Watch: ‘A Drop Of True Blood: Sam’

Bang your head

Here is our first look at the latest minisode of the A Drop of True Blood miniseries that is airing on HBO and online leading up to the season 3 premiere of True Blood on June 13. This new ep is focused squarely on Sam Merlotte, check it out:

I kinda love this scene because it seems like something we’ve never even know about unless it were for this A Drop of True Blood miniseries. The last part, when Sam shapeshifts into his dog form? That is SO the best!! I love this ep … can’t wait to see more.


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  1. nicole

    this one is my least fav. i just found it boring.

  2. Leslie

    i don’t understand what is going on?

  3. Leslie

    ahh, i haven’t seen the last season….. I am waiting for my library to get it!

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