Kristen Stewart Does ‘Elle’ Magazine


Kirsten Stewart, who will return to the big screen next month as Bella Swan in the sequel film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Elle magazine. In her coverstory interview, K. Stew addresses her perceived “miserableness” and explains what her intense fame has done to her life. Here is our first look at Kristen on the cover of Elle along with some excerpts from her accompanying coverstory interview:

On the madness that has become her life: “It’s insane! Once somebody finds out, you have to get the hell out of wherever you are. People freak out. And the photographers, they’re vicious. They’re mean. They’re like thugs. I don’t event want to drive around by myself anymore. It’s fucking dangerous.”

On her loss of privacy: “Somebody knocked on my hotel room door and asked for a light, then said that they were a big fan. I was like, ‘Do you really need me to light your cigarette? How do you know what room I’m in?’ I can’t be by myself and I like being by myself.”

On criticism of her public manner: “I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward—and I am—but those are bad words for them.”

On her red-carpet demeanor: “People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me…I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying…It’s a physical reaction to the energy that’s thrown at you.”

On caring: “I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

Well, at least she’s got a good answer for all the questions about her demeanor. I believe she is being truthful, for the most part, but I’ve seen her lookin’ way too jittery for it all to be just nerves. Whatever the case may be, she has reached a level of fame which makes her every move subject for water-cooler fodder. It ain’t easy being a famous celeb, y’all. After the jump, check out a few photos from Kristen’s Elle photospread and find out if she gives her allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob

On Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: “I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them. People say, ‘Just say who you’re dating. Then people will stop being so ravenous about it.’ It’s like, No they won’t! They’ll ask for specifics.”

LOL! She’s right … the level of fandom she and the other Twilighters have taken on knows no bounds. They will never be sated, no amount of information will ever be enough. I think she’s smart to keep some private parts of her life to herself. If she wants to be creepin’ with Robert Pattinson in secret, in front of the whole world then … you go girl. Good luck with that. This looks like a fab issue of Elle, one that is a must own for any self-respecting Twihard … but it looks worth picking up for “normal” readers too ;)


  • Heather

    I like this girl but she is most definitely awkward. I would like to know what she thinks we should say about it when she acts like that?

  • I have to say the more and more I see her or read about her the more my opinion of her changes, for the positive. I just like her.

  • nicole

    i’d like to say this interview changed her in my eyes…just a little… didnt.
    i give her credit on the cover though…i mean look she has somewhat of a real smile..and it didnt kill her. maybe she can smile more now.

  • g

    I love her! She is so amazing. Such a great actress and she isn’t afraid to say what her feelings are. Those pictures are incredible. Haters can keep hating but her fanbase continues to grow because she stays true to who she is.

  • mimi

    why did they make her look pregnant in the second photo?
    she looks fantastic on the cover.. its a nice change to see her in something so light and fresh!

  • Gaby

    She seems cool and down to earth…HEY KRisten hit me up when you wanna hit the pipe LOL

  • Lauren B

    At 20 years old I think she’s growing into her own, I can’t imagine how I would behave in that amount of pressure. Something about her is fascinating, and the rest of the world can’t be wrong, she’s insanely popular, whatever style she wears people just flock to it. I applaud her honesty and it’s actually refreshing, I’m so sick of the overly fake, c’mon now we all know they aren’t that beautiful all of the time!

  • Canuck

    I think they were carefully crafted answers, and to some degree, I too believe they are genuine. But, remember a few months ago when Kellan Lutz was talking about how he wasn’t all that close to either Kristen or Robert P on the set – they kept to themselves; and moreover they were kind of serious and miserable and he was just too much of a happy person?

  • Canuck

    Whoops, sorry – I misquoted. He calls them ‘too complex’.

    Here’s the article if you want to read it for yourselves.

