Betty White Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’


Welp … she did it. At 88 (and a half) years old, Betty White very successfully hosted her very first episode of Saturday Night Live last night and I am thrilled to proclaim that her performance lived up to all the hype. I had no doubt in my mind that Betty would be a fantastic SNL host but her performance far exceeded even my expectations. Because SNL brought back 6 fabulous female former castmates (Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Molly Shannon, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey) to appear on the show with her, I thought that Betty’s hosting duties might be diminished a bit. Not only did Betty hold her own amid this amazing sea of comedic talent but she also participated in pretty much every single skit (she even appeared in the opening skit and managed to change outfits during the credits before coming out to do her monologue!). THE WOMAN IS 88! AND, if you can believe it, the writing was actually good … nay, hilarious! IMHO, Betty delivered last night some of the funniest zingers ever uttered on the SNL stage. HILARIOUS!! Here is the batch of promo photos of Betty White as featured on SNL last night:

Betty White truly is a treasure … both comedic and otherwise. We are so lucky to have her … we really are. I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite skit because all of them brought the LULz but if I had to pick one … I’d go with the NPR: Delicious Dish skit. In all honesty, I started to get uncomfortable with all of the muffin innuendo midway thru the skit. That is comedy gold, y’all. If you missed last night’s ep or just want to a refresher on how amazing it was, check out a batch of videos from last night’s Betty White ep of Saturday Night Live after the jump …

The Lawrence Welk Show (Opening Skit):

Betty White’s Monologue:



Scared Straight:


NPR: Delicious Dish:

The Manuel Ortiz Show:

Weekend Update (with Sally O’Malley and Dotty O’Donaghan):

The following skits are web exclusive vid clips from the dress rehearsal for the show:

Debbie Downer:

Bronx Beat:


And here is the embed for the FULL ep of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Betty White:

Amazing … just amazing. Betty White is a PRO! Betty killed every line, she never broke character and really gave us all an education on how live comedy should be done. Paired with all of those fabulous female players, last night’s Saturday Night Live will surely go down in history as one of the best episodes of SNL ever — and it’s mostly thanks to fans on Facebook … and one fan in particular, David Mathew. Here is a photo snapped backstage at SNL last night of Betty and David, the man who started the campaign to get Betty White on SNL:

Maybe more television programming should be handled by the viewing audience. If you give the people what they ask for, you’re bound to make a lot of people very happy. I can’t say enough great things about last night’s ep of SNL. Betty worked harder than any host that I can think of … AND SHE’S 88! Betty … you are simply the best. Thank you.

So now that Betty finished her work at SNL, she can get back to SoCal to start production on her new TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland. 88 and going strong … bless you, Betty White!


  • Jenn

    You know, I seriously think the new SNLs suck, but this one was awesome. It’s Betty Bitches!

  • Lindsay

    Last night’s episode was HILARIOUS!!! I have been a Betty White fan since I was a little girl when I would watch GG with my grandparents. She is inspiring, amazing, and didn’t miss a beat!! I can’t believe that every single skit made me laugh, that never happens! Although I must say that the MacGruber skits were my absolute favorites. After SNL was over last night I told my husband I can’t wait to read “Pink” in the morning and get all the recaps. So thank you for posting! LOVE IT :)

  • Tom

    FINALLY! After years of watching I’ve finally witnessed an hilarious episode of SNL. I could not stop laughing. Every line she had, she delivered with the best timing ever. Amazing.

  • kristin

    BEST. SNL. EVER!!!

    I agree with Tom, it never happens that EVERY skit is funny! Usually one or two if you’re lucky. But this one was fantastic. Betty can do no wrong. Admit it, you all want to taste her muffin!

  • nicole

    Thank goodness for betty..because i was about to give up on this season.

  • Shelly

    This episode was really great. Betty is so adorable and gorgeous.

    The digital short was hilarious. :)

  • Joanna

    Last nights episode had to be my favorite episode EVER and I WAS THERE but only for the dress rehearsal! I saw Betty White walk past me 2 times! It was unbelievable! She definately is a national treasure and should be treated as such! I was amazed at how much she was able to do for 88 YEARS OLD! Best day ever!

  • Joanna

    Last nights episode had to be my favorite episode EVER and I WAS THERE but only for the dress rehearsal! I saw Betty White walk past me 2 times! It was unbelievable! She definately is a national treasure and should be treated as such! I was amazed at how much she was able to do for 88 YEARS OLD! Best day ever! I can’t wait to see her new show next month when it airs!

  • Dani

    Betty did an amazing job!! I laughed my way through the entire show, and I loved that they bought back Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and all the other hilarious and talented women to help out! Great show all around!!

