Watch: ‘Little Hills’


Back in January we got to see an adorable and HILARIOUS parody video of a group of children doing their interpretation of MTV’s reality TV show Jersey Shore. Today we get to see those same adorable kids doing their version of MTV’s faux reality TV show The Hills:

Now, this video actually came out yesterday but in my Nyquil haze of semi-consciousness I wasn’t really paying attention. It was only today that I finally got around to watch the video … and, man, am I glad that I did. These kids TOTALLY nail The Hills. Lil’ Audrina, lil’ Heidi and lil’ Spencer are my faves but, damn, all of these kids do an amazing job. If you don’t laugh your ass off watching this video then you must be inhuman … or are possibly Spencer Pratt. Check out this vid and tell me what you think … it’s genius, right?


  • Kendra

    Lil’ Audrina was awesome! And I loved Heidi’s progression into the Barbie..Ha! I think the Jersey Shore one was better, but they’re both pretty awesome..

  • liza

    this was so funny. yes… loved lil’ audrina. and heidi turning into barbie was a good one.

  • Drew

    *waits for Spencer’s twitter attack on these little children*

  • ashley

    that was cute!!!

  • Josie

    Cute idea, unfortunately not all that funny and pretty boring. Then again, exactly like the show! :-)

  • Annie

    I loved lil Justin on his bike! Awesome!

  • Manda

    LOL love the Heidi/Barbie thing

  • nicole

    “heidi – no ones friend – face changes daily”..i loved how they turned her into a barbie haha
    hahah this killed me…the kid playin spencer was great

  • Katie

    The Heidi transformation and Audrina always looking up at the sky is AMAZING.

  • Anne

    I loved Audrina’s “omigod Justin, omigod.” it was spot on!

  • Serif

    They put eyeliner on a little girl…?

  • B

    At first I thought this was the best thing I saw all evening:

    then I saw this hills episode and I knew I was wrong!

  • Meg

    Hahaha the Audrina/ Justin Bobby part was perfect. They even have the times when Hills people are just silent and staring at each other with confused expressions while music plays in the background.

  • Danielle


  • Best!

    “I think I’m dating him”

    “can’t make eye contact”

    this was SO good I must just start watching The Hills again (which I had to give up when LC left)

  • make that, “might” just start watching The Hills again

  • Katherine

    CUTE – *I think I’m dating him* lol

  • t

    Awesome…i like this better then the real show!

  • Heidi cracks me up, as does Audrina. Spot on.

  • Mela

    Little Audrina is defo the best part…killer!

  • lstock

    LMAO – so funny!

  • Chivonne

    omg, lmao!
    I’d rather watch this instead of the REAL(scripted) SHOW!
    Loved Heidi. And Spencer having to read and then add a question mark to his “I love you” hahahaha

  • meh

    lol! i love those captions as well. Heidi: Plastic. Spencer: Terrible person. And Audrina’s ceiling eyes! love it, “like, omg”

  • Lenea

    Dead on.

  • Lola

    These kids are fantastic!! HAHAH i love Audrina, looking to the ceiling! And Heidi’s transformation… Ok.. EVERYTHING! reaaally funny! great job

  • Lisa

    OMG – little Audrina – ceiling eyes and all