Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Got Hitched . . . Again!


Just a few days ago we learned that happily marrieds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were planning to celebrate their second wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. On Friday night — April 30 — the couple did just that and celebrated their anniversary with another wedding ceremony (white dress, veil, the whole bit) attended by close family and friends … behold:

Pop star Mariah Carey has famously pledged to renew her wedding vows to husband Nick Cannon every year – but next time she may want to consider wearing a slightly larger dress. The singer appeared in danger of falling out of her skin-tight gown at the ceremony, held at the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion on Friday. The celebration took place exactly two years after their wedding on Ms Carey’s estate in the Bahamas. The couple first met on the Caribbean island of Antigua when Mr Cannon took part in the filming of the music video for her song Bye Bye. The couple listened to traditional wedding music, exchanged rings and kissed before Mr Cannon, an actor and radio show host, presented his wife with an engraved bracelet. Speaking of the couple’s plans to renew their vows every year, Mr Cannon, who at 29 is 12 years younger than his superstar wife, said: ‘I encourage everybody to do it. If you are happy and in love, celebrate it. ‘Doesn’t everybody do that? Don’t Heidi Klum and Seal do the same thing every year? ‘It’s just something fun to celebrate. We renew our vows and exchange gifts.’

Aww … this is cute. I think it’s really cool that Mimi and Nick want to renew their vows every year, it truly shows how committed they are to one another. I don’t know that Mariah Carey really needs a new wedding dress every year but, you know what, she is Mariah Carey and she could wear a new wedding dress every day if she wanted. As much as I love Mr. & Mrs. Cannon’s yearly commitment to renewing their wedding vows, I kinda gotta call them out on the wee bit of tackiness that ensued on Friday night. You’re never gonna guess what kind of garish gift Nick got for Mariah as a second anniversary gift. After the jump, see what he had specially (and tackily) made for her …

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have a shared love of candy ring pops – so why not combine that love with some serious bling for an anniversary gift? Cannon did just that when he gave his wife a custom-made “Ring Pop” as a surprise gift during their small, private party for their second anniversary in Los Angeles Friday. But this sweet treat was no sucker: Hand crafted at Jason of Beverly Hills jewelers, the sparkler was made of white gold encrusted in white diamonds and pink sapphires. “It also comes in a box complete with a spinner so that you can see it sparkle under the lights inside,” Jason Arasheben, the CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, tells PEOPLE. And the candy ring has history in the happy couple’s relationship: Three years ago when Cannon, 29, proposed to Carey, 41, it was with a diamond ring disguised in a ring pop candy wrapper. They got married in 2008 on Carey’s Bahamian estate.

Lawd is this tacky but … it’s also so Mariah. I bet she loves this fugly thing ;) I can’t wait to see her wearing it out in public. OY!! These two are all kinds of ridiculous but they do make a cute couple. Happy Anniversary and Congrats again on your nuptials, Mariah & Nick. 2 down, forever to go?

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  • Vicki

    It may be tacky, but it’s sweet. (no pun intended…) I like gifts like that, that have a little more thought to it.

  • nicole

    the part of my that loves shiney things loves this ring.

  • Manda

    God bless him for putting up with her.

  • Anna

    Good for them! I’m all kinds of tacky, so I think that ring is great. :)

  • Shan

    She. Is. Gigantic.

  • Yvonne

    She is twice as big as when they got married. Oy!

  • Is she pregnant?! She looks big

  • patches

    wow just when i thought she couldn’t get any more desperate or tacky for attention she goes and makes another wedding! lol!


    Mariah: “Where’s that cake? I want some cake right now! Nom nom nom!!!”

  • Lulu

    that dress is reaaaaally not flattering for her. Mermaid style is suited for skinny peeps only..

  • Andi

    hahahaha I’m not a Mariah fan at all so I found her…um….ahem…expansion to be quite amusing, HAH! @ CHASE, how much you want to bet that she ate the whole damn cake herself? LOL

  • Tracy

    Ugh Mariah is so tack. Not a fan but if she wants to get married every year more power to her. She does need to stop dressing like she is in her 20s because she cannot pull it off anymore.

  • Kendra

    Awww..Bless them..I think they’re cute together..And I agree with nicole..It’s cute and shiney..I’d rock it!

  • robin

    every year?! really?? that’s just overkill..and ridiculous…oh well…that ring is hilarious.

  • Louise

    I think he gave her that pacifier ring because she’s either pregnant already or they’re going to try to get pregnant very soon…

    • @Louise — It’s not a pacifer ring, it’s a Blow Pop ring.

  • whotheheckami

    I have walked across Mariah’s backyard (along the beach) many times both before and after she bought the property on Windemere. However, I’ve never seen her there yet . I kind of like it that way. ;)

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