‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ Gets A Release Date


Last week we learned that Academy Award-winning director Bill Condon signed on to direct the next installment of The Twilight Saga movie franchise, Breaking Dawn, and today we learn that the movie studio has set a release date for the film. As I’m sure you all all very much aware, The Twilight Saga: New Moon was released last November and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released this June … but we are going to have to wait until November 2011 to see the next sequel film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn:

Summit Entertainment has picked a release date for “The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has set November 18, 2011 as the day when the final installment of the vampire drama movie series hits U.S. theaters. However, it has not been announced whether the last chapter of “Twilight” film franchise is going to be split into two parts or not. Latest report on the matter said that sources insisted “Breaking Dawn” will be made into two movies. It was recently announced that Bill Condon is hired to serve behind the lens for this fourth “Twilight” film. Later, the “Dreamgirls” helmer has reached out to fans by writing a letter, stating that the upcoming film will not be musical. “The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn” will follow Bella Swan after she has made a decision between her intense passion for Edward Cullen and her profound connection to Jacob Black. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all expected to return to reprise their respective roles in this movie.

I would bet good money that Summit Entertainment will break up Breaking Dawn into two movies (in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows style) so that they can capitalize as much as possible on the movie franchise. Twilight fans are a seemingly endless font from which the movie studio can extract money … why would they not milk their resource for all they can? To be honest, although there was only a 7 month span between New Moon and Eclipse, I don’t blame them for putting off the next film until the end of next year … again, it’s a good way to keep the fans wanting more. Mark your calendars, y’all … The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will premiere in theaters in November 2011 … my guess is that Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2 will premiere in theaters in June 2012.


  • Megan

    Harry Potter fans had to wait TWO YEARS for Half Blood Prince! DON’T COMPLAIN TWI-HARDS!

  • nicole

    theres no reason to break the movie into two. i get why harry potter had to go into two movies…i mean they changed so much that you need two movies to make the series make sense. but breaking dawn can easily be one movie.

  • Illise

    i just cant understand why people love twilight so muchy i read the first book it bored me to death and the movie was horrible give me some classic vampires not this s*it lol

  • Manda

    I agree, there is no reason to break it into two. There wasn’t enough action in the last book to make it worthwhile. Don’t worry, I’m sure Stephanie Myers will pump out another book in the next two years to keep the franchise going.


    I HATED this book so much. I wanted to throw it out of my window! I don’t really care for but I am interested in how they’re going to make it presentable since it’s shitty. Oh well.

  • sarah

    i loved the series up to this book (eclipse being my fav) the ending really disappointed me, everyone got what they wanted. SNOOZE FEST! but the only thing they better do the baby birth and the honeymoon scene good or else …

  • Isabelle

    Ok, tell me this is the last one, please.

  • J

    Hm this is a surprise.
    If they are/were going to do 2 parts, i would have thought at least, July 2011 and Nov. 2011.

    Thats a whole year away, enough time to make the film. Its the same span between Twilight and New Moon – which thinking about it, it seemed much shorter. I’m no Twilight fan but the space between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn seems a bit ridiculous actually.
    Twilight has never been about the quality – in books or films. They both lack it very much. Having an Oscar winning Director isn’t gonna do jack! They are trying to hard to be Harry Potter, but thats impossible!

    Ah well – i won’t see the movie in theatres or ever for that matter. But i do feel for the Twilight freaks. I am a HP fan and i hate waiting!

  • Tracy

    I sooo agree with everyone. I was a big fan of the Twilight books and Eclipse was my fav of the series. But, I’m so over the hype of these movies only to be disappointment with the poor acting. I will no longer support these movies. Making Breaking Dawn into 2 movies is just stupid. There is not enough material in the book to make it into 2 movies. I feel Summit is just trying to copy off of HP which is in an entirely different category. I’m a crazy HP fan and will be there opening night when the HP movies hit the theaters. I actually dread the crazy Twilight fan craze. It is a shame but I must admit I hope Eclipse is a big fail at the theaters, so they won’t make BD or at least not make it into 2 movies.

  • Katie

    Let’s hope it will be released in one part so that Twilight mania will be over. There’s an end in sight!

  • malisa


    i dont want to wait that long for the twilight saga breaking dawn ohh and ive got to admitt best love story since titanic but i dont kno why all you b*tchs are complaing this is the best love story of all times so get over your self and learn to love itt!!…..

  • emma

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u CANT MISSSSSS…………!…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love twilight , for those who dont like it i wud say that it depends on eveyones preference and likings, for me it was greatttttt . all its movies and books, well movies r better den books bt to know d entire story books r always preferd. i hated bella’s kiss wid jacob and even after reading book i dont knw y and hw is it possible to lv 2 men at a time, reason maybe anything. dividing book into 2 parts is fair enough, its nt possible to show everything in 1 movie as it has many things to be revealed, AND i love d movie, will be waiting for its next release. and if u ppl dont like it then nevermind see some othr movie which is according to ur likings. all d best to everyone. keep smiling :)