  • Kattmow

    Like the inner pics, not fond of the front cover tho

  • C

    There is just something about her that bothers me, yes i’m sure it sucks to be followed and be on the red carpet but to some degree, you have to have an idea of what youre getting into. If you want to act but dont want the drama of the paps then get into theater or something.


    GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Millions of girls would kill for your position and your fame and yet she’s taking total advantage of it. I mean, no offense, but once “Twilight” ends she won’t have much of a career…neither will Rob. Maybe Rob if he plays his cards right, but I don’t think so. Anyways, it just annoys me how she’s not handling her fame well. The Harry Potter kids handle their fame a lot better and they were younger at the same and still around her age and you don’t see them complaining about it. It’s ridiculous. If she has to keep herself from crying then maybe she shouldn’t do this anymore, huh? And I’m sure people will get on my case because they love K-Stew but she’s selfish.

  • Joe

    Love her!

  • krissy

    I think that she is a great actress and seems really down to earth in interviews. I don’t know why people have it out for her…she got where she is because she has a reputation high quality work. She seems very sweet, IMO. Love the pictures of her, they are very flattering.

  • krissy

    Chase, you seem to be the one with something to get over. Is this really something to curse about? Really? (And she has strong indy cred, she will most certainly not be jobless after Twilight.)

  • g

    @ CHASE you obviously never watch indie films then. You are so quick to judge. When making Twilight, they thought it would be a SMALL cult film. Not a huge blockbuster. The books were not as well known. The Harry Potter kids went in to the movies knowing that they would be huge. Warner Brothers studio and Chris Columbus directing. It was expected. Twilight became huge overnight. It WAS a huge shock. KStew has had many films under her belt and has been acting since she was a kid. (more than any of the Potter kids) I love both franchises I hate to compare them but you brought it up first. I don’t fame is something you can just get used to.

  • Perhaps the reason we keep discussing how Kristen can’t handle her fame is because that seems to be what every single interview with her revolves around?

    She is simply answering the questions that are being asked. Would people prefer her to lie? Or to tell journalists they can’t ask about her awkwardness?

  • Ama

    I think I like her more and more with each interview she has. I think that, slowly, she is starting to become more comfortable with fame and with all the attention that comes with it. She is awkward in the spotlight, that is for sure, but she is better now than how she was when Twilight first came out. I like the cover photo, and the inside photos(not the first one, but the other three). She has a really nice smile, she should use it more, even if it’s hard sometimes :)

  • roxster

    @g: They say over and over they thought it would be a small cult film like you say, but at the same time they were being asked to sign a contract for 3 movies. That should have indicated that it was going to have a strong following.

    Did anyone else read this and feel her answers were a bit odd? Team Edward or Jacob and her response is about her own relationships. I don’t get what she means by “I am but those are bad words for them” Whats the alternative wording?

  • Katie

    I love her. I laughed when she said that she has to stop herself from crying sometimes on the red carpet because im 95% sure the same thing would go for me!! All those emotions going through you all at once. It must be crazy. She’s awesome and makes you want to be her friend, aside from all the fame.

  • katb

    YES! Kristen looks absolutely lovely when she smiles or otherwise doesn’t sulk while sucking on a cigarette :) I loved this, you go kid!

  • Tyler

    @roxster The books had a cult following. The fans would have wanted more than just one movie.


    Oh, PLEASE. She may have strong indie cred but I doubt it’ll be anything great. And yes, I have seen her movies before, thanks. Anyways, “Twilight” already had a fairly huge following before the movies. Yes, the books and movie series have gotten bigger and benefited from each other but still. I think one would be smart enough to research a book before signing your name to it. She just acts totally…whiny. You said the Harry Potter kids knew what they were getting into, yet nothing can prepare you for fame, right? Well, the same goes to the Twilight kids then. : )

  • Laure75

    She’s growing on me…

  • Carmen

    I am happy this interview actually changed some people’s point of views toward her. she is better than this. (:

  • April

    @CHASE, I agree.