‘Sex And The City 2’ Releases A 3rd Promo Poster


My friends, my comrades, my compatriots … please forgive me for what I am about to show you. The folks promoting Sex and the City 2 have released a third movie poster which, on the positive side, features all of the SaTC ladies (not just Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw). On the negative side, the ladies appear to be Photoshopped TO DEATH in this new poster … which words cannot even describe:

I mean … this looks pretty bad. If I were Kim Cattrall (who plays the blonde Samantha Jones), I’d sue! They didn’t even use her face in this poster! It’s just … terrible. I’m really stunned that shoddy retouching like this was able to pass muster and be OKed for release of a movie of this magnitude. I am still very excited to see the film but if this is the type of workmanship that is being applied to other promo materials, I don’t think I need to see any other posters. This one will haunt my nightmares just fine. Yikes!



    Kristin and Cynthia don’t look so bad but Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim! OY! Extremely unfortunate.

  • laura

    what the helllll.
    this is ridiculous.
    they are all beautiful women. this makes me so, so sad.

  • Katie

    I wonder if this is real. Kim’s face isn’t even hers!!

  • kali

    sarah jessica parker´s face looks really wierd

  • Z

    I think it’s Kim’s face – from 20 yrs ago.

  • Manda

    I guess I’m not seeing what everyone else is seeing because I don’t think the poster looks that bad? Yes it’s heavily photoshopped, but that’s to be expected since aging women scare hollywood lol

  • robin

    its funny that a franchise that’s supposed to empower women, no matter what their age, photoshops the hell out of said women to beyond recognition! you hire old ladies, put old ladies on your poster!!

  • madein88

    SJP looks cross eyed..

  • HeatherLea_1340

    I do like the overall effect of the shot though. What with SJP’s skirt twirling and what not.. LoL.

  • Jerseyhater

    SJP’s face looks like a milk jug, but that’s normal…other than that, I think it looks fine.

  • I will have to refer this post to my friend the great horror blogger Brittney-Jade from Day of the Woman, who features “Terrible Poster Thursday” each week. Even though this isn’t a horror movie, she might agree that it is a horrible poster!

  • Emery

    Catrall’s face looks somewhat like Rachel Mcadams, not her face at all

  • Jordan

    How does anyone think this looks “fine”?? I am shocked at the amount of photoshop that has been done to this photo! What happened to everyone being natural! These girls are beautiful without the help of photoshop….at least not this much!

  • Tracy

    I understand photoshopping SJP bc…well you know. But Kim needs NO photoshopping as she is gorgeous naturally. It is ridiculous.

  • These are just horrible. Let’s hope the studio revises this.

  • Nicola

    I don’t think that photoshopping them to look like they did in season 1 is a good thing either, I’d have thought they’d just have photoshopped them slightly to make them look graceful at their current age. Everyone knows Kim C now has lots of Wrinkles, and SJP’s face has a tonne of wrinkles too, smoothing them all out is just disrespectful in a way, like saying that aging is bad and won’t sell movies! People will see this regardless of what the ladies look like.

  • N

    I think Cynthia looks ok and not overly photoshopped.

  • iheartjaneausten

    This looks like one of the Bollywood promo posters…the kind that are drawn instead of photographed.

  • Nicole

    It’s Rachel Mc Adams as Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones!

  • JenniferG

    Sarah’s eyes look like a lizard’s. Not flattering.

  • A

    To be fair, Cynthia and Kristin don’t look bad at all. Particularly Kristin, but you have to admit that it’s because the woman’s pretty much flawless in real life. Hardly a day has gone by since her Melrose Place days, it’s amazing. Either she has the best genes or the best surgeon.

  • Cynthia Nixon actually looks really hot in all of the promos released so far! (and realistic too, FYI). She used to be the underdog, now she’s the hottie! SJP awlays looks stunning.

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  • It does show that it is Photoshoped a lot, but I think the whole look of the poster it’s requiring this type of cartoon look. I still can’t wait for the movie :D:D:D

  • Carli

    Um… Where is Sarah’s other arm? And her other leg for that matter? I think I see the shadow of her other leg but its still wierd. On America’s Next Top Model the judges always point out if a girl’s arm or leg is hidden.
    And to echo everyone else: Who’s face is that on Kim? Did they recast?

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  • C

    All that and stilletos on sand! really!