Watch: Beyoncé, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’


On Monday we got a sneak peek at the new Beyoncé music video for her latest single Why Don’t You Love Me and today we get to see the final product. For some reason, B seems really insistent that you take notice of her booty … which is kinda weird considering the old skool, “traditional” look of the vid:

Perhaps this video is meant to be a critique of the role of women in the 50’s and 60’s, perhaps the video has more to say than just what is perceived on the surface. Perhaps Beyoncé has been watching too many eps of Mad Men and she wanted to put her spin on that era of US history. Whatever the case may be, you can watch the music video for Why Don’t You Love Me in full after the jump …

I find this video … odd. The song isn’t great nor does it seem to go with the imagery in the video. I don’t think this is one of Beyoncé‘s best videos … and hopefully it’s the last until she releases a new album. This vid does nothing for me, what do y’all think?


  • nicole

    i find it funny that people got on Christina…but i had atleast 4 people pop in my head watchin this…mind you..its beyonce so this is nothing new.
    anyways…im not a fan of the song…and the video…its just a mess. she should take this as a sign to start taking her ‘break’ seriously.

  • Illise

    I love the video and i love the lyrics but i hate the song, it just the music dont go with the song i dont know if you understand me i dont know i think it should have been slower or something

  • D

    I hate this song! Why does she keep on releasing songs from I Am… Sasha Fierce ? Wouldn’t it be nice if she recorded new material? I mean her personna is so boring.
    The video’s not interesting at all. I agree with Nicole that this video’s not original at all.

  • Lola

    Ok, Beyonce, I think your time as the IT girl IS OVER!! Im sooooo tired of her! Now she’s just trying too hard to be cool and different… And I wonder how many punds of make up and how many bodyshapers she’s wearing in this video… we’ve seen her w/no make up and a mummu at the beach!

  • Paloma

    This song is so weird… something does not match at all… I guess it’s the rhythm that sucks.. I don’t know, but I hate video and song. bleeeh.

  • bosie

    “TELEPHONE” part 2….Beyonce is boring me now…she has come up with anythign original since “Single Ladies” good video in my opinion. She is now copying Lady GaGa too much.

  • Manda

    Her makeup looks terrible in the first part of the video. Anyway, I’m not digging the song at all. It’s hilarious that people are comparing her to Gaga now. I like Gaga, but damn, some of her fans are delusional!

  • mikey

    I think that song is the worst, or at least on par with video phone as the worst song released from her I am album(s)…she really is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this and she really needs to learn “less is more”

  • Tim

    Why is it Ok for people to call out Frame by Frame every little then in Christina Video but Beyonce has been getting away with this for years. .Beyonce is inspired but copied is never mention..This video I see Christina Aguilera,Katy Perry and Lady Gaga…Also if Britney Spears were to perform at and award show where she dancing and doesn’t pretend to sing they would call her out but Beyonce gets Grammys..Between the never ending Endorsements, Movies,Music and Award Show appearances.I’m sick of her.

  • Erin G.

    I like the song, and the video is cute. That’s it.

  • gunnarjet

    ….if the pix would fit the beat……. ….

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    As time goes by this woman turns more white and more white.If the trend continues Beyonce will end up looking like Christina Aguilera in a near future.She is getting blonder and the hair softer and incredible lighter skin by the day.I wonder why is she so ashamed of being black?.

  • NicM

    I think it’s actually kinda of a clever video. I love the 50s and the 60s so I might be a little biased (I like the song too). But anyone who says that there is “original” music out there needs stop living under a rock. All types of music nowadays is a copy of something, no matter who the artist or musician is and no matter what kind of music they are creating. Image would be included as well.

  • Kram

    I liked the idea of this video (the theme I guess) but the execution was not that good. I saw this yesterday and I can’t even remember what the song was like, so obviously it wasn’t that great.

  • Feel’s like she is trying to hard. I love me some beyonce. She is super talented, wreaks of beauty and class, but this just rips that right out of her, with the smoking cigarettes and odd un-matching video… She needs a break, take some time off and revamp her approach to the arts she loves so much.

  • Verodemort

    I like it. Its not earth shattering, but its no Xtina either :)

  • Moses

    I want to jab something in my ears at the mention of single ladies or when someone uses the term bootylicious but this is fun! I think it’s a great song with and even better video! Everything is so sexy about this chick. This video made me like her a bit more.

  • daniel


  • Serif

    I thought it was really cool…


    I think it’s funny when a lot of people say Beyonce outsold Britney on her last album (which is true) but Beyonce releases 9 to 10 songs off each single album! Britney only released 4 (technically 3 since one was 2 years old!!!) LOL! Beyonce is SOOOOOO desperate and um, hi, Rihanna called and wants her look back, BB. This girl needs to take A LONG break. Fail.

  • Bah

    Why don’t you love me? Because it’s so easy. It said so in the lyrics! Pfft.

  • J

    She’s pretty lame. She was all I WANNA BE KNOWN AS BEYONCE. ONE NAME ONLY. Yet in a music video, something she would creative control over, she puts it as Beyonce Knowles. Lame.

