Sandra Bullock Shows Off Louis Bardo In ‘People’ Magazine


Yesterday we learned the completely shocking yet amazing news that Sandra Bullock has adopted a beautiful baby boy named Louis Bardo as mother and son graced the cover of this week’s issue of People magazine and today we learn a bit more about Sandra’s plans for Louis’s future. Bullock’s baby boy was adopted from New Orleans, LA and she reveals that New Orleans is where she plans to raise him. In her new People magazine coverstory, on newsstands now, Sandra shares with the world just how important the city of New Orleans is to her:

It’s a city synonymous with rebuilding – so New Orleans seems like the perfect place for Sandra Bullock to raise son Louis. “New Orleans is his city, and he is going to know it inside and out,” she says in the exclusive PEOPLE cover story, on newsstands now. “Without the spirit of the people who live there and take care of the city and honor its traditions, its love for music, its love for life, take those people out and you don’t have why I love New Orleans so much.” Even before deciding to “find our child in New Orleans,” Bullock was establishing significant ties to and a love for the Big Easy. After Hurricane Katrina, Bullock became a major supporter of Warren Easton Charter High School, the first public high school for boys in Louisiana. The historical school sustained $4 million in damages, and the actress, who tells PEOPLE she “felt such a profound need to do something for them,” has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for renovations, new band uniforms and a new health clinic. She has also established a $10,000 college scholarship. Not to mention, before Bullock scored a Best Actress Oscar for starring in The Blind Side, which was written by New Orleans native Michael Lewis, she used the film’s New Orleans premiere as a fundraiser to benefit the school. Her generosity even earned her an induction into the school’s hall of fame last year. “She acts as if all 800-plus of these children are her own,” Warren Easton’s principal Alexina Medley tells PEOPLE. Adds school board member Arthur Hardy: “She has been our angel. We love her.”

Sandra bought a stately manor in the Garden District of New Orleans last September and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if that is where she will be spending most of her time with Louis when she’s not working on film projects. It is very clear that the city already meant a great deal to her … now that her precious baby boy is a gift, shall we say, from New Orleans I suspect the city means all that much more to her. I’m just so happy for Sandra and her newborn baby boy. I truly hope they are able to live happily ever after in the beautiful city of New Orleans.


  • Chivonne

    My God he is probably the cutest baby I’ve seen in forever. Yes, all of the celebrity babies are adorable but I think he wins. Good for her and he’s such a lucky little guy.

  • Heather B.

    Agreed. He is so god damn cute.

  • truthyisalways

    That is a picture of sweet love. Not to take away from this for a second, cause this is beautiful news. But uh, when are Denzel, Chris Rock, Mo’nique, Oprah and Tyra going to adopt some white kids? Anyone else notice the one way street? Congrats to Sandra and everyone everywhere giving kids a loving home.

  • Ashley

    Truthyisasalways I was thinking the same thing. I think if a black celebrity was to adopt a white child then so many people in the black community would be upset. But congratulations to Sandra and that little boy will have a loving mother and a blessed life.

  • Denise

    We in New Orleans are very happy to have her and her beautiful son. Welcome Sandra and Louis!

  • toya

    Umm..NO @Ashley & @truthyisalways —–
    “Everyone” in the Black Community WOULD NOT be upset over a child being adopted to a good, loving home.
    Get your facts straight before you start spewing out racists epithets you don’t understand!

  • This woman never ceases to amaze me…God bless her, she deserves happiness!

  • toya

    i love how one race ALWAYS has to word vomit their own ideas about ANOTHER race.

  • Ashley

    I didn’t not say everyone. I know I wouldn’t be but I do know people who would.

  • Claire

    What about her stepkids?

  • Ashley

    LOL @ Toya I’m black. LOL so these are the ideas that I have about my own race and I have heard black people talk about what happened if the tables were turned and I know the first thing to come out their mouth is why did they go adopt a lil white baby? Like I said I don’t have a problem with it because in the end all that matters is that baby has a good life. But in reality I don’t thing you would she the roles reversed.

  • emily

    Toya uh I think Ashley might be black herself.

  • toya

    well, it would have been GREAT if u mentioned in ur above post about the Black Community
    …that you were in fact ALSO BLACK. LOL

  • toya

    Either way, to me it sounded like u were saying EVERYONE in the black community would be against it…and i was responding that you were wrong.

