Bethenny Frankel Gives Birth To A Baby Girl


Congratulations are in order for Bethenny Frankel and hubby Jason Hoppy who today at around 8AM ET Saturday morning welcomed the birth of a baby girl they have named Bryn Casey.

I will update this post with new information as soon as it becomes available (and when I can get to a computer, cuz right now I’m in a car on my way to the airport) but I wanted to post a hearty Congrats! to the happy family on their new addition!!!

Congrats and LOVE and welcome to the world Bryn Casey Frankel-Hoppy! And to you Bethenny, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

UPDATE: Here are the deets on baby Bryn’s birth from People magazine:

“Bethenny and Jason are proud to welcome their new baby girl, Bryn Hoppy, born at 8 a.m. . . . in New York City,” the rep says. “She is a 4 lb. 12 oz., healthy baby. Bryn, mom, dad and [their dog] Cookie are all very happy.” Frankel and Hoppy, who were married March 28, were surprised to know the baby’s sex. “Jason won’t let me find out because he knows I’ll spoil it,” she told PEOPLE in an interview about her pregnancy. She did, however, Tweet, “I had a dream it was a girl.” So, it seems, dreams do come true!

Bethenny also managed to update her official Twitter profile after she gave birth to her baby girl, she tweeted:

I can’t express how happy I am&how beautiful,supportive&thoughtful u all are.Bryn is a tiny beautiful chapter begins.thank you.

So … that’s all the official stuff we know thus far about baby Bryn Casey. Again, much love and congrats goes out to Bethenny and Jason on the arrival of Bryn. I’m certain today will be the BEST Mother’s Day ever for the happy family.

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  • congrats to the new parents!

  • Kendra

    Yay!! I read that the baby is 4lbs. 12oz..Ouch! That’s teeny! I’m glad to hear she’s healthy though and with SUCH a cute name!

  • Ben

    AOL reported the birth of a boy…..not a girl.

  • Alex

    Yay!! I’m so happy for her! She’s worked so hard, and everything is finally falling into place! Love the name too :)

  • jessica

    and congrats to McSteamy as well!

  • mimi

    good for her! i really like bethenny, glad she had a healthy baby girl!
    was just watching real housewives then when i read that!

  • Mariah

    Bryn is such a beautiful name. And right on Mother’s Day weekend. How sweet.

  • robin

    wow now all the new york housewives have daughters..weeeird.

  • Holy crap, 4 lbs?? How early was she?
    Good to hear all is well though, I always liked Bethenny.

  • elz

    Bethenny’s husband jason is gay
    he was dating one of my best friends a few years ago