Watch: An Extended Trailer For ‘True Blood’ Season 3


On Friday we got our first look at a 30-second promo trailer for the upcoming third season of True Blood but I, as I’m sure many of y’all, felt it was very too little a taste to sate my hunger for the upcoming season of True Blood. Thankfully, a new minute and a half trailer has made its way to the Internets that is much more satisfying to watch:

All of the quick clips we saw in the 30-second trailer are included in this extended trailer … with a whole lot more. This trailer gives much more context for the stuff we will be seeing in True Blood season 3. Check it out in full after the jump …

OMG, this looks fantastic!! There are a lot of great scenes in this clip (tho, it could use a lot more Lafayette, hooka) but my fave is the scene of Sookie and Jason in the kitchen. I literally laughed out loud. Now this is an exciting promo trailer. We are just a few weeks away from the season 3 premiere of True Blood, y’all. I can’t wait ’til we get to June 13 … all this foreplay is driving me crazy!


  • Alejandra

    This is awesome, I cant wait!!! Last year I discovered too late the world of True Blood so I watched de first and second season online, and in one week… now it’s going to be painful having to wait week after week for each episode… also I’m from Chile and I don’t know if it is a world wide premiere or if I’m going to have to wait more time to see the first episode…

  • D

    OMG this is gonna be huge ! This season looks terrific ! And the werewolves are so cool !
    I even feel ashamed to have ever wondered if they could top season two ! I can’t wait to be in June

  • Jo

    Oooh it’s that guy from The Tudors getting it on with Tara! I can’t wait for this season to start, I hope the story is more exciting than the maenad one from last season was :)

  • Maria

    Excited for all except … is Tara going to spend the entire season being used again to get to someone else? Maybe I’m just bitter because I found that whole Maryann story line just dragged on for waaaay too long.