Listen: Britney Spears, ‘Telephone (Demo)’


Yesterday I posted a link to a demo track that was supposedly of Britney Spears singing the song Telephone, which was eventually shelved so that Lady Gaga could record and release the song herself. Because Britney’s record company denied the validity of the track, I didn’t feel it was necessary to post the song myself if it was, indeed, a fake. BUT, record producer Rodney Darkchild Jerkins has gone on the record on his official Twitter profile to confirm that the demo is of Britney Spears singing (tho, he clarifies that it was not him who leaked the demo):

Just listened and yes its the demo, not a mixed version. I will not leak a mixed version. I am respecting Britney and Jive wishes. Thx, Rj

Additionally, so as to capitalize on the hype of this newly leaked demo track that he had *nothing to do with*, Darkchild orchestrated a hastily put together “press conference” on Ustream yesterday to, once again, confirm the validity of the demo track and to tease about his involvement with Britney’s new album (rumored to be “70% recorded” and supposedly to be released this October). This is what he had to say about working on her new album:

The hitmaker said that the leaked version was the first demo they did for the song and was completely unmixed and unmastered, and then went on to insist that he wasn’t behind the leak and wouldn’t be leaking the final version. Now moving on from that old Circus B-side and onto the good stuff, Darkchild also spoke about Britney’s upcoming seventh studio album spilling some exciting details about the secretive project.

“[Britney’s manager] Larry Rudolph came to my house and we had an incredible conversation about Britney’s new album. We talked about the direction of her album, he gave me some insight into the direction and he wants me to work on stuff… So with that said, “Telephone” did what it had to do and we’re very pleased with the results, but now I’m about to put 200% of my focus into writing a new smash for Britney’s new album … An international smash … I think the fans deserve it, I think Britney deserves it and I can’t wait to get back into the studio with Britney. I’m about to go crazy on making something that’s so crazy. Since the conversation with Larry Rudolph I’ve studied some stuff from her last album and the Blackout album, and that was great stuff but I’m gonna bring something a little bit greater. I’m gonna give it my all to deliver something that’s crazy, crazy amazing for Britney. The conversation with Larry went great, I know exactly what the direction is and I’m gonna kill it! I’m gonna create the most incredible, unbelievable track that you could ever think of to hit the planet earth, the galaxy, around the world, all of that [laughs], for Britney Spears!”

I suppose you can make of all of this what you will … at least now we know that the Telephone demo track making the rounds of a heavily autotuned Britney Spears is the real deal. Missed hearing the track? Wanna hear it again? Listen in full after the jump …

In all honesty, I’m not a fan of the song itself and I do think this ghastly electronic demo is subpar but it is a demo and that’s to be expected. In the end, the song was not destined for Britney … which I think is a good thing :) I’m encouraged about all this talk of the next Britney Spears album, tho. It will be very exciting to hear what her new material will sound like. Thoughts on any of this? Impressed, not impressed, bored?

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  • roxster

    he sounds ridiculous lol. and egotistical. . . I’m not surprised the record label was tring to deny it was hers since lady gaga’s version has done so well and in comparison britneys (which in all fairness was unmixed) and not a final version fell flat. It was so autotuned it really only sounded liker her at certain spots. oh well….i love hearing these demos of songs by other artists. its always interesting to hear alternative interpretations of a song.

  • jadedsweetie

    maybe i’m in the minority, but i actually like it… maybe its b/c i like the song

  • anna

    I actually like it too? But I’m crazy excited about her next album. I have a feeling it’s going be epic!

  • pitnb

    after hearing it more than once..i actually (like) it !!!
    but i can see why britney denied it…and i think it was a smart move from her.
    and considered that this was a demo….it’s for good cause dont forget that’s this is an unfinished track with no backing layers or clears vocals…just some autotune sound !!!
    so thumbs up for that !!!

  • Kendra

    I like it better with Britney singing it, even though I don’t really like it that much..Maybe it’s because I REALLY can’t stand CaCa? I don’t know, but I’m so excited for Britney’s next album!!

