Third Look: Christina Aguilera On The Set Of ‘Not Myself Tonight’

by has released a third teaser promo photo from Christina Aguilera’s upcoming new music video Not Myself Tonight which gives us a taste of what’s to come when the video gets released this Friday. In a latex bodysuit, Xtina is on her hands and knees lapping up milk from a bowl … check it out:

Check out the third exclusive photo from the “Not Myself Tonight” video shoot! Are you getting excited for the premiere? It’s THIS Friday at 12:01am on!

In addition, another very short teaser video clip has also been released to give us a sneak peek at the vid, due for release in just 2 days time. After the jump, check it out …

Oh yeah, it appears that Xtina is deffo getting back to her Dirrty ways. She is deffo bringing sexy back, and how:

Are y’all ready for this?


  • nonino

    Licking milk out of a bowl like that, well, isn’t that quite Madonna in “Express Yourself” added with a big dose of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman? Major xerox alert.

  • Cupcake

    Sooooo ready – ♥ Christina!!!

  • nicole

    i cant wait for the video…odds are half these pictures were seeing wont make the final cut…so im hoping for a directors cut to follow the release of the video.

  • kali

    i don´t know ,it reminds me of something i´ve seen before….boring

  • K

    I’d be willing to bet good money that every person who says Xtina is “trying to be Lady Gaga” is 22 years old or younger.

  • I like Christina but I feel she is trying way to hard! lol I still think her best CD has been ‘Dirrty’

  • Jenna

    @K i’m over 22 and I still think that she is trying to be Lady Gaga… I mean look at her outfits! How can one not think that!

  • Claire

    She seems like she is trying way too hard. And this looks like an S&M porno. I’m not too thrilled about it. :/ But she is not copying Lady Gaga. It’s not like Lady Gaga was the first to be overtly sexual and strange. Plus, Christina can actually sing.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Hey I like the song and she has always been on the “dirty” side except for her ballots. I think this CD is going to ROCK!!! Can’t wait to hear what else is on it!


    I think it’s funny that I’m only 19-years-old and I know that Lady GaGa has copied Roisin Murphy, Madonna, Grace Jones, Kelis, Cher, and countless others and people who have been alive much more longer than I think Christina is copying Lady GaGa. LOHL

  • Franki

    @ chase: i have been saying that too esp Grace Jones & Chet! I don’t think there is any true “original” anymore, its how long b4 the masses forget…

    but anywhoooo the more I see the S&M bondage stuff…the less I want to see :/

    I like Xtina though, but I cant wait til she goes Back to basics and gets Stripped again cuz I am not feeling her while she is not herself

  • Sophia

    She looks soooo hot! I cannot wait for this video!

  • Maria

    LOVE U XA!

  • toast

    She looks great for being a mom and plus she can sing. Choo can do eet!

  • Luis


    Christina is super duper hot!

  • ruth

    I think she looks amazing and has managed to blow the girls out of the water with just pictures. Others try to push bounderies but Christina takes it to the extreme and another level. She doesnt play around. That’s what I love about these picture. She demolishes the bounderies of what is “accpetable” or safe.

    its also a plus that she has an amazing voice. true talent like hers is something that cannot be taken or copied.

  • lin

    She is so tryin to be gaga in this video. Everything about her look/sound is a gaga rip off. Way to be a copycat you unoriginal hack. I can’t stand how everyone is now trying to copy lady gaga YAWN

  • ausettofegypt

    No it looks like she been watch’n Pootie Tang! LOL
    @Everyone… what 1 finds working for someone else they see if it can work for them too. Its called a money game. Voice or not, you still need a gimmick.

  • Mariah

    Some of you people comparing Christina to Gaga are so stupid. This song sounds absolutely nothing like a Gaga track and, yes, a few outfits may resemble outfits worn by Lady Gaga, but Christina was ripping her clothes off and getting all kinds of dirrty wayyyyyyyyyy before Gaga ever stepped on the scene, okay? Stop hating on my Christina and “if you don’t like it, fuck you” :)

  • honey

    she is amazing! cant wait

  • DVNO

    YAY! I freakin’ LOVE it. Christina is SO incredible. Like TRULY incredible. That word gets abused a lot nowadays, but this woman is GORGEOUS, can SANG, has unmatched confidence and depth and genuine artistic integrity!
    I can’t Living for the new song and video!

