Watch: Betty White In A New Video Promo For ‘Hot In Cleveland’


Okay, I’ve got one more bit of Betty White awesomeness to share with all y’all today. In March we learned that Betty is returning to TV in a new series for TV Land called Hot in Cleveland and later that month we got our first look at what the show will be like. Today we get to see a new promo video for Hot In Cleveland, which will go into filming production on May 10 here in SoCal … after Betty finishes her gig hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. Here is the fun new promo:

LOL!!! Fabulous! I just know … this new show is going to rule! People, you need to make sure you know where TV Land is on your cable system cuz this is a show you don’t want to miss. I can’t even get over my excitement of all this wonderful Betty White-ness going around. The lady just won’t stop making us happy … and for that, I will love her forever!


  • Manda

    LOL that is a great promo.

  • truthyisalways

    So great!

  • Lola

    hahaha really clever promo!!! Oh man… I miss my cable tv now that Im living in spain!

  • maribella

    that lady makes me smile.

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    • @Kent — LOL!! Yes, perfect!! Wouldn’t Betty make a great guest judge on the next season of Drag Race?

  • @Trent – Hell to the Yes! We gotta make that happen somehow. Let’s start a Facebook (or Twitter?) campaign! Betcha Ru would be ALL over it.