First Look: ‘Machete’, A New Film By Robert Rodriguez


Yesterday, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, Robert Rodriguez released the first trailer for his upcoming “Mexploitation” film Machete which stars veteran character actor Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriquez, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba … and Lindsay Lohan. This timely film, which highlights the tension in the US concerning illegal immigration, seems willing to add new spark to the ongoing and sometimes controversial issue. The film makes no qualms about being a violent “Mexploitation” film … it’s coming whether you like it or not:

I’m a longtime fan of Rodriguez’s work and I’ve already watched this trailer about 15 times … I love it entirely. I’m extremely curious to see how others will receive this film. Will it find love and support from the Latino community? Will it be shunned and rejected? Will it prove to be box office gold … or poison? I think the trailer gives the viewer a very good idea of what the film will be like. Check it out after the jump and see what you think of this first look at Machete

Yes … this film deffo makes a statement. I can’t lie, tho, I am all about this film. I cannot wait to see it in full on the big screen. What do y’all think of Machete … does this film look like something you’d be interested in seeing?


  • Margie

    I enjoyed the Grindhouse experience so I’m nothing but excited to see this movie.

    Orale, pinches!

  • Amy

    I loved this clip and can’t wait to see the movie. The castings is so random that I just know it is going to be another Rodriguiez masterpiece. Plus a well deserved starring role for Danny Trejo, who I love, even when he played a bartender on the Young and the Restless last year.

  • AmyM

    when this trailer came out for Grindhouse i lost my shizz, and now a movie is happenin’ for reals!! woohooo!

  • Kendra

    The line-up of actors in this movie is out of control! Love it! Minus Lindsey..She’s a mess..

  • FK

    Oh my god. I love it. It’s so wrong, but it’s so right.

  • Manda

    Great cast, but it looks terrible. Not my kind of flick.

  • krissy

    I don’t think this will be a great success, but it won’t be a failure either. I think it is meant for a nitche martket that will gobble it up, but that market isn’t big enough to make it a blockbuster.


    I think it’s going to be really good but the trailer totally gives off the wrong impression, I think. However, I’m only going to watch it because I want to see Lindsay Lohan. : )

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This looks good!!! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Joe

    Kick Ass!

  • theskinny

    @CHASE what wrong impression? the impression that violence is the way to respond to racism?
    @krissy you are sooo right! there are barely any males between the ages of 18-35, or mexican people who would love to see a movie about revenge on the people who mess with their lives every day.Why would Hollywood waste money on such a tiny nitche market… silly Hollywood!

  • nisha

    i agree with chase and i am also seeing it for lindsay and i also like the main actor as i loved him in spy kids.thanks for posting

  • LaToya

    this looks like a spoof of a real movie….guess there are others who will love it.

  • Val 2.0

    I can’t watch violent movies. Weak stomach for it. But, I loved Machete in Spy Kids. ;)

  • Missliz Murder

    Isn’t the Machete Character from Spy Kids? The Uncle?

  • krissy

    To theskinny: You can disagree with me, that is ok. I don’t think that just because someone is of Mexican desent that this movie would appeal to them. This type of violence in a movie does not appeal to a wide demographic of people. For example, Grindhouse cost $53 million to make, and made only $11.5 million opening weekend, and only made $25 million total.

  • roxster

    i didnt read the entire headline and thought i was going insane when i saw lindsey dressed as what looks like a nun in an old school habit. wtf? the pope is going to keel over if he ever sees that pic

  • mikey

    Agree with Krissy, I think it will get a huge cult following and make a respectable amount at the box office I just don’t see it being a high grossing film. Its too niche driven (not that its a bad thing) to cater to the greater mainstream community. The film looks great tho…awesome cast!

  • This looks awesome. I also enjoyed the trailer when Grindhouse came out, and I love the big stars that are in it. I also love all the shots of Austin! Very cool!

  • laprincesa

    Jessica Alba? Nonetheless, I’ll watch anything RR does! Genius!!

  • Serif

    Um… seriously? Ew.

  • Rachel

    Plays a nice homage to Mexican cinema.

    Love the idea. Can’t wait.

  • karla

    its really different from the first trailer i saw…
    it shows something diferent!

  • J

    ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG i have had to watch the trailer/scene from the Death Proof movies that was shot on YouTube to keep me satisfied for this movie. This is going to be pure awesome.
    Considering Quentin Tarantino is involved just makes it that EXTRA bit BETTER!
    Probably in the Top 5 movies i’m anticipating this year.