  • XtinaFan

    Christina Aguilera’s voice alone murders Lady Caca Kermit and all the other haters.

    Isn’t it funny how anybody can wear latex and wigs except Christina? If Christina does that, she offends someone. But why? Are people jealous and bitter?

    What did the haters want Christina to do? Sing another ballad? Be mad, haters!

    Christina is the QUEEN of versatility! She’s a chameleon! She’s always been that way, always will be!

    Christina’s here to stay. Stay mad, haters.

  • Tom

    DO. NOT. WANT.

  • Dana

    There’s always similarities in music..Boxing Ring Dirty-Madonna ‘s Sticky and Sweet and Britney’s Toxic-Lady Gaga Love Game…This Copycat stuff makes me not like Gaga,the first time I saw Gaga I thought it was Christina the first time I heard anything about her was Perez calling out Christina for copying Gaga with her VMA performance they used Christina to get Gaga name out there..Not Fair Christina a copycat and Gaga,Beyonce and others or inspired…The only thing Christina did wrong was staying out of the spotlight.

  • Mark

    Shame Christina thinks she has to act like a whore in order to sell albums, I guess she just doesn’t believe in her own songs and ability… She has an amazing voice… too bad.

  • Manda

    I totally agree @Mariah

  • z


    that’s all I have to say.

  • Ana

    People comparing Xtina to Gaga are nuts, now everyone that wears leather, is blonde, and is ourtrageous is copying Lady Gaga. Give me a fucking break! Lady Gaga is evrything but original, yes her song are catchy and she uses the shock factor to demand attention but from that to claim that she invented those outfits and everything in pop music, is just something else. I see more in Gaga about Madonna, Grace Jones, Roisin Murphy and Even Xtina in her dirty era in Gaga’s style.

    As for Xtina man she looks hot and she’s here to stay and as she says in NMT “If you don’t like it fuck you!”

  • What?

    This looks like a cross between Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video and Lady Gaga’s imagery. Whether copies anyone is irrelevant; what most people are trying to say that (intentional or not) everything Christina has been doing these past few years are reminisant to things done in the past by other artist. This video seems like a desperate attempt on Christina’s part to be noticed. I guess I can understand her desire to compete with the likes of Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, and all the other popular female singers…but unfortunatley her way of doing it makes her come off unoriginal and unappealing.

  • lia

    can’t wait for this!
    Christina is finally back!!

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  • J

    And who is Lady gaga trying to be?

  • aldo

    christina can get away with this just for the fact that she was wearing slutty skimpy clothes and had the big hair with wild colors way before we even knew who lady gaga was.

  • Natalie

    You should look at the ‘Fighter’ video clip from xtina… that was made YEARS before CaCa… look who’s copying who… at least the fighter film clip was interesting. And, only a freak (I mean this in a good way) like xtina would walk around in crotchless pants, if she started doing that now, you would say she’s copying CaCa… if caca did it, it would be ‘artsy’ and ‘creative’… blah.. over you people

  • Zeugirdor

    Ok..wait…WTF! Can it really be true that so many people have retrograde amnesia? Is Google or YouTube blocked from the computer they use? Why do people seem to think that its XTina who just came on the scene in 2008 and Gaga has been here for 10 years….HELLO! Other way around! Not all things lead back to Gaga…All anyone has to do is examine the “Stripped” era to see that XTina is no stranger to controversial videos, sexuality, crazy hair, crazy and slutty outfits, avant garde ideas and looks…go back and you can see her dance roots and pop roots…This copy thing is sad cause I love me some Gaga…I mean I’m a gay man how can I not…but some of her crazy misinformed fans with very small pop culture knowledge are just ruining enjoying her. XTina always talks about what inspires her and she pays homage to her inspirations if anyone is a fan you and I know she has been talking about this direction since 2006…but its neither here nor there cause to the haters Mo, Grace. Roisin, Kylie, Freddy, Elton…didnt exist b4 Gaga

