No Doubt Are Recording New Music Together


Great news No Doubt fans … the band posted a message on their official Twitter profile yesterday along with a couple of new photos announcing that they have gotten together in the studio to record new music. At this early stage, there is no chance that they will formally announce the release of a new No Doubt album but … I think we can be pretty sure that’s where they are headed. Here are the photos and the message that they tweeted last night:

The 4 of us are 2gethr in Hllywd today- 2 start recording the first batch of new ND songs!

This is greatly encouraging. I can’t imagine how No Doubt can record songs together and not want to release them to fans … this is really great news. Even tho the band got together to tour last year, I was pretty bummed that they didn’t put out an album to coincide with the tour … I think the time has finally come for some new No Doubt tunes. You might want to follow the band on Twitter to stay up-to-date on their progress in the recording studio. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that new No Doubt music will be coming our way very soon!


  • Vicky

    Gwen looks so different in those pics! Different but really good. I like her when she looks natural and not so done up.

  • Manda

    I’m so glad you are a No Doubt fan Trent :) I’ve been a huge fan for 14 years and cannot wait for the new album! It’s been too long!

  • nicoleyukiko

    @Vicky Amen!

  • sc

    @ Vicky: i totally agree, i love how she looks here. but i also love when she puts the red lipstick on and pumps. shes just fabulous.

  • N_Trafi

    I am so excited!!!!! Now I could see Gwen for the 7th time in concert when they go on tour!!!!!!!

  • J

    Ahhh learn to spell – no one SERIOUSLY spells like that anymore!
    Maybe its because celebrities are just dumb sh*ts or something? Next thing you know, they’ll be updating their status In ThIs KiNd Of TeXt CaUsE iTs So CoOl.
    I think Twitter allow a little more characters than what they posted.

  • Manda

    @J unfortunately, on Twitter, you have to type like an idiot to make everything fit.

  • Diana

    I was actually happy that last years tour had no new music on it. I went to it (3rd row pit!) and it was amazing. Hearing all of their “old” stuff was the best.

    Gwen said the reason for going on tour was so that the band could be together and be inspired by the themselves and the fans to sit down and write new music (I’m sure making money had a part in it too). I am not at all surprised that they are writing new music since that was the intent. SOOO Excited!

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  • EP

    Urgh…. Once again, they´re giving their fans high hope of their return. Hopefully, it´ll HONESTLY happen this time. NO MORE FOOLING AROUND WITH ME, NO DOUBT!