Lindsay & Dina Lohan Go On A Wiener Date


Lindsay Lohan, who we learned last week is facing the threat of jail-time at an upcoming court hearing here in SoCal at the end of this month, made her way to NYC so that she could spend some time with her beloved mother Dina. And what, pray tell, did the ladies get up to as they hung out together in the city? Well, they made a beeline to the closest hot dog vendor so that they could sup on a couple of wieners:

Now that’s mother/daughter bonding, y’all. It should also be mentioned that Lindsay reportedly agreed to be filmed with her mother for a Mother’s Day special for E!. But, while happy days seem to be here again for L. Lo and Dina, all is truly not well on the family front. Daddy Michael Lohan is planning a new attempt to get his daughter under court-ordered conservatorship … and his hope is to strike in the next few weeks. Want to know what plans he’s got up his sleeve? Read on after hte jump …

TMZ has learned Michael Lohan will be back in L.A. Monday … and he’s telling people he’ll start the legal ball rolling to create a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay is in NYC but refuses to see MIchael … and daddy Lohan says it’s now time. As for a possible conservatorship, Lohan is telling people he’d gladly serve as the conservator but is open to someone else assuming that role. Michael Lohan also says he does not want his daughter to go to jail. As TMZ first reported, Lohan is on the fast track for a jail cell because she has squarely violated the terms of her probation. A court day of May 20 looms for Lindsay. Michael wants Lindsay in rehab but not a traditional, group facility. He wants to go the Brooke Mueller route — a private home with lots of doctors. What Michael isn’t factoring in — that type of rehab is bocu expensive and Lindsay is broke.

Does Lindsay Lohan need help? Yes. Does she need this kind of help from her estranged father? Hell no. Will a happy medium be met … highly unlikely. I don’t believe that Daddy Lohan will be successful in his bid to win control of his daughter … but it would be nice if she got some kind of help to just normalize her life for a while. This mess has been playing out in the public eye for years, it will continue to play out. Who will win in the end? Lord knows … but we may soon find out.

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  • debho

    Who will win? Sadly, I don’t think Lindsey will. She’s definitely heading for a tragic end of tv-movie-of-the-week proportions. Yes, she does need rehab, but not the kiss-my-arse-I’m-a-celebrity type, but the good old fashioned make your own bed sort. She’s an addict and should be treated as such, not molly-coddled.

  • Z

    Rehab doesn’t work unless you want it too and sadly, I get the impression that she doesn’t see a problem w/ her life the way it is. :(

  • I’m no big city lawyer, but isn’t Lindsay over 21 and isn’t Mr. Lohan a felon? I can’t really see anyone really giving him the time of day on this. – I still don’t understand what all the fuss with Lindsay is about. What has she been doing that’s so out of control?

  • mccraemalcolm

    Papa Lohan is the wrong person.

    We need Papa Spears to lend a hand to his daughters friend. That way he can get off Britney’s back.

  • nicole

    theres no way her dad will win. its no secret what thier relationships been like. i dont think anyone could be stupid enough to give him control.

  • Magan

    MIchael needs to stop talking and do something. Hell Lindsay needs to admit there’s a problem and stop laying blame on everyone else.

  • A.

    Does anyone else think that mama Lohan looks prego in the last two pictures? I’m sure it’s just the wind and her shirt, but I really hope that she didn’t reproduce again.

  • Bee

    @ A. I was just going to say that!!! I realize it’s the wind, but even still, it gives me shivers down my spine to think of her having another kid she could pimp out…

  • M3

    I get that her dad is pretty crappy but at least he’s doing SOMETHING! And he’s willing to hand over the conservatorship to someone else, he’s not asking to take that role himself. Irregardless, this is just a tragic story waiting to happen. So sad.

  • interesting… although

    i want to see the pics of them actually consuming the wieners

    @baroness: throwing glasses at her ex (of a year ago), getting kicked out of clubs (notice the plural), falling down repeatedly when exiting clubs, wearing her heels while they’re COVERED in baby powder, no film or stage roles in the works (& hasn’t been for some time); do i need to go on? really?

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  • whotheheckami

    she doesn’t need help saving/spending money–she has none. Now a 24 hour babysitter is another thing….

  • Title of this post seems like a porn movie or something. Haha. These are sad people but I like what Lindsay is wearing.

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  • danyless

    A good post.