  • Tim

    Its got that Robotic Chipmunk vocals we’ve had to accept with Britney..But I have to say after a few years of song overplayed on radio about Puppy Love,Love Notes,Prince Charming and Fairy Tales I kinda like it.

  • Aislin

    I love Britney but even she could not save this song. It’s a terrible song.

    Give me ‘Phonography’ any day.


    I LOVE Britney’s version. Yes, the autotune is ridiculous but I kind of don’t get it. I mean, Britney’s voice has NEVER been that much autotuned before. Someone bough the track for $750.00 and I think they tweaked with her voice a bit. Oh well. It’s just a demo but I like Britney’s version. It’s kind of darker, more mysterious, and just…better!

  • nicole

    no matter who sings this song…its shit.

  • Alex

    Ugh, I hate the song no matter who sings it. :(

  • Tracy

    This version SUCKS. Gaga and Beyonce did a great job with their version.

  • Drew

    Her record label never denied it was her, they just didnt say anything. Her version is decent.
    I prefer “3”.

  • Kram

    I don’t really like it… it could have been a lot better had the autotune been toned down a bit and then I might feel different. I think the real song is catchy but the lyrics are pretty bad.

  • krissy

    I find it so interesting that these 2 men are talking about what HER album is going to be. She has so little to do with her music, it isn’t funny. She has the executives and producers create 85% of the cd for her.

  • Manda

    Like I said yesterday, no matter who sings it, the song is crap.

  • Jul

    I am a huge fan of Britney…Love her, Love her music. But, yeah…..this song was better suited for Lady Gaga to do…’s more up her alley– creepy and soooooo annoying! Britney…you actually dodged a bullet by not doing this song. Your songs and style are FAR superior! :)

  • Sue.

    Check out this fan version..MUCH better!

  • mccraemalcolm

    @Krissy Seeing as almost 70% of the album is already done I doubt they decided to discuss the albums feel just two days later. Larry went to Rodney and TOLD him what the feel of the album was going to be like. So Britney and Larry have already decided on the feel.

    Britney has way more say on her albums, videos, tours and everything she does than you (and the whole world for that matter) actually would like to believe. Just because she isn’t flaunting it around like all these other artist doesnt mean just shows up and sings what’s given.

  • krissy

    Sure, mccraemalcom. Then explain how “Blackout” was even made? Girlfriend couldn’t put her wig on straight, much less conceptualize and make a cd. Industry knows she has never had imput on her cds, but it works for her, her label, and her producers. When an artist tries to grow musically, that usually involves risk. Britney cds are like romantic comedies…the audience knows exactly what they are going to get, they like the formula. Music as paint-by-numbers.

  • sExplosion

    ‘Amnesia’ much?

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  • Gee

    I still really wish Britney could have done the video with Gaga, I remember thinking that when I first saw it.

    I’m really happy to hear that Darkchild will be producing her upcoming record as he has produced some of her best stuff in the past. Can’t wait!


    @Krissy – Irrelevant. One of Britney’s best albums “In the Zone” was co-written and produced by Britney. She did about 8 of the songs. It’s not Britney’s fault her record company sucks, is it?! Why don’t you just…leave her alone?

  • Derrick

    Will we ever know Britney’s true voice? I swear. I don’t get the hate toward Gaga, when she busts her ass to put on a production with live vocals. Gaga auto-tunes her voice for certain tracks for stylistic reasons; Britney uses a vocoder because she can’t be Britney without it.

  • krissy

    So she “co-wrote” a few songs on 1 of her 7 cds…that doesn’t show me anything except that the vast majority of her songs have been written by other people. Some people are just singers and not writers, but Britney isn’t really a singer, either, she’s just the brand. And don’t worry Chase, I am sure she isn’t bothered by my opinon.

  • KP

    This demo is just an auto-tuned mess. However, with some editing, I think it could have actually been better than Gaga’s version. :)

  • mikey

    Who cares if singers don’t write their own music…beyonce claimed to write most of her songs then it comes out she didnt..she even had “writing credits” for “You Oughta Know” on her least Britney doesn’t lie about it…I also know that half of blackout was done while she was pregnant with JJ, before britney hoped on the crazy train..But people are sheep and once an opinion or idea gets into main stream…its easy for people to just take on someone else’s view on something…including the perception of britney, oh well the earth still rotates.

