the London Bridge, etc. etc.

  15. Jennifer

    I liked them better the first time I saw them on “Reboot” (LOL Aldo re: Simpsons!)

  16. Shelly

    They should have taken a cue from Vancouver.

  17. too bad

    I want Cobi back from Barcelona. These are fug.

  18. Lana

    The blue one’s hand looks sharp like it might stab you if you got to close. These are genuinely terrifying mascots.

  19. nicole

    M3 – haha well its good to know im not alone :)

  20. Irma

    I babysit kids and nowadays they like the weirdest shit, like that Gabba Gabba show on Nick Jr. It scares me but they seem to love creepy things.

  21. suzannah

    THIS is from the Country who made those spot on “Spitting Image” puppets?
    They managed to fashion semi-realistic Mick Jaggers and Margaret Thatchers out of latex but THIS is the best they could come up with as UK Olympic “mascots”???
    What the Hell are they supposed to be? They look like disgarded condoms in London gutters except for the creepy eyes. What is the message here?
    “Welcome to England. Don’t knock-up our women like in WWII.”

  22. ella

    HAHAHAHA – is all i can say – but agree with Irma – these mascots are targeted at kids, and they do like the weirdest looking things these days…

  23. Andi

    um…I think they look like terribly…uh…wrong sex toys….seriously, these things are heinous….yeah…all I have to say is yikes, and could someone pass the eye-bleach??

  24. Joel

    That does not appeal to me. The upcoming Singapore youth olympics’ mascots owns this hands down check it out –

  25. Kim*uk

    the one on the right looks like it has wet itself.

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