Watch: ‘The Simpsons’ Do ‘Tik Tok’


Last night the opening sequence of The Simpsons was changed from its usual opening to a parody skit of the song Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Now, I honestly cannot stand Ke$ha in the least but I can appreciate that this Tik Tok song is catchy and very popular. Considering The Simpsons felt the song was worthy enough to parody, well, I guess I kinda hafta share:

In clever Simpsons style, last night’s opening sequence brought to life the insipid lyrics of the track (ie. “pedicure on our toes, toes / tryin’ on all our clothes, clothes / boys blowin’ up our phones, phones”) to make for a cute video sequence. Check it out in full after the jump …

LOL! It’s cute, right? Make sure you watch this video while you can … I fear it may get yanked at any moment. I love The Simpsons but DAMN THEM for making me like this song, too ;)


  • DC

    Love the Simpsons

  • BillyDee

    Thanks for that, Trent. I am straddling the fence over Ke$ha myself until she takes her popstar training wheels off, but who doesn’t love the Simpsons!? Nice share!

  • Kram

    I thought this was awesome and they did a really good job incorporating the most insightful lyrics of of the last few decades into the intro…!

  • Ivo

    The Simpsons rocks!!! But LOL…kesha Sucks!!

  • I cannot stand Ke$ha either! No talent!

  • N

    I loved this opening!!!

  • Leslie

    This was so cute!

  • Angie

    That was so much fun!! Thanks for sharing! I kinda like Kesha – her voice has a lot of character and she’s so unashamedly bratty, it’s fun.

  • nicole

    i think i was the only person who didnt like the opening.
    i cant stand that song…and i lost a little love for the simpsons last night.

  • Harold

    I like how it essentially was an animated lip dub video.

  • Juneh

    This warmed my heart!

  • Sandy

    @Angie- it’s not hard to be unashamedly bratty when a record company tells you to.
    She’s Avril Lavinge 2.0

  • Sandy

    *Avril Lavigne

  • mikey

    loved it! The simpsons has always been the best animated show on tv and I think it was cool doing this. I do like kesha, despite her love of autotune, i do think she is a good songwriter who has a way with catchy hooks!

  • robin


  • Irma

    This was awesome!!

  • jamie

    Love the track. Reminds me so much of this song I heard on the radio called “Deep N Luv” by Sariah. Have you all heard that one?

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