First Look: Naomi Watts As Marilyn Monroe


Here is our first look at actress Naomi Watts in full costume as the iconic Marilyn Monroe in a new promo photo for the upcoming biopic on MM’s life titled Blonde. Due to begin shooting early next year, Blonde is the long-talked about film about the life and death of Marilyn Monroe. It remains to be seen if Naomi is capable of bringing Marilyn to life on the big screen but judging by this first photo, she’s kinda got the look down:

Here is the first promo pic of Naomi Watts as Marilyn Monroe for the upcoming biopic, Blonde, which will be directed by Andrew Dominik. It’s an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ imaginary Marilyn Monroe memoir that will start shooting in January 2011. This pic was taken at the Cannes Film Festival by

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter who plays Marilyn Monroe in a biopic based on her life … NO ONE will be able to be the Marilyn to satisfy everyone. That being said, I can see how Naomi Watts might have the acting ability to do the larger-than-life Marilyn justice. Not only does the actress who plays Marilyn have to look like her but she has to be able to act convincingly enough to due her justice … that is no small feat. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Blonde turns out but I’m hopeful it’ll be a smash hit. What do y’all think, is Naomi Watts the right woman to play Marilyn Monroe in this new film?

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  • jamie-o

    not curvy enough. PERIOD.

  • Joey

    jamie-o, I was thinking the same thing! Naomi Watts is WAY too skinny to play Marilyn Monroe, unless she puts on some pounds before filming. I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but by the looks of this promo shot, the pounds aren’t there yet. UGH the skinny actress look is so overrated!

  • Ash

    She can always gain weight to add the curves. But the most important thing is that Naomi’s got the talent and conviction to pull it off though she wouldn’t be the first in my mind to play Marilyn Monroe.

  • Nancy

    Not buying it. At least not with this picture.

  • nicole

    @jamie o – agreed.

  • Selina

    I still think Christina Hendricks would have done really well.

  • tory

    needs to be curvier.. as much as I can’t believe im saying this i think Scar Jo would be a better fit….

  • Shana

    unfortch, scarjo couldnt act her way out of a paper bag, so that would never fly.

  • danielthegreat

    If Britney Spears could prove herself capable, she’d be perfect, very similar features…otherwise Drew Barrymore would be perfect as well…maybe even Katherine Heigl

  • Drew

    For starters they already made a movie of the book Blonde, it aired on Lifetime and starred Poppy somebody i believe.
    Second – i agree with the majority – WAY TO SKINNY. Marilyn was not a tiny little girl.
    Why do people think putting a blonde wig on somebody and sticking them in a white dress automatically makes them like Marilyn?
    On a separate note, im also interested to see how the Judy Garland biopic with Anne Hathaway will turn out. Especially since the tv movie with Judy Davis was done so well.
    Marilyn and Judy are way to legendary to play convincingly. My opinion anyway.

  • J

    She has nailed the face though… I have yet to see a photoshoot or a portrayal of Monroe that nails the eyes. Lindsday is just ugly and her photoshoot was a scream of attention. The best i had seen was Scarlett, but she didn’t have the eyes.

    Naomi nails the eyes here! I can’t speak for the curves considering this isn’t a full body shot. But i don’t have high expectations for the film – most of the portrayal of Marilyn OFF-SET will all be hear-say.

    Either way, facial wise, Naomi is the best thus far!

  • krissy

    I don’t understand why everyone is so focused on the look. With the hair and make up technology they have now, they can make anyone look like anyone. Who needs to see more images of Marilyn, her image is everywhere. Don’t people want to see a story about the person she was? I think Naomi is a very talented actress, and I think finally there is an opportunity for Monroe’s story to be told in a Oscar-winning kind of way.

  • lainaboo

    No, lame. sorry, she has to have curves..hollywood pisses me off.

  • Amanda

    Trent – I just had a Telus hippo ‘bust’ through my screen and ruin my reading on the front page so all I could see is a giant telus ad. It really sucks, will it be around long?

    • @Amanda — Telus? That is not a US company … I’ll have to find out about international ads.

  • Carl

    Too bad this movie wasn’t made in 1995/1996, I so would have said Jennie Garth…back then she looked very similary to MM.

    for an example, anyone who has seen BH90210 there is a scene in the 6th season premiere where she is showing Dylan her modeling pictures, and she looks like Marilyn in a lot of them….but maybe that’s just me.

  • Sajib

    nooooooooooooooooooooo! no no no! I’d go with an unknown before I’d put Naomi Watts in the role

  • Misswow

    The fact is Marilyn was the ultimate curvy starlet and that should be celebrated in the story as well. I think a natutally curvier actress like ScarJo would have been better, Naomi is not the only blonde with acting talent.

  • krissy

    People act like no one has ever gained weight to play a role in a movie.

  • C

    i agree with Selina, Christina Hendricks would have been awesome in this role!

  • Cinner

    Naomi Watts is WAY too skinny to pull this off, MM was a statuesque, womanly woman, Naomi just does not have the build.

  • FK

    Yes, I agree that I hope she gains a good deal of weight. But also that the most important thing will be the acting ability, and for that I think Naomi is the right choice. Remember Cate Blanchett as Kate Hepburn? They don’t look anything alike, but it didn’t matter.

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  • AprilMarie

    Homegirl needs to eat a couple more burritos… NOT curvy enough… she doesnt have that UMPH or believability that MM had… I’m thinking more along the lines of Scarlett Johanson or Charlese Theron…

  • Josiah

    too scrawny.

  • Jerry

    I wonder if Liev would prefer Naomi or Scarlett to play Marilyn Monroe?

  • catherine

    @carl, I completely agree! I actually found this page because I was looking at pictures of Marilyn and I thought that she reminded me of a “1995 Jennie Garth” so I googled to see if anyone else agreed. They seriously had a similarity.

  • Richard1955

    @carl and catherine are right – Jennie Garth – actually I think she could still do it well – cameras can shed age as we asll put weight on. Garth has the figure as well as the face – and it would be her career height. Let’s campaign for Jennie Garth as Marilyn Monroe!

  • krissy: Hey dumbass, it’s not Marilyn’s story it’s from a fictional book.

    Richard1955: Jenny Garth does definitely not look like Marilyn in face or body.

    And for all of you saying Scarlett Johanssen, she may be a bit curvy but she doesn’t resemblance Marilyn and she can’t act to save her life.

  • ian

    Maybe you need a national contest to find the girl who can act and look like marilyn monroe.
    It would save a whole lot of argueing.