Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone Dunzo?


Back in January we learned the happy news that fashion designer Marc Jacobs got married to his longtime boyfriend Lorenzo Martone and today we are hearing that the couple have reportedly split! Thus far, there has been no official confirmation from either party but according to the New York Post, they’ve reportedly been telling friends privately that they are over. Could it be? Are Marc and Lorenzo really dunzo?

Fashion world power couple Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone have split — for now. “They’ve both been telling people that they broke up,” friends said. Martone shot down rumors this month that he’d moved out of the Chelsea Merchantile apartment he shared with Jacobs, but sources say he’s planning to go soon. Martone wasn’t with Jacobs in Provincetown last week for the wedding of Jacobs’ business partner, Robert Duffy. Jacobs served as best man. A rep for Jacobs said, “We don’t comment on Marc’s personal life.” Martone also declined to comment.

Considering Jacobs’s track record, I can totally see how the end of his relationship might come this quickly … but I’m having a hard time believing that the couple — who have been dating for years now — would decide to split so soon after they took the official plunge and got married. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this break-up report really pans out but I’m hoping it’s just a nasty rumor. It’d be a shame for another celeb marriage to Peace the Spork Out like this :(


  • truthyisalways

    I think most of us have a story of the couple of were together for years and then got married and then suddenly…can anyone else testify?

  • testington

    Too bad for them. On the plus side it’s one less creepy gay couple that look exactly alike. I mean really what does it say about you if you choose to be with somebody who has the same haircut and color, same beard, same fake tan and dresses exactly like you ?

  • Shelly

    I thought Marc and Lorenzo were really cute together.

  • Adri

    I feel like just yesterday we were reading about them on the beach looking all sorts of amazing and in love :( I just gaaaasped at my desk while reading this. Sad sad news

  • Bea

    But c’mon, this is Marc Jacobs who’s super famous and rich, and Lorenzo who’s beyond hot. Both of them get tons of attention and distractions daily it was only a matter of time.

  • lady surgeon

    @testington…ummm – really?! “one less creepy gay couple….” there are lots of couples – straight and gay – who look a lot alike….how many heterosexual couples do you know who look like they could be brother and sister? don’t really get the purpose of your comment other than that it sounds really homophobic…blech to you!

  • testington

    LADY SURGEON – um, I’m gay, my comment wasn’t against gay couples in general, it was a complaint about gay couples who basically turn into the same person after they’ve been dating for a while.

  • Oh this is just sad. They are really cute (AND HOT) together.

  • Ben

    A psychologist friend of mine says that married couples really do start to look alike the longer they’ve been together– basically because you look at each other’s facial expressions so much that your facial muscles start unconsciously imitating the movements your partner makes.