A Warrant Has Been Issued For Lindsay Lohan’s Arrest


Lindsay Lohan’s days as a free woman are reportedly over … the ruling judge overseeing her DUI probation sentence has just issued a bench warrant for her arrest for failing to appear in court today as scheduled. As you may recall, Lindsay decided to fly off to the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival this week instead of preparing for her upcoming court appearance. After she claims to have lost her passport in France (thereby keeping her from returning home to SoCal in time for her court appearance), Lindsay reportedly boarded a plane today to return home to LA (UPDATE: It turns out that Lindsay did NOT board a plane and is still in France). TMZ is reporting that the US Customs Office confirmed to them that L. Lo WILL be detained upon arrival in the US now that there is a warrant out for her arrest. Um, yeah:

A judge in Beverly Hills has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of actress Lindsay Lohan who failed to show up for a mandatory court hearing Thursday morning. Lohan, in France for the Cannes Film Festival, could not make it back in time because her passport was stolen, her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said. Holley told reporters that Lohan tried to board a plane Tuesday but was turned back at the airport because her passport was stolen. The actress filled out a police report in Cannes and has since obtained another passport, Holley said. Lohan has completed 10 out of her 13 required alcohol education classes, Holley said, adding that her client has an excellent progress report. “Does she reschedule at times? Yes. Is she late sometimes? Yes. But she makes all of that time up,” she said. “This is a young woman who is complying with the conditons of her probation and could not be here because of something outside of her control,” Holley added. Lohan was spotted partying on a yacht in Cannes Wednesday night. Holley said the 23-year-old actress would return to Los Angeles on Friday. Thursday morning’s hearing was related to Lohan’s 2007 no contest plea to driving under the influence. Upon issuing the bench warrant, Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel set bail at $100,000 and planned to ask for the following conditions for Lohan’s release: that she not be allowed to drink alcohol until she attends a court hearing; that she be fitted with a device to measure the presence of alcohol in the body; and that undergo random, once-per-week drug and/or alcohol testing until she completes the terms of her probation. Lohan’s probation was extended for a year in October after she missed some alcohol education classes while making a movie in Texas. Issuing a bench warrant is standard practice when a person misses a court date, but they are usually put on hold for a few days to give the person another opportunity to come to court, according to Jane Robison of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

TMZ adds:

Lindsay Lohan’s last moments of freedom are going to be on the airplane ride home … this according to a rep for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who spoke with TMZ. The rep says, “Anyone who enters the country who has an active warrant in the law enforcement database will be detained by their office and local authorities will be called.” Law enforcement sources in L.A. tell us either the Los Angeles Airport police or the LAPD would then take Lindsay into custody and book her.

To be honest, I find it hard to believe that Lindsay will see the inside of a jail cell over any of this. The judge in this case seems to enjoy bending over backwards to make things as easy as possible for Lindsay to do whatever the hell she likes. It’s this kind of kid glove treatment that will ensure that Lindsay will NOT change her behavior at all. Do I believe she has learned anything from the court-mandated alcohol education classes? Not at all. Do I believe that she will engage in dangerous behavior that will likely endanger herself and others who happen to get in her way? Yes, I do. We shall see how this latest drama will play out over the next few days but I’m confident it will all blow over and just go down as another blip in Lindsay Lohan’s troubled life.

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  • Grace

    I’m sorry but I just have to let this out my chest. It’s been building up for a while and it just needs releasing…
    What the hell is wrong with that woman?!?!?
    Seriously, now…

  • krissy

    I think the best thing for her would be serious punishment. A month in jail, etc. I doubt that will ever happen though. We can barely keep murders and rapists in jail…kidnapping 3 men, running over the foot of another, and endangering their lives and the lives of others by going on high speed chase through red lights pales in comparison (sadly). She seems to selfish and tacky to me.

  • krissy

    …I do think that any amount of jail time, even if it is 2 minutes, will increase the costs of insuring her on a movie set. This episode will hurt her career even more.

  • paige


  • Sonia

    I hope she gets what’s coming to her. That woman is out of control and doesn’t seem to think any rules or laws apply to her. I hope she gets spanked hard with jail time. None of that Paris Hilton jail time sh*t. LL is undoubtedly a menace and needs professional help. Perhaps with it, she can get her damn act together. Maybe the judge can order to keep her enablers aka parents away from her as well.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I hope they throw her ass in jail for a few months. If anyone else used this BS excuse they would be in Jail. We should start a facebook page that says “Lindsanity behind bars”!

  • Meredith

    Yes, agreed! It’s time for her to face some serious consequences. I’m so tired of the “aktors” getting preferential treatment. The irony is that this is the type of thing which keeps production companies from getting completion insurance (on her) therefore not being able to cast her in their films.

  • Isabelle

    Kiefer Sutherland did his jailtime. So should she or any other person, for that matter. Rich or not, famous or not.

  • Lauren

    Kiefer Sutherland, Robert Downey Jr….there are several folks in Hollywood that answered for their misdeeds like they should have. RDJ in particular found his way out the other side, reclaimed his career and is doing excellent. It irritates the crap out of me that just because she’s a celebrity she keeps getting 2nd chances. She’s never gonna learn anything that way, she could get up to 180 days in jail for this, and IMHO the judge should throw the book at her and make her serve every day.

  • @Mr. Gyllenhaal, I concur! Throw the brat in Jail… and who is going to start the facebook page? I will sign…. She is an overprivelaged out of control mess and she deserves to be PUNISHED for her behavior… What a joke of a person. I hope they get the six months and KEEP her ass in there.. enough is enough…. where do you draw the line, at the third chance, fourth, fifth, sixth, SEVENTH CHANCE?????

  • SuziLee

    Ummm can’t she just stay out of the country forever like Roman Polanski?!?! (ok granted he’s a despicable human being and Lindsay is just a trainwreck) but still….

  • that’s just fuckin stupid of her. Doeasn’t she have a manger or PR team to watch out for her to keep her from missing flights and shit? But more importantly – what’s with these pictures of her with the mask? – is this a fetish shoot or a super hero theme shoot? And who’s the girl?

  • Selina

    I really hope she goes to jail. I feel like actual jail time is the only thing that might actually teach her a lesson.

  • Ashley

    Even if she gets jail time it will probably be for 80 some odd minutes, just like she did last time, like Nicole Richie, and like Pamela Bach (Hasseloff’s ex?). How is anyone suppose to learn after not serving the time?! I mean Paris Hilton ended up serving her whole time she was sentenced because the public went crazy when she was released early. At the time the public felt Paris thought she was above the law and Lindsay probably thinks she is too. However, Lindsay is more out of control and needs serious help. She is not only a danger to herself but also to the people around her. Such a shame her parents aren’t being her parents. As crazy as this sounds, atleast Michael Lohan is making an attempt at being a parent unlike her mother who takes her daughter to NY while her daughter should be in alcohol education courses.

  • Janelle

    Even if she does get ANY jail time, the mentality will prove similar to Paris hilton’s: that they’re victims who are being bullied, that nothing is wrong with THEM. True sociopaths.

  • heather

    It used to be entertaining to see her antics but that got old so long ago. The girl is a mess and I hope she gets locked up for months to detox herself and get her whacked out face off of my computer screen.

  • Hal

    Though i think it’s about time, this really should have happened after Herbie Fully Loaded. She should have done time for that alone. And grace dear, it’s “Off my chest.” not out of, nice try though.


  • e

    Anybody know where to get that bra and panty set?