Mother’s Day Surprise

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For Mother’s Day yesterday we decided to surprise David’s mom at brunch here in the city. His parents were unaware that we decided to come to NYC for the week so we thought we’d surprise them at brunch yesterday. David’s mom was so surprised and happy that she actually did a face-plant onto the restaurant table:

She was so surprised, so happy … we all had a great day. We brunched at a place called Whym (which I didn’t really love but I did end up enjoying the freshly prepared chicken pot pie) and then made our way to Eden’s apartment to hang out for a bit. After the jump, check out a really cute pic of David and his mom along with a fun group photo of me with most of the Hauslaibs …

I’m so glad that we managed to pull off the surprise without a hitch. We had a great Mother’s Day with David’s mom … I hope YOU had a great day too!

Last night, David and I met up with David’s sister Eden and his good friend Issac for Thai dinner at Q2. I ate THE BEST chicken panang curry ever … honestly and truly, I couldn’t get enough. It may be cool as balls here in NYC this week but the food … ah, it makes it all worth it. Tonight we’ll be hanging out with some of David’s other friends … thus far, NY has been treatin’ us right!

  1. theskinny

    @trent if you hadn’t noticed my comments are smarmy and sometimes rude, but that was an amazingly sweet mother’s day surprise.. and it actually made me smile instead of banging my head on my desk again. sooooooo cute!

  2. Andrea

    She looks like she’s sniffing a line of cocaine off a mirror in that first shot lol.

  3. Margie

    How adorable!

  4. mopotts

    I LOVE the face plant!! Too funny. And wow, she is very young looking!! :) I’m sure that made her day…what a fabulous surprise!!!

  5. Juneh

    The face plant, awww, it’s sweet and funny!

  6. That is adorable.. what a wonderful M-day gift!

  7. Ingrid

    Cute ! David looks so tall in the last pic

  8. Denise

    How sweet and touching:)

  9. Suz

    Wow, how tall is David?? So cute – what a great surprise for mom.

  10. dclover

    SO SWEET!!

  11. Katherine

    I never realized David is so tall! He looks like a giant in those pics!

  12. jody

    aww hunni that is sooo sweet ! ive been reading yur site daily now for years (eek! i need a life ;oP) but i dont think ive ever left a comment, but i think its simply beautiful what you were able to do for davids mom on mothers day :o)

  13. Pandora

    What cute pics and what a great surprise for David’s mom! Wow…I didn’t realize he was so tall. ;)

  14. Amy

    You and David make a nice pair of bookends. Glad you pulled of the surprise. If one of my kids or their SO had a blog I would be reading it.

  15. Ben

    omgsh how sweet! also, wow, how tall is david?

  16. Christy

    How sweet!!

  17. BriK

    Q2 is AWESOME!

  18. Lula

    Sorry you didn’t like Whym! I used to LOVE that place (it’s sister restaurant, Eatery, is good, too), especially for brunch and they have really tasty cocktails. Used to live right around the corner….my only gripe was that they didn’t have a bigger bar area so you could just go and hang out and enjoy those cocktails!

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