Christina Aguilera Pays A Visit To Haiti


Christina Aguilera, who just this past weekend was in NYC with her family celebrating Mother’s Day together (and how just announced a new world tour in support of her new album Bionic), has made her way to Haiti as the new Ambassador Against Hunger for the World Food Programme organization. Xtina made her way to Port Au Prince and Leogane this past Tuesday to visit two Haitian schools — Ecole Lysee Fritz Pierre Louis and Ecole Saint Terese de Darbonne. Here is a photo of Xtina in Haiti and some deets from her visit:

WFP’s new Ambassador Against Hunger Christina Aguilera visited two schools in quake-stricken Haiti on Tuesday to meet the children receiving food aid through WFP school meals programmes. Singing Happy Birthday to a class in Leogane, she also voiced her hope for a Haitian rebirth … The world-famous singer helped serve meals of rice and beans to children at the Ecole Lysee Fritz Pierre Louis in Port-au-Prince and at the Ecole Saint Terese de Darbonne, in Leogane, a badly damaged town south of the capital. Aguilera met with WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran while in Haiti to discuss the hunger response after the earthquake. WFP’s operation in the Caribbean nation is shifting away from emergency relief to programmes such as school meals, nutrition schemes and food-for-work projects to help the national recovery effort. During her time with children of Port-au-Prince, Aguilera also sang ‘Happy Birthday Haiti’ to highlight how reconstruction efforts in the country are giving this long-suffering nation the chance of a new start. The singer’s appointment as a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger was announced last week during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “A child dies every six seconds of hunger which is a huge statistic for me,” Aguilera told Oprah Winfrey. “After having my own child I just had to be a part of it and do something about it and help change that situation.”

Good for her!! Altho the deadly earthquake in Haiti is already “month’s old”, there is still a lot of devastation and much need in the tiny country. Just because the plight of Haiti is no longer in the news does NOT mean that all of their problems have been solved. They will be dealing with the tragic ramifications of the quake for many years. I’m so glad that Xtina’s visit may remind US ALL that there is still much need in Haiti for relief. After the jump, check out a few more photos from Xtina’s trip to Haiti this week …

These kids look so happy, it’s nice to see smiling faces coming out of Haiti for once. If you would like to donate anything you can to the World Food Programme in order to help feed the people of Haiti, you can do so HERE. Any and everything can help make a difference in someone’s life. Kudos to Xtina for taking the time to lend her name to such a worthy cause.

[Photo credit: WFP/Rein Skullerud; Source]

  • Xadax

    Aww she still doing this even if many Gaga fans hated her. Her European fans made NMT #1 on video; & #10 on itunes, they are better than Americans in general. I hate Perez.

  • Pinky

    I love xtina. Beautiful voice and great heart. A real star.

  • JeN

    she looks beautiful in these photos! I like her without all the makeup and red lipstick

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Good for her!! It is always good to see famous people giving back. It is important to do more than just raise money. It shows so much more to get up close and personal with the true tragedy!

  • GagaRules

    The only reason she is in Haiti is because she has an album coming out and she is drumming up goodwill for herself but the publicity is what she’s after. Hate her she is a copycat singer and not very good at it.

  • nicole

    love all those smiling faces. after seeing all those pictures from months ago…these ones are great to see.
    – –
    @Gagarules…please…this isnt her first time doing these kinds of things. this is nothing new for her. get over it. thx.
    – – –
    side note – she looks great in these pics, and i love the short hair on her.


    I stand for Haiti and relief around the world for third world conutries, however why is she in Haiti particularly when she is about to release a new album? I don’t care about her “role” this is too coincidental.

  • KellyK.

    No matter the reason, she’s doing something great. Whether she is there to promote an album or tour, that doesn’t take away from the joy she is bringing to those kids. People are so jaded.

  • nicole

    you can say shes doing it because of the album..but really..think of all the radio & tv appearences shes missing out on while shes there? and i would assume those appearences would help out more then these pictures would.
    something positive is happening, kids are happy & people have to turn it into a negative. *shakes head*

    • @nicole — Amen!!

  • Ama

    It’s awesome that she is doing something like this! She looks beautiful without the heavy make-up, a lot younger too. I agree with Nicole and KellyK. BTW @GagaRules if you want to go there, everyone is a ‘copycat’ singer. Even your beloved Gaga. Because everything that is going on now, for singing and otherwise, has already been done before.

  • Janelle

    @nicole – what you said :)
    Why the hell is GaGa even being brought up in the comment section?
    I have to mention: I love how Christina looks in these photos – no blinding red lipstick but a soft touch that compliments her beautiful skin tone.

  • JustMe

    Those kids are adorable! I’m really glad to see her there. It seems like Haiti isn’t big news anymore and they still need so much help.

    I’m going to go make a donation. Thanks for the post and kudos to Christina for doing this.

  • JustMe

    I really wish people would just ignore the Gaga fans replying to this.

    Their nastiness speaks for itself. not to mention reflects badly on Gaga

  • Tim

    Her Photo was taken to bring attention to the cause..Have to say the girl has a major eyebrow problem..Christina don’t color outside the lines..@ Xadax don’t go to Perez its a Lady Gaga Fan site now.

  • Manda

    It drives me nuts how negative people are. She is doing a good thing being in Haiti! And I agree with @JustMe, I’m starting to not like Gaga as much because of some of her fans. Anyway, I think Christina looks beautiful and I’m so glad she is bringing attention to Haiti.

  • trish

    She looks so better without the 10 pounds of makeup on her face!

  • paranel

    Staged opportunity to sell her crappy album.

  • Elkay

    She looks beautiful! No make-up, no latex. And those kids are adorable – kudos to Christina!

  • Eddie

    I think it’s so great that she’s doing something for Haiti AGAIN after already having participated in the Hope For Haiti telethon/concert months ago.

  • J

    People are so selfish with their thoughts – just Wiki Xtina and you will see all the things she has done for charity and even overseas in Third World Countries… she was Oprah and they showed a recent trip she did a few months back. Her single hadn’t even come out then you fools!
    Besides this is a new role as far as i’m aware that she has been given – so Haiti would have been booked as part of her new role.

    But then again Angelina Jolie only adopted cause she had a new movie coming out right?

  • yousarocker

    Christina looks so pretty here. natural and fresh.

    That being said, no amount of Christina’s Haitian (or other) charity work will make me buy her album, as I don’t like her music enough to spend my cash on it.

    Anyone who thinks this visit to Haiti is a publicity stunt clearly has no idea of how the music/publicity industries operate.

    Think hard, now. What product is this picture selling? Right – Haitian aid, plain and simple. Not music albums.

  • MC

    I’m not really sure what you people are commenting on

    – She has good looks without makeup.
    You’re missing the point, she’s in Haiti. Thanks for commenting on her makeup, really has no relevance and simply proves that idiots like you are more concerned with the appearance and gossip of celebs rather than their actions and accomplishments

    – She has an album coming out
    Yes, hence why she’s running all over the world all of a sudden. I guess now since she’s in Haiti, more or less alone in term of celeb involvement, she’ll get much more spotlight rather than when her album wasn’t being released and the place was flooded with news coverage

    ** She sings happy birthday to Haitian children **
    – Those pictures are pure posed. How exactly is going there and singing happy birthday going to do ANY good for the children? She didn’t donate a scrap to them… but yes keep on singing, I’m sure your voice will lift the bricks off the ground and build houses (or maybe if we’re lucky kill half the people in this forum)