    Congrats Sandy!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is so cute!! Who cares what color he is…the lucky little guy found a loving home. Black, white, brown everyone wants love and deserves it regardless if the adoptive parents are the same skin tone. Rock it girl…

  • Ashley

    * I don’t think the roles would be reversed. ( sorry using my phone it auto-subs words)

  • emily

    obviouisly Toya needs to chill the hell out lol

  • Janet_B_Austin

    That little guy and his momma are precious! Brings a smile to your face, yes? :-)

  • krissy

    I think it is wonderful that she adopted a child. I think it is awful that Jesse would do what he did to a woman that he was actively trying to adopt a child with. Didn’t think he could get any lower…

  • truthyisalways

    Hi Toya, hi Ashley, my mom is black (from Baton Rouge) and my dad is white, and I think that’s the reason that all three of us have something to say about this. I don’t think I phrased my comment well. I meant that I don’t think its a total accident that cross race adoptions go one way but not the other. That was as far as I wanted to take it. Any kid who gets raised by loving parents is a plus for the planet, ‘nuf said!

  • heather

    I heard that the first thing she did to her ‘precious gift’ new son is chop off the end of his penis in that old barbaric practice that is for some bizarre reason still commonly done in the US…

    I’d love it if the report I heard was wrong…

  • Mariah

    UGH I <3 SANDY!

  • im so glad that 1, she kept it a secret for so long. and 2, she chose to adopt a baby from america. it will bring a lot of attention to how many children are in need of a home in our own back yard!

  • Vanessa

    Cutest picture ever. I am so happy for both Sandra and her little bundle of perfectness.

  • CLaire

    My husband is Mexican (from Mexico) and I’m white. Some people see us as interracial (though I think technically he’s caucasian) but to us it was never an issue or anything we even noticed. People are people.

  • Joan

    I think it is such a wonderful thing that Sandra adopted a baby from the United States. I think it is great that anyone adopts even from out of the country, but we have plenty of children in the U.S. that could use a wonderful and loving home.

    Brava, Sandra and best wishes!

  • lady surgeon

    the look on her face…i’m pretty sure it’s pure GRACE!!!!! Bless her and that gorgeous sweet little baby!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

  • Tracy

    Sandy and her baby are just adorable. She looks really content.

    @Claire – – Sorry your husband is not white and yes you are a biracial couple (which I love by the way). Just don’t go to AZ you will found out just how biracial you are as a couple. :-(

  • Tabitha

    Tracy, half of my family is from Mexico and they are white. Their ancestors moved to Mexico from Europe just like most of the people in America did. Google a white Mexican and get educated. Also, I live in Arizona and I do not appreciate your comment.

  • Illise

    That baby is so cute that i cant help but smile hope sandra lives a happy life with her new family

  • debho

    Oh so cute! What is happening with Sunny I wonder. I hope Sandra gets some custody of her…wish she’d get full custody actually as both of her biological parents are dead shits.

  • Kate

    Might sound funny but….I can’t believe their resemblance (Eyes, cheek bones and nose). What a lovely mother-son team. So happy to hear this sweet piece of news after all of the other junk that seems to be going on in her life. All of life’s best to them both.

  • designerblackbook


  • Jackie

    Since I have a few of my own, I can’t claim he’s the *cutest* baby I’ve ever seen, but he’s damn close. ;) I just want to squish him! <3 That picture is pure mama bliss.

  • Tracy

    Tabitha…I’m educated and with your family moving to Mexico does not make them “Mexican” as we know Mexicans. they are just Eupreans that moved to Mexico. My sister-in-law is Mexican so I’m very familiar with how Mexican are mistreated. Now as far as my comment about the ridiculous law they are passing AZ. Good I’m glad you are offended, I could care less. I’m offended… if you are in AZ then speak up about, don’t try to come at me for stating my opinion. Point you anger in the right direction.

  • Tracy

    that is “your” anger in the right direction.

  • Grace

    Well now, what a handsome little man he is! She looks so very happy – I love Sandra and how she’s handled everything lately I have such an imense amount of respect for her… Thats one strong woman!

  • Bren

    How is it that celebs seem to be able to adopt so easily and quickly? My sister is trying to adopt and it is a long process for her and anyone else I have ever known.

  • Jen

    All of you need to stay on the Subject and stop being morons! The innocent baby has a loving home. They needed each other and they are in total happines. Blessings to you Sandra and Louis!! Your going to be an amazing duo!!! World look out!!!

  • Jen

    (only the ones talking about everything race crap bs!). Those of you who Congratulated her…..Kudos for being adults and loving!