  • Kendra

    So I’m just going to repeat what everyone else said..Awesome episode..I literally had tears streaming down my face during the Delicious Dish skit..I, too, got uncomfortable because I was watching with my 14 year old son..I thought it might go over his head but he was laughing his butt off..Eesh! Betty White did an awesome job, but so did everyone else..I really wish I had recorded it on my Tivo, but I guess I can always head to NBC to watch my favie skits!

  • Sheila

    Absolutely hilarious! Laughed from beginning to end! Love me some Betty White!

  • awww… she did awesome!!! Who doesn’t love a foul-mouthed grandma??

  • mimi

    she’s adorable. i just want to give her a big hug! so funny too!


    I LOVE HER! I didn’t really know much about her until I saw “The Proposal” and I always knew she was on that one popular show but now I can say I’m truly a fan. ; )

  • roxster

    Amazing, absolutely amazing! I had such high hopes for the show and was afraid they’d disappoint me (obvs snl, NOT betty) so I was so, so glad they featured her in so many skits and gave her great material to work with. I loved her monologue and thought she did an amazing job with all her skits……the one thing I was hoping for was a good golden girls skit but the song was ironically the only weak spot of the night IMO. . . . btw anyone else notice they basically made her a sophia type character in most of the skits? older lady that is crass and speaks her mind? lol

  • Believeme!

    Loved Loved Loved IT!!!

  • Monica

    Scared Straight was hilarious……wizard of ……ASS! Lmao

  • Manda

    Loved it! Definitely the best SNL in years! And it should also be mentioned that Betty is officially the oldest person to host the show!! Loved her monologue, the first McGruber sketch, the census sketch, the lesbian one…I could go on and on! Betty is a pro and I greatly respect that she memorized most of her lines! No need for cue cards!! She has the best delivery of any comedian I’ve seen in awhile. Isn’t it great that people got so excited over an 88 year old woman? Twitter and facebook were all abuzz last night because of her!! I just can’t say enough good things!! On a side note, I have to agree with Trent on what he’s said in the past about having a strong female cast…it certainly was proven true last night with all the oldies coming back.

  • alicia

    she was amazing!!!!

  • Amy

    I watched it and loved it. I laughed so hard when she said her muffin hadn’t seen a cherry since 1939. She is priceless.

  • Lori

    She was, as she always is, perfection.

  • Lori

    PS thank you for being a friend, Betty!!

  • adam

    I was really skeptical… and I completely dissagreed with you about Gabby Sidibe’ episode. But I’ve got to say… EVERYTHING WAS GREAT!!!! Just great! A home run!

  • Fashionista

    She was AMAZING. Jay-Z was AMAZING. Just a great episode!!!!!

  • Bea

    Betty was great. Although her voice was drowned out a few time by everything around her it seem so short. I like those 3 clips that they make the live show. This should of been a 2 parter or something.

  • nicole

    @Monica – haha i choked on my drink at that part!
    – –
    anyways,i didnt realize next week was the season finale…. i think they should have saved Betty for then & gone out with a bang.
    – –
    and i gotta say….i know mcgruber has a movie coming out…but they over did it with those skits *imo*…but overall deffo the best episodes of the season!

  • Kat

    I loved the scared straight as well (delicious dish I *hate*, it doesn’t take good writing to do a play on words…. anyhoooo)

    Love Betty White!

    My best part was when everyone was clapping at the beginning… and the facebook dialogue.

  • Oh man, I hate that I don’t have a TV. Will have to loo for snippets online, if there are some.

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  • Laura S.

    Becuase I live in Canada, I am not able to view the links to the show. :(
    Does anyone know where I can watch it??? Unfortunately, my boyfriend, God bless him, forgot to PVR it. Double :(

    Please help!!

  • Manda

    @Laura…Well….Trent pretty much posted the show above, but try ~~~ Also, for the die-hard fans, there are 3 bonus episodes floating around that didn’t make the cut for Saturday’s show! There’s one where Betty gets the biggest laugh I’ve ever heard. Find them at gawker, hulu or the nbc site.

    • @Manda — The 3 unaired skits have already been posted above :D

  • nicole

    @Laura – sadly Hulu & dont work for us Canadians…but should have it up.

  • nicole

    @Laura – or at this site

  • Manda

    @Trent – I didn’t realize, great!!

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  • Carrie M

    Although I love Betty White I think it’s important to point out that the “Scared Straight” skit was nothing but a collection of rape jokes. Rape in any context is not funny. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men who are incarcerated suffer sexual assaults. The fact that SNL this this is funny horrified me. This skit was also incredibly racist and in poor taste.

  • A Betty White fan

    My favorite skit is “Census” with Betty and Tina Fey. Betty did very well. I saw her a picture with David who create the Facebook campaign. Betty said it is a huge waste of time other night on SNL and I agree with her. I am sure Betty told David not to this anymore. He shouldn’t do this in the first place.It is not the way to contact when they do show business through social network.