Ryan Phillippe Does ‘Inked’ Magazine


Ryan Phillippe, who will be starring in this Summer’s Saturday Night Live movie McGruber, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Inked magazine. Devoted to skin art, Inked talks to Ryan about the 6 tattoo’s he’s had done as well as things about his personal and professional life. Here is Ryan’s Inked coverphoto along with some excerpts from his interview:

When Ryan Phillippe lifts up his shirt in the middle of the bar at SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel, it’s surprising that no one faints … Surely it’s happened before. But not today. Today everyone remains calm. To be fair, it isn’t as tawdry as it sounds. Ryan has lifted his shirt simply to show off his tattoo—an image of his son Deacon’s hand gripping Ryan’s grandfather’s hand—from the beloved artist Mister Cartoon. Like his career, Ryan takes his tattoos very seriously. “It’s really beautiful and soulful,” the 35-year-old actor says. “I went in there with this idea, and Cartoon loved it. He’s a soulful guy, and I have a connection with him that’s personal. I was so excited because he’s the top hip-hop artist, and I’m such a hip-hop head. He’s literally done everybody … Kanye West, Xzibit. You go into his studio and there’s a picture of him tattooing Eminem’s skull. It’s sort of like a brotherhood. Cartoon said, ‘You’re part of the family now.’ It’s a cool family to be a part of. He’s done three on me now.” For most people, Cartoon’s waiting list is months long, but it helps if you’re a famous actor who’s appeared in more than 20 movies, including Flags of Our Fathers, Crash, 54, Cruel Intentions, and this month’s MacGruber, a big-budget comedy based on Saturday Night Live’s popular MacGyver spoof … At 19, while on location in England for his first big movie, White Squall, Ryan had another coming-of-age moment: He got his first tattoo. He takes a sip of his tequila cocktail and points to a Japanese character that stands for spirit or soul on his right arm. “I went to this shady, dirty tattoo parlor because I wanted to commemorate my first major role,” he says, smiling. “I grew up with no money or connections to the business. My family struggled, and finally I’d gotten to the place where I was making a film with Jeff Bridges. I felt like I’d arrived.” Of his six tattoos, Ryan says his first is the most embarrassing. “It’s kind of bleeding and looks like a butterfly. It’s cliché. But I was 19—it should have been a cliché.” So would he ever get it covered? “No, but I did have a ladybug on my foot covered up. Its significance was with an ex. I put a stingray over the top of it. When people ask me why, I say, ‘Any animal that could take down the Crocodile Hunter deserves my respect.’” The ex? “An ex,” he says, looking uncomfortable.

The interview goes on from there where he talks a bit about what he went thru in his break-up with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon a few years ago as well as his break-up with ex-girlfriend Abbey Cornish earlier this year. He also talks about his children and his upcoming new film. The entire interview with Inked can be read at their official website HERE. It’s an interesting read … and, to my knowledge, the most open he’s been about his private life in any magazine interview. After the jump, check out a few photos from Ryan’s Inked magazine photospread, including one that features the tattoo mentioned above …

Sometimes, celebs open up much more to magazines that aren’t as high profile as others … talking about the intimate nature of his body art must’ve made Ryan feel comfortable about talking about his private life, too. I’ve got lots of love for Inked magazine since they were kind enough to feature me in their pages many years ago. This interview with Ryan Phillippe has to be one of their best.


  • ash

    yuummm :)

  • dclover

    I would <3 to see the feature on you Trent!

  • LuvYa

    Agreed. Ryan gives good interviews and this is one of his best. Also a beautiful cover photo. I bought this mag in the grocery store last night and the check out clerk picked it up while the person in front of me was completing their transaction. She was a middle aged woman and she, along with the young girl bagging our orders, were oowing and ahhing over the cover pic. It was really quite cute.

  • Tessa

    Between his snl ep and this interview, my view on Ryan has done a 180. He seems like a good guy and a great dad, and his performances are never half as bad as I expect them to be…not that he needs validation from anyone:)

  • jg

    Love the mohawk Trent!!

    Ryan is a hot cover boy and I love his interviews. He’s very honest which is refreshing.

  • gunnarjet

    great guy ! we need more of them !

  • sunny

    how cool! it was because of that interview with trent on inked that i started to follow this blog! i used the magazine as an inspiration for a design work! stil have it somewhere! :D

  • LuvYa

    Luv the fauxhawk, Trent. Didn’t you say that when you met Ryan that you two talked about tats?

    • @LuvYa — Yes, at the premiere of ‘Stop-Loss’. He had just gotten the tattoo on his arm (I think) so I think he was excited to talk about tattoos with anyone else who had them. It was very surreal and cool :)

  • J

    Umm he is making fun of the Crocodile Hunter in that little remark? Thats being disrespectful if so…

  • I’d do him!

  • Anything with this man is worth talking about!! More tat shots!
    Trent, have you ever been to http://www.contrariwise.org/ ? It’s a cool literary tat-based site–not my site or anything. It’s not updated as often as I’d like, but it’s awesome nonetheless!!

  • random00b

    He is a beautiful man.