Madonna Does Russian ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Magazine

Strike a pose

Yesterday we learned that Madonna is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Interview magazine but today we learn that she is also featured in the new issue of Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine as well. In a 2-page feature on her new line of MDG Sunglasses, Maddy invites HB magazine to the set of her MDG photoshoot:

While these photos are nice, I suppose, they pale in comparison to the photos of her that are featured in the new issue of Interview. Those photos are just fantastic, these are … well, nice. After the jump, check out the other photo from Maddy‘s 2-page Russian Harper’s Bazaar mag spread …

There’s no edge to these pics … no spark. Every single one of the Interview photos is superior to these photos. Interview magazine – 1, Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine – 0.

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  1. CHASE

    What the HELL is she even promoting?

  2. Gemma

    I want those glasses. Love madonna

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