  • X

    love the song =)

  • KP

    I quite like the video :) But, I’m into old-timey imagery like that…

  • marisa

    i love this song! and i lovvvvve this video! way more than anything i have seen from her recently. and more than telephone :)

  • Katrin Sedai

    I like the style of the video, the outfits and the imagery, but I hate the song and the video as a piece. Beyonce feels overused right now, she really should step back a little and work on new material.

  • Kevin

    she dusted off 16 Grammy’s.
    All you haters can shut up now

  • Stacey

    I think she has been spending to much time with Lady Gaga.

  • Joe

    Yeah ummm, sixteen Grammy’s. Anyone else have that many? To all the people saying Bey’s time is over: It’s only begun. She is the only artist of this generation to have developed and matured so much. Yes, GaGa has released quite a few hits, but let’s reflect on how short her career has been. Bey has 3 albums now and look how well all of them have done. She’s learned. So what if she releases 9 singles per album? Look how EACH ONE has been so popular. So what if thoughts of women of the past come to mind during this video, imitation is flattery and it’s f*cking fun to be like someone iconic. The bitch knows how to make money. When it comes down to it, anyone talking garbage is simply jealous for one reason or the other.

  • A

    I don’t like the video or the song, but people saying that Beyonce is ‘ugly’ or a ‘has been’ really need to get their heads checked.
    Beyonce is clearly a smoking hot woman, and is also HUGELY successful. And this is coming from someone who is not a fan of Beyonce!
    Hate if you want, but don’t fabricate facts or be petty in the process. If you don’t like her music or her persona, fine. But there isn’t a person on earth who can deny her beauty or her success.

  • krissy

    I liked it. I think the visuals fit, because the song reminds me of a modern day “Respect”. Vocally, she isn’t doing the R&B/Hip hop voice (like crazy in love), she is kind of mini-belting like Aretha during the verses. Add the sound to the whole idea of the expectation of past home makers, and it makes sense to me. I think she is super talented, very beautiful, and she works hard for her fans. She clearly isn’t lazy. One more thing…I think the comparisons between female artists needs to Stop!! Why must every thread about female pop stars go the same direction?

  • Purplefish001

    For those of you who can’t figure out Beyonce’s success let me give you a hint. MARKETING! I am not a fan of Beyonce, her music or her videos. But I get it. Lady GaGa on the other hand, I don’t understand at all! And I love Christina. Probably the least marketed and most real of them all.

  • Mela

    Lol…this one’s going in my WTF bin right with Xtina’s new one.

  • Laura

    The song is not my fave, but as always, she looks fabulous (minus the smoking. yuck!). To me, the video is sort of fitting for the song title. That is, it’s 2010 and we shouldn’t be asking “Why Don’t You Love Me”, but rather moving on to somebody who will. And I don’t mind that she keeps releasing songs and vids from her last album. Just because she does, doesn’t mean I have to listen/watch. Besides, she’s Beyonce. She can do whatever the heck she wants. Which is alright with me. Go girl!

  • FK

    Oh my god! I totally disagree! I think the video and the song are hot! It’s referencing the old 50’s pin-up girls. There’s stuff that’s straight from Bettie Page videos. I think it makes sense because it’s about bending over backwards (or forwards as the case may be) to please someone and realizing, finally, that, even though it hurts, if they’re not appreciating you, they’re not worth it.

  • krib

    stupid. and ewww on the smoking.

  • Elisabeth

    Come on guys, not every song is about the person or even the melody. Beyonce has a point with the lyrics of this song. So many housewives today are on antidepressants. Why is it that society pressures women to be perfect, and yet men don’t love perfect women? Song kind of reminds me of my life.

    But anyway, get a grip guys. We don’t need to hash over the Beyonce vs. Britney vs. Christina vs. Gaga argument every time anyone one of them is mentioned.

  • Ella

    yeah i didn’t expect to like the video at all but i actually really liked it. and i really think that’s it’s making a point about women especially in the past were expected to devote their entire lives to being perfect in order to please men… to do all the cleaning, all the cooking, be smart enough to be a good companion (but not smarter than men), etc etc etc and do it all while looking and acting like a sex kitten. i really liked those themes in this video, and i thought the image of her crying and drinking the martini were amazing too. i’m sick of singles from i am… though. she really should take that break she was supposedly desperate for. maybe she’s been working so hard for so long that she doesn’t know how to take a break.

  • Amy

    I like the lyrics of the song. It sounds like Jay Z doesn’t appreciate the woman he’s has. People tend to write their feelings. I think Beyonce makes a great Betty Page. I think the quality of the video if it were really from the late 50’s goes with what it would look like it you watched it now

  • jazz

    Oh, not loving this video very much.
    BUT, does this remind anyone else of Mad Men? The lyrics and feel of the video would totally work for Betty!
    (I only watched the first min or so, dunno how the video ends)

  • elle

    i like the song and the video…i understand the whole 50’s 60’s thing because it was like a time of the perfect housewife and the song is called ‘why don’t you love me?” so maybe the video is like saying, i’m perfect as hell…why don’t you love me? you know?
    anyway, that’s just what i think