Tila Tequila Throws A Party At The Conga Room


OY! Tila Tequila, who has rebranded herself as Miss Tila so that she can launch a new “singing” career as well as a “blogging” career, hosted an event at The Conga Room at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, CA this past Wednesday night and she was lookin’ a HOT MESS on the red carpet … behold:

They always say, if you’ve got it — flaunt it … but I don’t know that that advice should really pertain to someone like Tila Tequila. Homegirl is such a kook … I’m running out of things to say about her. I had no idea her boobs were this big. I’m pretty sure I won’t need to see this much of them ever again, but I thank her for sharing (well, not really). Welp, there goes lunch …

[Photo credit: INFdaily, Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Do people actually like this girl?? WHY??? She is annoying, crazy, gross, weird….I don’t know who is worse; Speidi or Tila???

  • holymoly

    Wasn’t she claiming to be pregnant not too long ago?

  • nicole

    sooooo about that baby……..

    • @nicole — Perhaps she is incubating 2 babies, one in each breast?

  • theskinny

    How did my troll doll get out of my house, and who dressed it like a comic book villian?

  • Maluca

    Please don’t give this woman publicity! I wish she would just fade away into oblivion. She reeks of desperation!

  • AmyM

    I thought she was a statue at the Niagra Falls Madame Tussuad’s in that first pic.

  • emily

    How does she get those straps to stay in place? lol

  • debho

    I’d like to know who actually went to her party. I mean, would anyone even admit they were her friend? Unless of course they are a total hot mess like her.

  • Winona

    Why does she seem to not have nipples? Is this the latest trend in augmentation – a nipplectomy?

  • nicole

    @Trent – HAHAHAHA!

  • Sam

    did I miss somthing I thought she was pregant?

  • LuvYa

    Oh, Sam. She miscarried, of course. As for that baby she was adopting from Haiti? Well, it’s a mystery, as is Miss Tila’s state of mental health. Everything else, and I mean ev er y thing else is up for show. People like us click on these stories about her because it’s like slowing down at an accident. You can’t help but look.


    I’ve seen her in Playboy once and her nipples are EXTREMELY small. We’re talking about dime shaped ones. Anyways, that hair, the outfit, ick. She does have a nice body, I’ll give her that.

  • Heather

    why does she even bother with clothes?? She is so sad!!Also I love your comment Trent!!

  • PixiesBassline

    Her implants aren’t that big but they look like they’d HURT to have!
    I hate the way fake boobs gets those weird ripples on the skin around them.
    All of that aside, I think she should go with the “anime” look. Dye the hair some crazy colors and turn herself into a cartoon. :)

  • @pixiebassline – if you think those implants “aren’t that big” – I’d like to see what you think big is – those pups are out of control? She looks so shitty she makes Cristina Aguleria look good

  • LIsa

    Does she have no nipples???

    And her boobs are HUGE… esp. for a little Vietnamese girl. Although it’s not as uncommon for Vietnamese girls to have huge boobs due to easy access to plastic surgeons…..

  • Lisa

    It’s so sad, the hot mess she’s turned into. I always thought she had a pretty/sexy face too. =I