Nekkid Photos Of ‘MacGruber’ Hit The Internets


To coincide with this weekend’s release of the Saturday Night Live movie MacGruber, hilarious new photos of Will Forte as MacGruber have made their way to the Internets. As part of his fictional backstory, MacGruber worked as a nude model in his days before he became a soldier of fortune/spy … the blog What Would Tyler Durden Do? just happened upon these photos for any and everyone to see:

As you may recall from the MacGruber skits that aired during the Saturday Night Live that was hosted by Betty White, MacGruber suffers from the condition known as “micro penis” and the uncensored versions of these photos show MacGruber in all his micro penis glory. After the jump, check out the NSFW uncensored images of a very nekkid MacGruber

LMAOOOOOOO!! Even tho these photos have been hilariously Photoshopped they are still very NSFW … but very, very funny. I gotta hand it to the folks promoting this film … this is a very inventive way to hype up a film. I also gotta hand it to Will Forte for having the balls (as it were) to agree to the release of these photos. Even tho they are obvi fakes, there are bound to be those folks out there who will believe this to be the real size of Forte’s pee pee. LOL. So … thoughts? Will these photos get you in the theater to see MacGruber this weekend?


  • Mads

    Forte’s a comedian. I think he’d be THRILLED to know that people think he really has a micropenis. But damn, I sure lolled.

  • Charliane

    For some reason i was expecting ryan phillippe when i clicked this link. Am i right?

  • nicole

    hahaha oh wow

  • Woodroad34

    Oddly enough, one of my first encounters was with a german guy who was a former drag queen in SF, but moved to the midwest. He looked EXACTLY like Will Forte in the pictures above…EXACTLY ;-). Needless to say, I find the pictures kinda sexy…

  • LuvYa

    It’s hard to say how these photos would have affected my film plans because I’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of MacGruber for several months. These pix, besides being bravely hilarious, show some of the guts the film team says Forte displayed throughout the enitre production. I’ll be in line to see this on Friday. MacGruuuuber!

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    One of the first guy I met in NYC had only one ball and a very small penis (MAYBE 5″) but he was gorgeous.Irish,blue eyed,light brown hair and great body but small dickie.Who cares is not the size but what you do with it.

  • Tara

    Dude Trent, that is so totally computer generated. There is no way someone would publish that. Plus it looks computer generated. Can you affirm this? I hope so… ha ha ha.

    • @Tara — Yes, the photos are not real. They are promo pics for ‘MacGruber’

  • Brandon

    Oscar, 5″ is not “small”. It’s only slightly below average. 0″ – 3″ is small. 4″ is pushing it.

  • robin

    omg…this movie looks awful…you know every idiot out there will say these are real…poor will….now he’ll have to model the real thing to get a date…

  • Jordan

    I am seriously laughing so hard at these pictures right now. Brilliant.

  • JenT

    I don’t think it’s called a pee pee, it’s more of a wee wee!

    nyuk nyuk!

  • Su