  • krissy

    Mikey, are you sure you haven’t joined a flock yourself? Yes, people are sheep, belonging to one herd or another. ;)

  • LIsa

    I can tell it’s Britney, but with all of the overtune and over production, Lady Gaga’s version and this version sound pretty much the same.

  • Serif

    What I find most interesting is that this shows me that I like Telephone because of GaGa’s voice not because of the tune.

    Honestly, if the song came out like this I would not have been interested.

  • J

    This is only a demo so now way would all that auto-tune turn out in the final cut if it were to be chosen. But it is great though.
    Its not as great quality as Gaga’s version and the production is better on Gaga’s but i do like Brit’s input.

    Either way, the song isn’t that great. I was thinking before – everyone kept braggin about the video clip and its the new Thriller. NO WAY!
    The thing about MJ was, he made terrific and groundbreaking Pop songs. His songs are and were remembered. They blended genres together, Beat It being a prime example.

    But the difference is, MJ’s songs were so critically acclaimed and great and memorable, he somehow took them to the next level with the wonderful and mastered film clips, not music videos, film clips!

    Thats the difference with Telephone and MJ’s songs, Thriller included. Telephone is just a normal pop/gaga song. Nothing ground breaking or terrific. The film is clip is good, but the dancing is crap and the prison scene when dancing looks tacky with the outfits. But the song is just a normal Club/Pop song – so don’t go comparing it to MJ.

  • lilpe

    I cant wait for Britney’s new album, those who say she has nothing to do with music, go buy gaga, Britney is a produced entity but I love it, she brings a different sound to what good songwriters and producers cannot do without an artist to sing their material.

    Love her

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  • Megan

    Yea thats not really britneys style, so i’m glad she didn’t put it out. I didn’t know big stars just exchanged songs like this. Weird.

  • Nicola

    OH goodness…I didn’t think that was actually her on that song, no matter how pathetic I think she is as a singer. She sounds absolutely atrocious!

  • Sheigh

    What’s the purpose? Sing a song like this without difficulties and electronic bugs all the time! Where are dada Spears and Kentwood or Hollywood judges? This girl needs a re-centering again, she loses herself too deep. I don’t want to see her in Sinai psychiatric again!

  • Manda

    @krissy – I totally agree with all your statements. It’s pretty obvious that Brit has little say music-wise. She has and always will be a puppet to her family and record company.

  • I just wish Britney would have put this out instead…I love Gaga, but I wish Britney would come back and finally put all her mess behind her, she should have not “passed” on this song, hopefully the new album will make up for it.

  • Kitti

    @Krissy Britney was the executive producer of Blackout (read the back cover). So maybe she didn’t write the songs but she had a lot to do with putting that album together. She recorded shit loads of demos for that album and chose the final 12 songs herself. And she also co-wrote 8 songs on In The Zone and a couple more on her self-titled album before that.

    Also, she pretty much comes up with the concept for most of her videos and performances. We’re living in 2010 and this industry is a lot more than just writing songs. So while Britney might not write all the songs on her album, she’s very much involved with everything else.

  • Jordan

    I legitimately do not like this song when gaga sings it…. but I actually like this version. As weird as this sounds, I think i actually like brit’s voice better than gaga’s. i know lady gaga is ‘more talented’ but there’s something about britney’s voice that makes me want to listen. maybe i just <3 her too much :) haha
    either way- i like britney's version and that's saying something because everyone who knows me knows that i HATE this song.

  • Samantha

    Gosh, Lady Gaga’s version with Beyonce is sick. What has the song got to do with a homicide or dancing around corpses?


    I agree with Britney is better off without this song. this song is crap. People can produce better lyrics.

  • gen

    Too autotuned. What the heck?
    But it does fit Britney more than it does Gaga.

  • Carmen

    This sounds awful. Thank god Gaga ended up doing it. It sounds much better coming from Gaga.

  • nanoura

    i like britney songs

  • Ali

    it’s october 4th but no britney’s album is released.I’m waiting for her new album so unpatiently.I just have to wait.