Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Her New Hair’Do


Earlier this week we saw photos of Heidi Klum showing off her shorter new hair’do and today we get to see photos of Heroes star Hayden Panettiere showing off her shorter new ‘do too. While Heidi went for a more momish bob, Hayden decided to chop off almost all of her hair for her striking new look … behold:

Hayden Panettiere debuted a dramatic new short cut and colour in Los Angeles this week. The 20-year-old showed off the haircut as she attended the Global Home Tree Earth Day reception hosted by Avatar director James Cameron at the Nokia Theatre. In a vast change to her usual long locks, Panettiere sported a cropped hairdo, slicked back with a quiff and sideburns. And she’d dyed her hair a dark blonde colour, just a couple of weeks after she returned to her original blonde colouring following a foray into dark auburn that lasted several months. Hayden’s blonde locks helped make her a typical all-American girl pin-up, however, the new hairstyle marks quite a departure in her appearance. In fact, it accentuates her impish looks to maximum effect and certainly goes against the cute, girl-next-door that launched her to fame. And it seems Miss Panettiere dislikes the image that she became famous for, earlier this year revealing that she doesn’t like being referred to as cute … Wearing an LBD with a sheer section across the breast plate and arms, the actress attended the event, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, with her boyfriend, boxer Wladimir Klitschko. She has been dating the Ukranian, who towers over her at 6ft 6, since late last year.

Wow! Well, it’s a statement. I have to say, tho, that while I didn’t really respond to Heidi Klum’s new ‘do, I think I like this new look on Hayden much better. The cut looks heaps better from the front, notsomuch from the side. Altho Hayden looks like she fell out of Robert Palmer’s classic music video for Addicted to Love, I don’t hate this look on her. What do y’all think … do we like?

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  • DJ Vegas

    I like it. It’s kinda Dannii Minogue circa Neon Nights. :)

  • Jstar

    Hate it.

  • Jacqui

    Love it. But want the sideburns gone.

  • truthyisalways

    When you’re young and have such a lovely face and presence like Hayden, I think you can/should experiment. This is in the same ballpark as Olympian Dara Torres’ ‘do, and it is kind of severe on her. I think we may see an off-duty Hayden wearing this as a bob. I hope.

  • krissy

    I think that she has a really pretty face, so if anyone can do this style, it is her. However, I do agree with Jacqui that the sideburns need to go.

  • Jen

    Not bad, but lose the sideburns. They’re SO distracting.

  • Laura

    Terrible. Maybe the cut would be cute without all that hair gel or something.

  • Nae


  • debho

    No likey. Too butch.,

  • LurkMcGurk

    Its cute when you just see her face. When you see “the whole picture”, it makes her look like an oompa-loompa. Impish is right! Oompa loompa dooga-dee-dee!

  • Kris

    I really like it. Its more adult looking.

  • adam

    LOL at the size differential between her and Wladimir.


    I like it! She looks good!

  • babybunny

    I really wish she would embrace the beautiful curly hair she had when she was younger. But this does make a statement on her. She is pretty either way.

  • Irma

    She can pull it off.

  • me you

    she looks like a lesbian and not in the way that makes my junk fill good….

  • Haley

    Maybe if it wasnt slicked back ..but right now. No way. The sideburns are gross too.

  • Chivonne

    I think it’s hot. hate the sideburns tho. I’m so tired of these celebrities having the SAME hair. they all have longish wavy/softly curled hair-extension filled do’s.

  • J to the Da

    I feel like she’s trying so hard to age herself.

  • RedVexx

    Time to drop her for a new one Wlad.

  • F

    love it! her face is so pretty that she can pull any look off (probably…)

  • Ashley

    I love it. She looks so mature, but not old, totally pulls it off. Props to her for being gutsy enough to do it! But I wonder what it looks like without all the gel?

  • Nicola

    Is that large russian-bodyguard-looking-rugby-playing-looking-type-man-thing next to her, her boyfriend?

  • jenn

    i think it makes her look older and im pretty sure thats exactly what shes going for so people will stop making fun of her extremely older boyfriends.

  • robin

    im not so sure that an already masculine figured girl should cut off that much hair…but its aaight.

  • amy

    like the haircut, hate HATE HAAAATE the dress – makes her look stumpy(er)

  • Joe

    I guess Heroes is over for sure. Unless they do fake extensions like Smallville did with Lana. I can’t see the show liking this if it gets renewed. Either way it sucks. Note to women…..most guys prefer women with long hair. It’s sexier.

  • Rhoethbeort

    Looks like a 20-year old Hillary Clinton

  • She really looks better in the short hair. Really good.

  • Looks okay since she has a pretty face. Unfortunate choice of dress, though.

  • paulski

    Man, that’s just wrong. :(

    It should be illegal for girls with great hair to chop it off. Yeah Rihanna, I’m looking at you…

  • Jack

    Ugly short girl, now with ugly short hair.
    And fake boobs too.

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  • Bri!

    the sideburns and hair gel need to go. then she might look ok. i have long blonde hair like T. Swift and i would NEVER cut it off!