  • J

    Not only that… following Zeugirdor’s post…
    FIRSTLY i’m no Xtina fan – thats not in a hater way. Just purely i wouldn’t buy her music or pay to see her in concert kinda way. But her voice is hugely amazing and her music is quite good – mainly because she writes a lot of it, works with some great producers and is inspired by a lot of other great artists. Back to Basics was a good image and sound she had going, matched her voice brilliantly. Not only that she has a voice she uses in song writing etc…

    ANYWAY without coming across too much of a massive fan; all i’m gonna say is, Xtina, this look, this sound was created before Gaga was actually SIGNED to her current label.
    It was Xtina’s Aussie leg of her Back 2 Basics tour which were towards the end of her shows. She fell pregnant just before and cancelled some of her shows during this time. IN an interview she spoke of the end of this era and new work etc… and her mentioned (perhaps this was just after or her pregnancy HAD been announced) cause i’m sure she spoke of taking time off with having a baby or something. And well, she had already told what she was doing with the next album and she said futuristic and electro.

    Well she stood to that promise if you call it one and took her music in that direction. But ohhh Gaga came out before Xtina released her material. Yeah okay the MTV Awards did seem a big Gaga ripoff and she may have been “inspired” by gaga’s hair and thought to run with it. Either way, musically speaking etc… Xtina has not rip offed Gaga or anyone else, not even her PEERS. It’s purely inspiration but she isn’t even inspired musically from Gaga. Her image, this one currently had been worn by Xtina anyway in fighter. and what looks like sex imagery was done in Dirrty anyway. She didn’t start it hasn’t copied it and she wont be the last anyway.

  • Huge Fan

    okay okay……..i seem to be the only mutual huge fan of both here.

    I…since freaking Mulan when I was a kid have been in love with Christina…I’ve been to her concert twice (i creid haha) and have all her albums…and yes…she sits next to britney and beyonce in my collection

    with that being said

    since.wayyyyyy before people knew who gaga was I was all over that…so naturally watching someone everyday on youtube with less than 1,000 video views…….to becoming…Lady Gaga I’m naturally a…devout fan. No one can’t sit here and say that Gaga hasn’t become a world wide cultural phenomena. Sure Christians been around 10 years but her “epicness” hasn’t even come close…nor has beyonce. In modern world pop icons…IMHO it goes…keep in mind this is world wide


    Musically…yes christina voice beats them all hands down. BUT the argument is her image…..and unless your lying to yourself you can’t sit here and say that parts of that video don’t look like bad romance!!!!!!! On top of that christinas been somewhat copying styles for ages! I mean i’m just used to it cause homegirl can sing….Now of course she’s not the only one to blame. Why pink, britney, and christina have circus themed albums i’ll never know…but she’s been almost a little tooo influced and for those people who say gaga does it

    Gaga…..says….it……she’s know it…………she’s literally said “my biggest influences and inspirations are david bowie and grace jones”

    AT THE END OF THE DAY….the songs alright. the video….she’s trying WAYYYYYY to hard. and this (if any) won’t be her big return…this is very Blackout britneyish

  • Isabelle

    This is too much. I used to like her, but really …She doesn’t need to whore herself out. She has enough talent.
    Plus, come one, yeah, your kid’s gonna be so proud when he’s older.

    PS: stop comparing Lady Gaga and Christina, their music are not the same at all, neither are their style. Seriously;

  • Max will be so proud!

  • Cristy

    Stripped came out in 2002, Xtina was getting Dirrty, and Gaga was 16. When has Xtina NOT shown her tatas, belly, or legs?

    People are influenced by different things and people all the time.

    Yes they’re both blonde, they sing, wear very little clothing, and they are popular. Who cares? I love them both and I’m very excited for this video and Xtina’s album!

  • Jen

    Can’t stand this girl and can’t stand this song.

  • krissy

    To “What”:
    You say “everything Christina has been doing these past few years are reminisant to things done in the past by other artist”….Ummm, no pop artist recently has done ANYTHING like Back To Basics! That cd was such a huge risk, it wasn’t radio friendly, and it didn’t sound like anything else released at that time.