Robert Pattinson Shows Off His New Hair’Do On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’


Head’s up Twilight fans, your messiah Robert Pattinson will be appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and — in case you weren’t aware — will be showing off his new hair’do. Yes, folks, ’tis true … R. Pattz buzzed off a considerable portion of his famous moppy hair as you can see in this promo photo from his appearance on Ellen today:

Rob explains to Ellen DeGeneres why he cut off his hair (he jokes that he had to cut it due to a bug infestation [nits, he calls them] but, in fact, he had to cut it for an upcoming film role), talks about his ranking as one of People magazine’s Most Beautiful People and — of course — talks about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, due out in theaters on June 30. After the jump, check out a close up of R. Pattz’s new shorter ‘do and watch a 6 minute preview clip of his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show scheduled to air today …

I know all y’all Twihards will be tuning in to watch and I understand a lot of fun “Ellen DeGeneres Show-type” things happen during the course of his appearance. Check your local listings, this ep is not to be missed. But getting back to the haircut, what do y’all think? Do we like?


  • Tyler

    He’s in Water for Elephants? I LOVE that book.
    “Julia Roberts? Where did she come from?” haha

  • jessica

    he really reminds me of a muppet!

  • teeshah


  • roxster

    hmm I like it but its sort of styled funny in the front. I have a feeling it’ll look really hot in the film. I forgot he was doing that with Reese. Ironic since he was cast as her son in Vanity Fair, and now hes playing her love interest. When I read Water for Elephants, I thought the two leads were the same age.

  • Mari

    “Julia Roberts? Where did she come from?” LMAO
    He looks so cute with his hair cut. YUMMY

  • nicole

    i like this hair. its cute.

  • Ama

    I like this haircut, he didn’t look very good with longer hair. This cut makes him look better and cleaner too.

  • CB

    LOL@ “your messiah Robert Pattinson”

  • Manda

    He’s so funny lol I like the new do’ too.

  • nicole

    so i just finished watching Ellen….and i gotta say..he gives his best interviews with Ellen.
    and his whole thing about thinking before he talks…that soo me haha.
    he seems pretty cool, like he would be fun to talk to or hang out with.

  • LIsa

    LOVE this hair cut!

  • Mish

    I absolutely love his new hair ,

  • jus

    he is so overrated looks-wise i can’t even fathom it. WHAT do you people see in this guy? seriously….ew. just ew.