Kylie Minogue Is Not A Fan Of Wire Hangers


On Tuesday we got our first look at Kylie Minogue on the cover of the new issue of British Elle magazine and today we learn from her coverstory interview that Ms. Minogue has strange yet strong dislike for clothes hangers … so much so that she refuses to use them at all. Doesn’t this sound a lot like someone else in pop culture that we know?

Kylie Minogue as a bizarre phobia – the pop superstar is terrified of clothes hangers. The style icon admits she is terrified of the sight and sound of hangers, and has even designed a special type of closet to display her designer outfits. She tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “The problem is I hate putting things on hangers. I have a hanger phobia – I don’t like the way they sound when you put them in the wardrobe. [My wardrobe is] a room in my home where everything is laid out. It never looks like other people’s wardrobes. I’ve got far too many shoes, but they’re so pretty I don’t like to hide them away.” Also in the interview, Minogue revealed one of her biggest fashion regrets. “The occasions when I listen to others and not myself,” she said. “But that can apply to numerous aspects in my life, not just fashion. Sometimes I’ll be wearing something I feel really uncomfortable in, and I’m sure it looks awful and you’re all liars… and then I see what the photographers were seeing and it looks brilliant.

LOL!! Of all the celebs in the world, I imagine that Kylie Minogue is the most unlike Joan Crawford (a.k.a. Mommie Dearest) and, yet, by her own admission she appears to be the one celeb most like her. Sure, I doubt Kylie would beat her child with a wire hanger for using wire hangers on on her clothes but still … with this new information, I guess we cannot be so sure. HMMM.


  • DJ Vegas

    I believe Joan just had a distaste for the wire variety. She seemed to have no problem with nice padded and wooden hangers. SO by that account, our Min appears to be crazier that Joan. LOL. (somebody better warn Christina) ;) Oh Kylie. How I love you and your craziness.

  • g

    Thinking of that picture will make me laugh all day

  • Tim

    Lady Gaga better be thankful Perez Hilton wasn’t a huge Kylie fan or she would be on his daily Campaign to destroy her career…There are photos on You Tube where Gaga ripp off Kylie image.

  • DJ Vegas

    @Tim OMG are you kidding me? When Kylie was here last year on her tour Perez was so far up her arse she was his hat. Perez jumps on whoever is gonna give him the most press’s bandwagon. Kylie even dedicated Spinning Around to him at the Vegas Show. (I threw up in my mouth a little when it happened) In reality Gaga better hope her flash doesn’t burn out soon or her new BFF will be on to someone new. Mark my words… ;) Once Aphrodite is released Perez will be all Kylie again.

  • Phil

    This is from her twitter:
    @kylieminogue NOO! Said w more than a grain of salt! Just Joan Crawford..’No more wire hangerrrsss!!’ RT @Picklelou . Hun you are scared of Coat Hangers!!

    @kylieminogue YEP! :) RT @GNASQ It always amazes me how things are twisted in the media (coat hangers)..reminds me of chinese whispers at primary school!